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  1. Yep, a business trip. I think we win by 24 amidst a few good what-if's. I have good confidence that we will come with a good business mindset. It will amp people's expectations also.
  2. Well, it is odd. But it's why I've advocated that Scott stop just stop the coachspeak and plug away. Trev gave him the changes and the year. We need to support it/him. I have not bought in and have my honest prediction. It's not what I want or hope for. I will watch with great interest. I really see no reason to not go at least 8-4, bit lots of changes and Scott's way has not worked. He is getting every opportunity. Hope he can pull off a good to great season.
  3. Ya, I agree. But sadly, the folks who know with the easy schedule that we should go 8-4 or better will come out like roaches to roast Frost for any slips. Rather than wait for him to lay his egg they will stir and muddy the water like a shark circling the prey. Scott needs the whole year and 100% trust to give his best and all. I will be rooting for him. Even though my personal prediction is 5-7, I will listen or watch each game and be elated for anything better. Go Big Red!
  4. Like others, I think you were taking my statements as "wanting to see him go". That just isn't the case. Like in a lit of counseling sessions I've been in, Scott is setting himself promising at the beginning of the season more than he needs to. It's been a problem for him. A fan like me who is hopeful to go 5-7 is not going to be the one who banters and goes negative to try to get Scott fired. Search the board and you won't find me doing that. Yet, most seasons this board has a good number of folks that bloviate some great record of 10-2 or 9-3 and then in the live threads on game day start saying stuff like, "I knew it ... Scott sacks. He's a terrible coach. Who do we go after next, etc." Like an abused partner [fan], the comments are being expressed as, "Scott, the fans don't need your words anymore, we need to see your actions. Stop bloviating with all the coachspeak. Just coach and develop these kids. We fully get that you think everyone is a great kid and a really good football player and this team is only one player away from the title. Now, just go win 8-9 games with your easy schedule and beat all these teams you have already recruited better than for four years."
  5. @Hilltop, who is suggesting anything about losing his job? lol, seriously man, your twist of words is sad. The post is about the usual "coachspeak" he does. It's just not necessary. If anything ... all he is doing is setting himself for arrows by errant fans [who will then make Scott go away]. Just shut up and get it done on the field. You could tell he tried to say little at the press conference [which was great]. Why not carry that same language to the players [that's all the is being expressed here].
  6. Um, that response I made was exaggerating the point. I would reverse this ... I could have said the same thing, "Are you really trying this hard to demean me?" I've been an avid Husker fan since 1970 and have been on the board and followed the team and recruiting for many, many years. I think I've heard a few coaches speak about the upcoming season with "coachspeak". Frosty is not necessarily a "new level", but at 3-9, the team could handle a bit less bloviation of all the improvements and just shut and play. It's the internet ... I think you are reading into being "worked up". But, I will get off this thread. :-) I think Mr. Coleman actually gets what some of us are feeling. In that sense ... smart kid. Hope he waits until our Huskers prove our "just words".
  7. Oh really ... wow ... I had no clue. FYI, you did an "unbelievable job" with this post. You are "a really good" writer. Your leadership is unparalleled. We need more posters here that "have the character and hard work you are showing" ... you "are a great asset to this team". You are "a great addition" to the greatest fans on earth. ... [record after the season ... 3-9]
  8. In seminary, 98 - 100 was an A, 94-97 was an A-, 90-93 was a B+ and 85 - 89 was a B. 84 and below was an F. Those were your grades. For me, I think the coachspeak would better serve the team would be that at best at least stating a C or a C+ for the best, maybe a B- here or there. The "really good", "he's a great player" and "major improvement" phrases need to go away ... or Scott will go away.
  9. I was just reading an update from on3.com about the RB rotation. Here is what was stated, “I’ve been really pleased with a lot of guys in the running back room,” Frost said. So, the "really pleased" stuff is the same "coachspeak" from previous seasons. This type of talk would be better stated as, "The running backs seem pleased with their effort. Of course, we are in need of several players to step up. We haven't had any player get to the necessary level, neither are we seeing the OL provide the next level consistency necessary." Ya, more words here ... and all pointed to where we are to win the B1G and go to the playoff. "Really good" has only merited 3-9 records for this team.
  10. It sounds like you and are "two fella's in the same ship" and are just "negative Nancy's" on ! :-)
  11. I agree. It is coachspeak. If it was a marriage it will be the stuff that leads to a divorce in several years. Nuff said. It's why I don't have confidence in anything the coaches say anymore. You do get a better feel from MJ I'd say. I'm wanting more truth-telling and a statement like, "he's working hard to be an average player, he'll have to work harder and perform under pressure to be the player we need him to be."
  12. I won't disagree with you at all really. Again, I have us as 5-7. If you watch/listen to the noise coming out from the practices, it's "he's looking great", "lots of improvement in the run blocking", etc ... it's a lot of the same type of comments where "we are just a player away", "that's a really good football player", etc. So, after getting rid of the cancer [those coaches and that one QB], plus the influx of new blood in key spots, surely we can at least sniff the projection ESPN has set for us and go 5-2 by the time Malachi commits. ESPN Says [This is the Media company that has no respect for Nebraska, hates us and even pays refs to make bad calls to keep us down]: NW - 79% chance of winning ND - 98% chance of winning GS - 92% chance of winning IU - 84% chance of winning RU - 73% chance of winning I'm following the logic. It appears we should go 5-2 relatively easy, if not 6-1. I could see it. Still, as stated, I wouldn't commit to this team until I saw how we did against at the end of the season and the B1G games where we have the talent edge but find ways to lose.
  13. Who do you have us losing to then? The only slight risk is Purdue. Everyone else is an easy win in the projections.
  14. I actually don't think he is thinking clearly if he is waiting until October 15. We will be 6-1 easily based on how great everyone is doing. The season really doesn't start until the Michigan game. Based on what Nebraska has done in recent years, I would wait and see how we play to finish the season. How do we handle those last four games? Did we beat Minni at home as we should? Are we in the game at Michigan until the end? Did we find a way to lose to Wisky at home and how we were on the road at Iowa? Did we break the seven [7] year losing record? There is absolutely no way if I'm that talented that I commit to Nebraska if we are 6-1. That will mean absolutely nothing to me. Since I believe we will five [5] games, I don't believe he comes to . I'll be curious who snags him and if he ends up in the B1G.
  15. @Mavric, I wonder if this translates over to football and to what degree. What I mean by this is, as a WR it's that explosion that creates separation ... and I'll be curious if at the college level he can do that. In no way am I suggestion that I don't want him, I do, but I'm curious if he speed in the 100 really translates to the degree it seem it would to others if prior to getting up to that "speed" he is actually slower than most. I don't know if this is true ... but at present it's probably his size and intangibles that have made him a standout player. My guess is his speed does as well, but moving forward I wonder how it all translates to the college level of speed. His body type sort-of reminds me of Fidone and I'm hoping his body can hold up better in college play than Fidone and stay away from the injury bug.
  16. It's all good here. I will simply hope for the day that we lose out on an edge rusher because we already have three sophomores and one of them is gonna be really good. :-) For all of the "we are only one player away" comments, this isn't a position of concern for me and I can get how this kid choose another option.
  17. Ya, which is really what surprised me ... he has a lot of better recruits ahead of him to break his way through. My guess is he thinks that the development there will be better and the better players around him will make it easier for him to then shine. That's why he must be thinking [but I don't know]. I was just hopeful we could get a few more prospects in the D Edge position and hit on one [maybe him].
  18. You would have to ask him. It's what he said. It wasn't my opinion. He just seemed enamored by Auburn and getting their attention. It sounded like after he committed to that they stayed in pursuit and that seemed to grab him and show him either his true desires or revealed to him that Auburn actually wanted him more than we did [as he is stating it].
  19. The videos and stuff I read communicated that his heart was toward Auburn as they were the ones who really pursued him to the greater degree. Any links to this thought or were just expressing your feeling/opinion?
  20. I enjoyed the past few thoughts here on how these RB's could "tongue and groove" ... yet, with my view of the OL, I don't see the consistencies and germination coming as I'd like. We will have a struggle as we get further down the road and the B1G wears on us. The quality and depth just isn't there yet. Certainly some good potential and the new OL Coach and focus will help for sure. It does raise the eye brow of curiosity and excitement for sure.
  21. Interesting. Man, I was feeling "gut wrenched" for what he must have felt. We've fallen so far and it would be so tough to hear that story and not be able to do anything about it. I can see him not sleeping that night as well. "It's personal" ... I hope more are hearing that. It's why Iowa beats us ... and we lose.
  22. Hey, thanks @Mavric. That was a nice nugget. My hope would be we could add someone perhaps even better than Williams. Obviously, you and zi know they probably would. You following any leads or prospects you think we might nab to develop? My guess is that the portal will be watched closely especially at that position.
  23. Ya, I was seeing that. That is why I was surprised that some were stating or making it like we had to choose a current commit of this guy over Williams. I am of the view that we get the best rated we can get and in development move the best one to a DE/Edge type. Guess it doesn't matter as Williams has Auburn in his heart.
  24. Thanks @TonyStalloni. I was of the belief that one was for a developmental DE.
  25. I don't "get" this. It would appear we would want and need both.
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