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  1. I see us losing at least two of the first seven games ... and won't be surprised if we are 4-3. For me, I'm actually becoming a bit irritated with the view that we have a brutal finish. It just isn't true to me anymore. Our overall schedule wouldn't even come in the Top 25 for difficulty. My take is that when we get to those final five games, I think: OSU is probably ranked #3 Penn St is probably ranked #12 Iowa is not ranked [3 losses] Wisky is probably ranked #20 [2 losses], have App St which will be interesting Minny is probably ranked #22 [2 losses] What makes that schedule tough is that we are not that good. Back in the Big 8, we would have looked at the OSU game as a good test/warm up for next weeks game with Penn St., in fact, the OSU game would be a sleeper game to watch out for. Iowa, Wisky and Minny and would be cake walks. Iowa might catch us because we were trying to get healed up that week. I realize that that is the past ... but in this next season, we don't really play anyone of difficulty those first seven games. The only teams that will be better than us is in terms of recruiting is OSU and Penn St. We will make everything else interesting because we won't be that good [not that Iowa, Wisky and Minny actually are]. I don't see any of these three teams ranked high when we play them ... but after they play us we will pad their win column as they move the rankings on our shoulders. Sure hope my negative view gets put to bed this next year ... I hope. I don't see us in a bowl again.
  2. Must be quite a basketball player to get an offer from them Jayhawks!
  3. Covid numbers are trending well with chart ...

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      @NUance, I caught a virus after being on a cruise in early February ... sickest I'd ever been.  Knocked me out for about 21-22 days.  Over the past year I've had a weak/compromised immune system and get have caught most anything.  I've never gotten sick but a few years back after losing my folks, then my marriage of 25 years, working through an addictive mind, I discovered my body was in "adrenal exhaustion" and I was at level 6 heading to the final level.  Had to even stop running as I was depleating myself in some of my core resources.  So, I'll be curious to see how things are in a month or two for folks like me.  I'm experiencing incredible peace and each day is full of love, life and liberty.  Be well, enjoy the day.

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      1295 for Mar 26th compared to 800 in the article, so they weren't very close as their projection was over 50% lower.

    4. BigRedN
  4. Serious question ... from most of these posts ... it appears that people believe that testing is a cure to this virus? Now, I've got a Masters degree, but my brain can't compute what the hysteria is over the need to get tested. The test provides no cure to the illness. From what I understand, we have had 728 deaths from this virus ... and we have shut down the entire country except for basic, basic services. What else do folks want? I was talking to a lady this morning on Facebook who lives in South Africa, this is how she is dressed today [attached a pic]. As I counseled her on her fear, I was puzzled to discover that in her country 700 have been tested positive with ZERO deaths. Quite a "pandemic", isn't it!????? Here is a post where I communicated my thoughts on Facebook. It's the only post I've made on the topic. I thought I'd share it here as well. All the best to my fellow Huskerboard members ... 728 ... that's the number as of now. 728 people have died in America from the Corona Virus. THAT, my friends, is really good, amazing news! You would think that we have a pandemic on our hands and a real "Walking Dead" situation occurring. By my count, we have 674,272 more deaths to endure to get to the real pandemic of the Spanish Flu that killed 675,000 Americans. There was just over 103 million people in America then in 1917, verses the 328 million now. So, with three times more people, we have a long ways to go to get to a real pandemic. The math on that would mean that we would need to reach 1,800,225,000 deaths to mirror the Spanish Flu. As is usually, no stat of truth means that these lives lost don't have value. They have incredible value ... just keepin' it all in perspective. So today, I'm going to compare these 728 that died in the month of March to the lives/stats of a few other situations/circumstances: Swine Flu - 60 million Americans were infected, 300,000 hospitalized and 4,000 died [anyone remember this back in 2012?] Flu - Between 12,000 - 61,000 die each year [yawn ...]. Digestive Disease - 25,000 a year on average [um, never heard of this]. Abortion - 500,000 - 600,000 a year, roughly 50,000 each month [it's a Mom's choice and right ya know]. Thus, amidst whatever "pandemic" or "political" viewpoint one wants to look at the Corona Virus at ... in relation to what happens day in and day out ... 728 lives in one month is certainly no "pandemic" or anything worth getting fearful over or losing sleep over. This is not meant to hurt or harm ... just keepin' it real ... and maybe other sane minds can relate. If not ... flush this read. May each of us not live with a spirit of fear ... but rather a spirit of love, empowered by a Higher Spirit with a controlled and sound mind during these days of calamity. May your spirit, body and soul find peace and rest in whatever truth makes good sense to you. I'll end with a clip that describes this situation to me ... PS. I'll treat this thread as I do Huskerboard after a loss now ... bye :-)
  5. Classic Zoom Fail here ...

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      lulz.  She will NEVER live that one down.  

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      Just a Boss move by that chick

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      The lone man's statement is priceless.

  6. Wow, took less then a month for this insight to move another direction. Gonna assume that Jumbo's days at Florida St. have a bit more sway here than we know.
  7. Thanks @Mavric. I hate to say it ... but in my "small recruiting brain", impacted by years of missing out on the better player, I can't help but have the thought that we are in a weaker position with OLB's like Ford and Bollers so we will get who we can for LB's and then move them. I really am starting to hate that we don't recruit a player for a position and let them develop in that one spot. It's great to have a guy that can play anywhere ... but for us ... we always seem to be short at "that" position [what "that" position is] and then move a player from his "bread and butter" to what we have to use him for. I'm hopeful that I'm blowing hot smoke up my own butt ... but these are the "thoughts" that run through my head over years of "emotional abuse" from the recruiting threads [true confessions I guess ... :-)]
  8. @Mavric, so it looks like we might land the Malcom kid ... at least we hope so. If so, that would be our third ILB for the class. This guy would be our fourth ILB. What gives? How many ILB are we taking? Which ones would be moved to OLB? Curious what other info or insights others might see here.
  9. Chuckle ...



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      Oh hi, I remember this from T-shirts back in the 90s.

  10. Thanks @Mavric for your input and thoughts. I'm putting this out there ... really for me to look back on ... and to hopefully understand our recruiting and development. There is a nice comparison to be made between Wisky and as it relates to ILB. Gonna lake it out here to look back on in four years. currently has Kpai as an ILB along with Paul. Kpai is ranked is a 4* and is ranked #173 nationally. Paul is ranked a 3* [probably end up a 4*] and is ranked #630 nationally as of 3/23/2020. Wisky currently has Sunborn as an ILB along with Chaney. Sunborn is a 3* and is ranked #414 nationally. Chaney is a 3* and is ranked #704 nationally. Thus, at present, if we match these recruits up ... we are recruiting better. Thus, it appears we are out of the blocks presently in better position. If Paul takes the jump we expect, then we beat Wisky at the ILB position. Now it will come down to development. The only way I think I can judge these players in this scenario is see what honors they receive in the B1G and then I want to look back on is when these guys are drafted in the NFL.
  11. Have a question on this ... I'm curious so I can look back on recruiting four years from now and judge what I was told/sold on ... So, this guy is the #1 player on the entire defensive board? Does this mean our staff believes this is the best ILB in the country or the best we think we can get? Does our staff then believe this guy is a 5*? Thanks for any input guys.
  12. The stats for last season don't probably compute to the norm for Iowa, but do for us. Curious to ask what those stats are for 2018 when Iowa had Fant and the other stud? Additionally, it doesn't really matter what I think, it's Iowa that has built itself into "TE U". It's just years of proving their development. At we don't develop any position well presently to sell a recruit that we do "this position" well.
  13. No argument needs to be made. It's Brody that chose his two teams he wanted to consider moving forward ... we aren't a team he wants to play for. I can't argue for his reasons. All that is possible now is for his potential commitment to Iowa to bode well to also draw Fidone. I don't like it at all ... but ...
  14. I share that thought as well. And yet, with what Iowa does with TE development, when you add Fidone's talent level, it's a no-brainer to go to Iowa. I think it was last year they had two TE's go pro in the first round. Obviously, we want him but if their is any weight to their statement, what a great tandem for Iowa. Personally, I really like Brody and he is very high on my board.
  15. My guess is that THAT means Clemson is about ready to swoop in. :-) Have no idea of his interest in us but if so, maybe the 5* in a while [if he bumps up to that] if we land him.
  16. Always enjoy your input to my posts Mavric. Enjoyed your thoughts and the read. I'm always frustrated by OSU's dominance of the St. Louis kids. We seem to really suck in that area/market. Really no joking for me ... it would be rather odd for Ryan Day to recruit so well if he wasn't the "real deal". He brought in Zach Harrison last year [which I suspect will be another stud edge rusher ... we shall see]. Anyway, OSU seemed to get mocked for only pulling in the #14 ranked class [with just 17 players], while we were elated to be ranked #17 [with 28 players]. I'm not necessarily a star follower ... but when you take 11 more players and still get beat by three spots ... it isn't a wake-up call for me ... but dang, feels a bit overwhelming as you realize that as of yet we can't really say we are developing guys yet [look at the decimation already of Frost's first class]. I hate OSU. I always thought they were very "over-rated" [when we were in the Big 12] ... sadly ... they are the real deal now. Gonna go eat some "humble pie" now and hopefully feel better.
  17. The OP posted his thought as a question. He followed it up with a, "may be way off base". I'll give his "out of the box thinking" a +1. The reality is that all teams will have to deal with these cards that are dealt. Thus, those who look at and then turn this into a positive really will gain the advantage in these circumstances. So, we could actually gain an advantage if we work harder during this problem.
  18. "Ryan Day can't recruit, nor can he coach like Urban Meyer ... nor will he be able to get big time recruits from St. Louis."
  19. Strange, fascinating and interesting ...

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      I'd be leery of hanging around in some waiting room with sick, coughing people.  And if you're tested, what can the hospital do for the flu that you couldn't do at home?  :shrug:

  20. Thanks for your thoughts and input @Mavric.
  21. I'm curious about this observation ... From an article I read, we seem to have over 400 offers out [closer to 450 I think]. A team like Clemson will have around 150 or so. The better teams usually have around 150-200. I find it fascinating how we can seem to have the most ... yet it is my observation that we don't offer many of the top recruits. Is that true? It would be an interesting research project to see how many of the top recruits at each position we actually offer. This thread isn't a complaint about that. It simply makes me curious. Perhaps others have some thoughts or insights that might lead to a good discussion.
  22. Good input. Have a song to describe your feelings? Link? Thanks for the song! :-)
  23. What song describes how you feel about it? Link?
  24. #1 - I have four [4] rolls of TP. #2 - No, I have no plans to share. #3 - Ridin' The Storm Out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVFgEBq0EKM
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