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  1. Thanks Tony, that's how I see it as well. For me, I'm probably a little butt hurt and full of enough pride as if Frost had accomplished what I thought he would, then my view is we would have become or been more attractive to these players. I'm sure it's not all on Frost as I'm sure the 10-12 years of our "stuff" has made an impression of these kids that made other better options more desirable. Thanks for the time and your thoughts sir.
  2. Are you butt hurt about something? I didn't say you couldn't respond, nor did I say or imply that it was a private conversation.
  3. I wasn't talking to you. Tony is a real nice guy and I've had some great conversations with him as a fellow Husker fan. Thus, I wanted his thoughts as we tend to see the status of Husker football in the same light.
  4. Tony, what's your view on COVID affecting folks within our radius like Helms, Riley, Jackson, Woods? For me, I think we wouldn't be having this kind of conversation if we were securing this talent.
  5. Glad to read your thoughts. Thanks. Well, at least you have a view of 3-4 players away. I like that. I was taking a beating before the season about stating that we need 2-3 stud OL every year. The board's view was that we were set and could pass on OL this year. I'm probably looking at all this more like lo country. Additionally, I don't think we have a stud at any position nor a replacement that would step up with a comparable skill set. This was suppose to improve as Frost got established. Thankfully, he's got 5 more years to "get this fixed".
  6. Stop being so stone cold ... we are "only 1-2 players away". "This is a really good football team". "We've got a lot of really good players" and "I love coaches these guys". "We are gonna get this thing fixed". That all means something to someone.
  7. @JJHusker, I get laughing at that. I'm stating that for me, we are more in the range of 20-40 players away before we are 1-2 players away. There are quite a few years/teams since 1969 [I remember rooting starting at the age of five], where I could point to really good seasons for Nebraska, where one would/could/should say, "Ah man, we were just 1-2 players away". So, for me, that is the context of great teams who went something like 9-3 or 10-2, 11-1 type of things. You can point to the 70-90's to see us winning a lot of games and a bad season was being or going 9-3 sort of thing. There were a lot of great teams in those years and as we all know, there were other Natty's in those years that are not in the cupboards. So, when I hear Frost say things like, "Man, we are just 1-2 players away" and "that a really good football player there", Scott also coming from a championship team and knowing what all that takes [better than I], to me it sounds all delusional. We could all go to past years and see if there is any player from a year that we would take over the current Huskers. Overall, does the term "Blackshirt" mean anything in this type of year verses back in the years I'm talking about? I think not? AM, how does he compare to the QB's of our past ... it's not even close ... and the kid is a Junior and has started 4 years. In the trenches on both DL and OL, we don't produce any push compared to our glory years ... but we are 1-2 players away on the whole team? For me, Husker football is producing maybe 1-2 players for the NFL now [that's being very gracious]. I don't think over the next 2-3 years we will see boatloads of NFL talent coming from our roster. It looks more like 2-3 players. The good teams that most years are 1-2 players away every year have in their turnover 1-2 OL or DL players turning pro, just in those positions ... and then they repeat it again the next year. There is always great talent that has developed and then needs to be replace. Nebraska isn't even close in that endeavor. I don't recall where the post is ... but if certain folks leave after the season, this current team goes into an easy schedule wondering how it will fair against the likes of Northwestern, North Dakota, Georgia Southern, Illinois, Minni, Purdue and Rutgers next year. Again, for me, for a team that is just 1-2 players away ... that is an easy 7 wins right there. Time will tell for sure. Thanks for laughing and responding. It's good to feel an opposite view. So, if we are only 1-2 players away how in the world can you tolerate all this losing? My record prediction for this year was 5-7. 4-8 was the low and 6-6 was the high. Yet, it seems I'm more upset about our record this year than you. We are on pace to hit my prediction. I'll be curious to watch next year and see your record prediction for a team that should win be in the running for Natty. I've sorta felt like we are just trying to beat the bottom dwellers of our side of the conference ... but a guy like you thinks we not only win our conference but represents the B1G in the National Championship. That's amazing! I think Frost, at best, has to mean that we are 1-2 players from being competitive. Surely he can't mean he's "got this thing fixed". If so, okay. But I will still contend that the program is still more to 20 players away then 1-2. However, my goal isn't to be competitive against our side of the conference and beat NW 56-7 and have the Illinois and Minni product on the field. Those types of performances aren't 1-2 players away. At this point, my fear is a fan like you will want to add a two-year extension onto this coach that is "only 1-2 players" away.
  8. So, is your 1-2 players a kicker and an OL person ... and then we are a 9-3 or 10-2 team? Is that your view?
  9. Well, what position on the team is so good that you wouldn't take a replacement or a better backup? This current team of starters has won three games, two of them are Buffalo and Fordham. They aren't good enough to beat Illinois or Minnesota ... and that's just this year. Next year, you lose various "good" players that currently can't get beat out by backups. So, just stay within the B1G, don't even go to other conferences ... and tell me who you wouldn't take another player in the conference over your own. I'm not enamored by any position or player. If this was Fantasy Football, I'd be entertaining any trade presenting me ... and looking for as many suckers as I could. Ha ha. If you take our OL, we are in need of 3-4 guys alone. It's horrid. At QB, our best player can't perform in crunch time. Our #1 at QB would be the backup on a Top 20 team. Is the 1-2 players away a kicker or punter? I mean ... please. It was sounding like a lot of the board was thinking that Frost is coaching for his job. I don't share that view. I think both he and the administration like what they got. Frost saying that they are just 1-2 players away seems to show that. I was just curious to hear if the folks who think he is coaching for job think also that he is only 1-2 players away. For me, this team is 20 players away from being competitive in the 8-4 or 9-3 area and probably 40 players away from being a Top 10-15 program. That doesn't mean that we can't win a big game or look good ... but we don't seem to fair well against teams like that are middle to bottom dwellers even in our own conference. My guess is that we have made strides and show improvement, but we get wore out and then can't beat who we certainly could. Does 1-2 "pieces" fix that? Not for me.
  10. I was reading a Hail Varsity article where Frost said this, "When you’re as close as we’ve been one or two more pieces will get you over the hump." That's delusional to me. Your input? Source: https://hailvarsity.com/football-recruiting/nebraska-recruiting-scott-frost-ready-to-hit-road-recruiting-during-bye-week/
  11. I don't think he is coaching for his job at all. I really don't. I think they give him through next year at a minimum. I've moved on from Scott at this point ... but it would not surprise me to see an extension at this point. I would lean more to that happening at the end of the season then to a possible firing. PERISH THE THOUGHT!
  12. So, I think I've got it wrong. Frost got a 2-year extension on a 7-year contract. So, he still had five [5] years on his deal when he got that extension, after going 8-14. I'd be curious to see his [Lovie Smith] record and if it was the same or better. Well, that is saying a lot ... to be hitting the lows of a program like Illinois. For me, it would make sense for a program like Illinois to use a name like Lovie Smith to bolster recruiting stuff ... but with five years still on a contract ... it still baffles me to feel any need to extend Frost's contract. I would have thought that at year 4-5 with two years left that it would be revisited. If a coach was doing amazing things and was a hot commodity and you feared him leaving ... SURE. But 8-14. I still can't believe folks support that sort of stuff ... and then they say someone like me is not a true fan for saying that was just plain stupid. Ha ha.
  13. Would any Coach get a two year extension after going 8-14 and still three [3] years on a contract?
  14. Exactly how I'm thinking. I could have voted emotionally for 0-4 for sure. This coach and these kids could also go 2-2 ... but I'm emotionally done and would be more excited if we went 0-4 then 2-2. Why? Well, it's a perfect time to add a 2 year extension onto Frost's contract if he goes 2-2. There would be "so much hope" and we would just have to show our commitment to our coach because we just love the direction the program is heading. :-)
  15. I feel like Red when Andy is talking to him about "getting out" and about "hope". Geez, we all know that Frosty is in play for at least two more years. All this convo is nothin' but a pipe dream. You just gotta checkout ... stop watching and sell your tickets. Let it stink. Let it tank. I really have no clue who would be available in two years.
  16. For me, I don't get this at all. Where has set any precedent that we hire someone for one [1] year? Where has that really happened anywhere and what are the circumstances that merit this type of view. That happened in recruiting with a guy like Washington ... but it wasn't us that put restrictions or conditions on him. He simply went against all that is the "normal" expectation of any player. As it relates to Nebraska, no search committee would go to all the effort to select from 5-10 candidates and then offer the job to someone that they would only give a one year lease. It's just so far fetched to me. So, the answer to your question, "What coaches are going to want to come here, knowing that it might only be for one year?", is a resounding NONE. But again, no precedent has been set for that. If anything, it's the exact opposite. Frost actually was given the leash and praised amidst being 8-14 after the Wisconsin blowout. From what I recall, Green offered a two year extension onto an already 7-year contract. Who gets that? LSU just let go of a Louisianan who went 15-0 two years ago and won a National Championship. For me, I think the problem has been that both Green and Moos have expressed that Frost has shown "tremendous leadership". Um, okay. They were even saying back then that they "appreciate that a change of this nature will not happen overnight" ... and that they were "committed to Scott and the direction he was taking the program." The question now, as was stated back then is, is "Scott the right coach at the right time for this program?" Green and Moos oozed about the direction and "heights to which he [Frost] will take Nebraska football and the tremendous impact he will have in the development of our student athletes." Yes, we have seen this "impact" and Minni is just another example of what four [4] years of "development" can/will do. I'm with you, he will get to finish out this season ... and he will be given another. In it all ... it's nothing but further proof that whether it is this season or next, there is no way in hell that any coach that is brought in will "feel" or could even be implied that one would only get one [1] year. Sure, there are folks in the program that would have that much pride to think we deserve such a stupid argument/thought. But, it just isn't gonna happen. It's really nothing more than an argument that seems carved out of some sort of "entitlement". If you watch the LSU video of the administration and Coach Orgeron, there is mutual respect for what Orgeron accomplished and yet the standards of winning that have, to them, fallen on hard times. There are no excuses. For Nebraska, we continue to give Frost a leash that is 10 times longer than their beloved Louisianan. When LSU brings in there next coach, there will be no "feeling" that the new coach will only get one [1] year.
  17. Exactly ... we want to point to Illinois and call it a fluke, call Minni a fluke ... but the excuses are just so silly. For me, it's even why adding in Fordham [for whatever positive reason one wants to present] was a "loss". One can see now that that "W" really wasn't. It was a "loss". You can't set the bar so low to prop up a weak mindset. Unfortunately, too many folks have even bought into the B1G "just being so tough". Nope. The B1G is probably more "blue collar" than other conferences. We don't want to be a "blue collar" OL. We want to send off our product to China and get something that we can sell at the best price and turn a "profit" [it's like some sort of moral victory]. I don't really see a need for some "big-time" coach who is even "proven". I'm hearing that a lot. I think that we need a "nuts and bolts" kind of coach who is hard working, disciplined and won't be out-coached or worked who is "excuse free". Scott is not gonna "get this fixed". He is the proven problem. Yes, he has four more games to "prove". He "proved" to me his progress in a Minni-sort-of-way.
  18. Scott has the season that keeps him or sinks him. At a minimum was winning 3 of the last 5. Minni was just that ... a minni-opportunity to prove that the "fluke" of Illinios was just that but over the past 3-4 games the ship had been corrected and we were projecting and moving upward and forward. Minni shows that the team can't take seven [7 games] straight or four [4] B1G teams in a row without being "worn out". It's like not being able to play in a bowl game last year ... it was just too tough. For the current mindset, we didn't have enough in the mindset and mental tank to win what seemed like really an easy win ... and then the break and recoup time with building momentum and making the rest of the season even more interesting and prospective. Instead ... we laid an egg ... the same turd we've laid and wallowed in for four straight years. Now, even if we beat OSU or an Iowa, assuming we can beat a Purdue and Wisky, it doesn't matter in my mind because we lost to perhaps the easiest team left on the schedule. If Purdue can handle Iowa that easily then I don't see another win. Iowa losing really makes that game far less important in terms of a real national splash. Ya, there is a losing streak to beat and end but for me, this loss has taken away my interest for the rest of the season. A win would have increased my interest another 40%. The loss took 80% of interest out of me. I fully realize I'm dealing with an "addict" here and a new sobriety date has to be set and the team has to work through more issues before it can be a productive member. I'll let Frost go and the team and hope it can find its way perhaps next season. My belief is that the easier schedule will just give the "unthinking" mindset that if the schedule is easier we can win again. Those "mindsets" don't succeed as I have experienced.
  19. This Is What I Learned ... Today is Day #1 of our new sobriety date. Goodluck to the Big Red ! I'll be rooting for you [as I keep my distance].
  20. The top of my serious list of candidates would be Scott Frost. I think he would be a nice replacement for Solich at Ohio.
  21. I expect to see a 20 point victory. That could be 34-14. I won't be surprised if it is more like 41-17 type score or better. I'm simply of the belief that we are trending upward and see our opportunity to win this and then get some rest. I think we come focused and play well.
  22. Iowa would/will be 1-2-3 ranked ... so, it's gonna be special to win those three games at a minimum and then have chances with OSU and Iowa. It would be awesome to stop Iowa's streak with them having a banner year on their easy schedule. We can have the same kind of year next year with our schedule [having OU at home].
  23. Yep, we've known this for a good year from what it sounds like. Still sad.
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