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  1. ..I’m not going to define or answer this question with a subjective W-L number as many aspects go into the final scoreboard..we in baby steps here..I think a huge tangible, and observable metric is seeing a properly aligned, assigned football team..that breaks down and tac properly, correct angles are once again taken..just seeing a fundamentally sound team take field is a huge step..and the scoreboard will eventually reflect how well the preceding things listed took place ..
  2. .i missed one day in the series...that’s okay though. I’m glad to have what I have. If your sentimental like I am, or desire memorabilia of historic events, the. this series is probably something you are going to want.. ..I’m trying to figure out a display case type project in my wood shop..preserving newspapers is no small task..
  3. Hello, im hoping to get counsel on the fan day that Husker football has every year. I think that’s what it’s called. Understand, I’m ignorant on all this as I’ve been at FT Bragg for past 22 years in Army and only been able to follow Huskers from afar. I left Nebraska at 19 and just moved and retired in Gretna, Ne. I’m excited to understate, to have opportunity to meet Coach Frost. I’m 42 years old, which allowed me to watch every game He played in. It’s absolutely remarkable that he was on Mr Osborne last team and now the Coach. i want to get things signed by him. I can’t find info on google about COA with things that are signed on fan day. Is this day historically been organized well? Is there enough time to with the long lines to actually get to the tables where coaches are.? any insight and preferred first hand experience with this “fan day” above and beyond the info I’ve read on Husker.com. Thank you Nathan
  4. Hum...coach says same thing i said.now why don’t you select few, speech police, jump all over him with your wisdom..he said same thing I said..
  5. I posted a picture of our fat, weak, and out of shape Offensive lineman..and how they play EXACTLY like they look...and folks came out of woodwork about my post..jumping all over the premise of it.. ...Hum..Mr Frost recently observed and said SAME thing I did..so you folks who lack cerebral thought and like to argue anything..go ahead and message th coach and tell him your wisdom,as you did to me.. “I like the talent we have up front, I really do.... “We’ve got to change their bodies. The Nebraska I knew and the strength and conditioning and what was expected of them, and what kids look like physically. That’s not really what we’re walking back into.. “I think we got guys on the team that can be great offensive linemen, but we've got to go to work in the weight room, we’ve got to cut our body fat, eat right, we’ve got to get stronger, we’ve got to get in better shape.”
  6. So you now part of speech police..you are the approval authority of a discussion..have you been informed what a narcissist is.?
  7. ...the premise the OP put forth has been proven to me and since I saw similar results in perhaps 400 plus other soldiers, I can conclude the general premise is objectively true, I spent 22 years in a profession that required insane volumes of repetitive compound movements, and training goal was to build muscle memory, which is also a very is a real thing.l.i suppose first clarity I should define the terms and these words are oft defined and understood differently as these concepts pertain to the insane complexity of Mankinds body..anyways the idea is that under stress, the brain can be disengaged, in a sense, form ones body, bypassing the critical thought process..allowing lightning fast reaction times..
  8. ..Last years starting offensive line..
  9. ..”best” is way to broad...the terms must defined to make good reply...however I suppose I tilt to Osborne...and that’s trying my dead level best to drop every bias and predisposed opinion...I say Osborne because of the peculiar effect he had on the team...every player I heard do interviews would be talking about Osborne in first 3 minuets..he had a permanent affect on players...I don’t hear players from 1-20 years ago that played on saben teams talk about his impact on their entire life than Osborne’s players...it is Osborne, it always Osborne that all the men in program flocked to..Osborne is a Christian man, a man of biblical values..that’s not lost on people..they gravitated to him..and trusted him...”trust” is understatement...Saben runs a business it seems..and Osborne ran a family that happened to play football ...Osborne knew full well the power of servitude leadership style..and it wasn’t a gimmick..that’s his nature and it always is the most effective in building relationships in organization..
  10. ...I’m persuaded he will be introduced to football on kick offs..I would think it would take perhaps 2 years to train a individual in football skills to responsibly let him take the field...he must show demonstrated ability to defend himself through all possible football scenarios. Having just retired from Army Special Forces and working with Seal teams in OEF, there are similiar attributes between the two units...with that, I’m inclined to think his general ability to apply head knowledge into action is way above average...so I suspect he could possible see field this year..
  11. ..oh I wee need some big men in the program..huskers not going anywhere until they seem to care that stopping run straight up middle is important..
  12. .no conclusion or connection from pictures to field play..? Really..? The pictures absolutely reflect gameplay..sloppy, lazy, attitude..ect
  13. ...well okay, you asked what you were “wrong about “...the “toned abs”...nobody except you brought this up...and the premise of post had nothing to do about toned abs..it was the glarining poor muscle/fat composition...and manifested by zero push on the field..they know snap count and get beat to the point of attack..or a Purdue 259 defensive end pushes flips one of 300+ fat boy linemen into the QB -RB handoff area and then proceeds to knock him straight on his butt...(pancake)..
  14. Some eggs will he cracked in process of making a omelet...i suspect some will quit..which is a good unintended consequence of conditioning in a sense...better to expose the weak minds now, rather than 4 th quarter down 10 points.
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