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  1. Patrick O'Brian, maybe we shouldn't have been so quick to run him off.
  2. Do you think the transition will be quicker & smoother in the fact that Scott has probably watched a lot of Husker games and may already know a lot of the starters names and is familiar with the facilities?
  3. Frost is not staying at UCF. What if his agent was the one who leaked the 7 year 35 mil or whatever it was *close* to get other schools to get their crap together and get their best offers in? The agent may have just guessed where the Huskers might come in at. Didn't take UCLA long after to fire their coach. Florida hasn't said much since either. May be the whole reason the local media has been quiet about it knowing it's a made up figure. All part of driving up his clients profile.
  4. Completely agree. Just thought this thread could use some actual info instead of all the crazy speculation. And Warrior 10, nope, Husker fan since the early 80's, long time lurker and although the entertainment factor in this thread is great, thought I'd throw something out from Frost himself.
  5. This thread is 100% hearsay. For those who like factual information from the man himself. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/ucf-knights/95008450-132.html
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