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  1. Love the free square. It is never covered up by a shot which is the way it should be. Never forget.
  2. You should read his texts. Ungood english.
  3. Don't do it. I made a small wager on a 7 game parlay last week. Hit 6 out of 7....only loss, nebraska. Also took them vs mich and colo. Stay away this year!
  4. KazLongDrives300

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    I know kids do stupid stuff they end up regretting, but I still find it funny that "3rd leg" was 1 of 3 finalists for The NFL Man of the Year in 2018.
  5. Hulk Hogan is all you needed.
  6. KazLongDrives300

    ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Purdue (Game 5) **

    Purdue is one of four awful teams to lose to Nebraska in 2017. The extent of Riley's coaching was putting one finger in the air after Nebraska scored their first td of the game in the 4th quarter. (Really, hip hip, you didnt want to go for two)? I'm exaggerating. But only a little bit.
  7. KazLongDrives300

    Post-Practice Presser - August 6

    If you got behind on page 4, then you weren't putting forth the effort. I blame the previous staff.
  8. KazLongDrives300

    best QB to ever run the option at NU

    A little too young to remember Holieway, but Hagen's late pitches were a thing of beauty. Almost was a husker according to the McCartney 30 for 30.
  9. KazLongDrives300

    Best Win of the Pelini Era

    You're right about most of these. For me, that Michigan game stands out because we were up, then lost the lead late in the game on the road. After the Westerkamp fumble, i remember thinking we were done. Good point about most of these other games though, especially Michigan State 2012.
  10. KazLongDrives300

    Best Win of the Pelini Era

    2009 Oklahoma was one of the best and loudest games I've been to. Honorable mention to 2013 win at the big house. One of the few times in Pelini's latter years where Nebraska overcame adversity, and didn't melt down.
  11. KazLongDrives300

    Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    Folsom Field, Colorado fans, and snowballs being thrown as Byron Bennett lines up for a game winner. Texas 4th and 1 in '96 right up there too, even though it was a great call on their part. The start to so much Texas misery.
  12. KazLongDrives300


    I see. Thanks for clarifying....i didnt realize they didnt play a conference tournament.
  13. KazLongDrives300


    I think the Ivy League used to give their automatic bid to the regular season champ if I remember correctly.
  14. KazLongDrives300


    Thanks for posting this. Great information. It was a nice little Wednesday night for Nebraska's tournament hopes. I personnally think a win over Michigan would be enough (maybe I'm wrong) as long as there are no major surprises in other conference tournaments.