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  1. I will never forget Owa, SF megathread, and of course HuskerJen.
  2. This place is an f'n joke now. Shame. I've been lurking since 2007 until finally joining a couple years ago. Half screen ads at top and smaller ones popping up at the bottom. It's difficult to scroll and even click without accidentally clicking on bs. I truly appreciate the former owners of the board now. I wish I would have sooner I guess. Huskerboard is dead.
  3. The Owa thread is 184 pages now for what it's worth.
  4. 3. South Carolina Gamec$%ks (1980s Home Throwback) Can't we talk about South Carolina like adults?
  5. Ha....Oregon State. Same odds as Rutgers and UNLV. Worse odds than Kansas.
  6. #1 North Carolina #2 Michigan State #2 Michigan #6 Buffalo #6 Villanova #11 Belmont #12 Murray State #14 Northern Kentucky #16 Prairie View
  7. Spring Football look-a-like thread?
  8. Those videos were just depressing. Thanks. I don't think I will ever reach the acceptance stage of the Riley era.
  9. Kinda like the Mike Riley of college basketball.
  10. Nobody ever was coached by Mike Riley. At least not well.
  11. I think Oregon State was one of the schools he was considering. Between Suh and Owa, Riley's been a thorn in our side for the better part of a decade. Glad he got neither.
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