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  1. Think there is a lot of untapped potential on the team. All the 4 star offensive linemen, players not playing positions they should be playing. Bryant and Bradley are Solid play makers,Think Zig is short yardage back. Think Frost finds some how to get Mazour on the feild. Speilman,Morgan( if he stays), Lindsey, Mcquinty I think are really good receivers. get guys in shape and avoid All the injuries, thru better conditioning.
  2. Wonder if the new coach is already in place, just can’t be announced until there season is officially over. Bray is the only one the new coaching staff wanted to keep!
  3. Psst... I’ve got insider information, a friend of a friend of a friends, brothers , mechanics sister works at NU in the Science Building and heard from a friend in the Ag dept who heard from a friend in the Athletic Departments maintenance division.... Give Me A Break
  4. Agree what Bohl’s did at NDSU was impressive. At Wyoming he’s beat teams they should be competitive with, and lost to everyone they should. Think he’s a solid coach, just not at Nebraska or Power 5 Schools in general. Huskers need an up grade and not some of the same old same old
  5. Frost is quiet because he has a mouth full of cookies, UCF couldn’t raise extra $ so they gave him all the cookies instead!
  6. 4-5 million a year plus 9.4 million buy out, WAY TO STEEP A PRICE
  7. Don’t have a problem with him beating us when at Wisconsin, just he’s LOST HIS MARBLES the last few years! He would make Diaco sound and look sane!
  8. Brought tough attitude to Razorbacks first couple years, record doesn’t reflect the fact they were in every game to the end. Then something happened and started being a FOOL. Had issue with ex Arkansas running back coach that tweeted a player after he had gotten hurt” for a speedy recovery”Bielema had an issue with him contacting the player. Acted as if an Alabama player shoved him during a game to draw a personal foul penalty, that’s not coaching big time college football. Threw his assistant coaches under the bus for loosing.Bottom line it’s his fault for not hiring the right coaches or reqruiting the right players. Check Arkansas web site to see more on a coach who has lost his grip on reality!
  9. Just fit in with the other lame brain picks of Bielema,Sumlin, & McElwain
  10. Thought this was top options, not settle for AGAIN! 1.) Bielema (29-32 @ Arkansas 2.)Sumlin (8 win average Coach @ A&M) 3.) McElwain( don’t want the death threats to follow him to Lincoln) 4.)Butch Jones (fits in with the rest listed above) 5.) Gary Anderson ( see above, at least he won’t want a buyout when he leaves) TOP OPTION 1.)Patterson 2.)Moorhead 3.)Shaw 4.)Fuente 5.)Saban
  11. Not High on Cambell, Bohl (another 7-10 win coach)or Leach(don’t think air raid would work in Big 10) 1.) Frost 2.)Frost 3.)Frost 4.)Penn State OC 5.)Venables (high energy, without Bo Psyco Attitude)
  12. Was ready for the “Bo Syc Show” to be over with 3 years ago, now the “Riley No-Show” is OVER!!!!
  13. Can’t wait til the end of the season so we can see what our Participation Trophy looks like!!!
  14. Looks like it’s time to hang Christmas Lights, can’t stand to watch any longer!
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