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  1. Here's the full player pressers Luke Gabe Heinrick Ethan
  2. Best version of Blackshirts in a while.
  3. Gage county native James Carnie has left the team.
  4. Tanner Lee and Adrian Martinez, then I draw a blank
  5. It doesn't sound like Ukraine is getting any Abrams tanks this year. The Sec of the Army said:
  6. It does feel like another way of saying B1G has to modify their system to us.
  7. "Rhule Breakers" gets 5 points from me for best name.
  8. Bakhmut is falling. There's several YT channels covering the battle lines. Here's 3 I've been watching lately. They usually have daily updates, https://www.youtube.com/@DenysDavydov/videos https://www.youtube.com/@WeebUnionWU/videos https://www.youtube.com/@RFU/videos Here's some maps links Bakhmut https://deepstatemap.live/en#13/48.5875/38.0098 Vuhledar - coal mine to NW had been effective defense https://deepstatemap.live/en#14/47.7750/37.2606 This map links stories to their location. lots of ads, like here. https://liveuamap.com/ slava Ukraine
  9. This made me laugh. From the top down, Democrats hated Star Wars, did everything they could to discredit and defund it. Are you sure this is the template you want to use??
  10. Don't know if anyone has mentioned this but WR Mike Williams is a GA now. player bio https://huskers.com/sports/football/roster/mike-williams/15921 GA bio https://huskers.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/mike-williams/8533
  11. Now you're picking up what I'm putting down.
  12. Yes. HuskerVision does a nice job with their live streams. 2 years ago my son worked the soundboard for the post game pressers.
  13. I never complain about raw press conference footage. I'm glad to get it. I can usual discern the question if it can't be heard. I'm simply pointing out the Nebraska Huskers channel has the ceiling cams and mics. In this press room, all the journalist have access to these mic and camera feeds, they just never use it. OWH, LJS, On3 aren't gonna have Sipp working a charlie horse out.
  14. I like Nebraska Huskers YT because they use the ceiling mics and cameras. My son isn't working these this semester . What is Sipp doing at 33:57??
  15. "Those guys didn't come here to be weight lifters but we're going to use the weight room....to make them the optimal athletes they came here to be." Campbell also had a shout-out from his days at Georgia to Compton and Ameer.
  16. I gotta think Michigan is on the brink of collapse if they're asking me for money. fwiw: we live a few miles outside of AA and we got these a few times before
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