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  1. Technical, I don't see a violation against democracy. The voters gave the delegates to Biden. If Joe keeps them or releases them at large or pledges them to another candidate; I don't see voter disenfranchisement. It's disenfranchisement when it is no longer voluntary.
  2. I'm not going in but this'll be like a Dead show, the vendors and fans all over place. HopCat is across the street venue. I got a lunch reservation.
  3. Looks like I'm going to the Trump rally. I've got a job at US Signal tomorrow. It's a couple blocks away from the rally. I was stoked for this job, the original HopCat is right next to the arena. FML
  4. The candidate has to earn my vote. I'm skipping the pres race and some others. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. Freewill by Rush
  5. Let's take a moment to remember Second Lt. Ambrose J. Finnegan Jr.
  6. They love him so much they grab their own pussies
  7. It's no longer about the presidency but who can protect the most down ballot candidates.
  8. Joe Biden had 100,000 uncommitted votes against him in MI. Dearborn Muslims made clear they are not voting for anything less than a ceasefire. This is a problem for any candidate. How would Harris and Whitmer turn that around?
  9. https://www.huskerboard.com/uploads/monthly_2024_03/PXL_20240310_163514181.jpg.c025c32945cf2f12e06217dc88e6e909.jpg I'm jamb up again
  10. Here's Cink Uygur and top Democratic strategist Dmirti Mehlhorn. It's really a good listen. Both make great points, and present most of the points poster here have been making. Uygur is a more skilled debater and has better stagecraft but Mehlhorn holds his own.
  11. How soon can we expect the Lord Almighty his doctor tells him to drop out?
  12. Is it @Guy Chamberlin that's active in Cali politics? Maybe he can tell us who Dmitri Mehlhorn.
  13. Mehlhorn trying to whip up another Russia hoax. Semafor: Top Democratic strategist pushed reporters to consider ‘staged’ shooting Mehlhorn, who co-founded a fund called “Investing in US” with Hoffman, made clear his impulse was toward the false flag theory. “I know I am prone to bias on this, but this is a classic Putin play and given the facts seems more plausible. Look at the actual shot. Look at the staging. Look at how ready Trump is to rally; this pampered baby s#!t his pants when an eagle lunged at his food. Look at how quickly Trump protects himself at the expense of others, but showed few of those lifelong instincts in this moment. And consider how often Putin and his allies run this play.”
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