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  1. HC John Cook L Lexi Rodriguez and S Bergan Reilly
  2. You guys gonna start a new thread for every QB entering the portal?
  3. Jack Woche didn't burn his redshirt. I'll try to think of something else.
  4. I didn't learn this but was reminded how much I hate No Win November.
  5. DT Ty Robinson LB Luke Reimer DB Quinton Newsome
  6. Please stop, we are not victims.
  7. Honestly, it's not about land, it's about the Jews' right to exist.
  8. Shedeur's injury cued up. I'm sure his cold makes him sound worst but this the most demoralized I've heard him sound.
  9. DL Ty Robbinson OL Ben Scott LB Javin Wright
  10. I was a tiny bit glad it didn't go to OT, I really didn't watch anymore crappy football
  11. There's an 87.5% chance of winning 1, 2, or 3 of the 3 remaining. There's a 37.5% of winning 1 of 3 games. added: Using ESPN's Matchup Predictor, the Huskers have a 74.5% chance of winning 1 or more games
  12. We went to the game. I learned that even on a cloudy November day, sunscreen is great idea!
  13. He had 299 yards in that game! Dude could throw it down field. Too bad we never really knew which team was gonna catch it.
  14. Man we sure hate this guy even with these Husker records: 4th 431 passing yards in a game, Purdue, I was there for the comeback! 8th 399 passing yards in a game, Penn St 3rd 3,143 passing yards in a season, 2017 Had the Skers gone bowling and Lee thrown for 175, he would have unseated Turner Gill for 10th in career passing yards.
  15. 2023 Wisconsin Nebraska 1997 Nebraska Washington
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