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  1. Casey was practicing today, Chubba out, high ankle sprain. Whip to the press box.
  2. Mickey cued up, Garrett and Travis follow.
  3. Logan https://youtu.be/tIsY40oVFPo Garrett https://youtu.be/N4RDQp98-O0 Travis https://youtu.be/Ep82t3_zatc Colton https://youtu.be/BD2F8hGf-pM Hausmann https://youtu.be/v5jzBOqpPgs
  4. I'm 15 minutes north of A2. It's 38° and slight breeze with very light drizzly snow right now.
  5. What shoes was Michigan wearing in 2018 that their rank dropped to 24th?
  6. "Have you ever been a 28 point dog?"
  7. Buford, Piper, then Vok. The stream started late so MJ's first comments are missing, HuskerOnline has the first few minutes.
  8. Next man up! I live 15 minutes from the Big House, I had been looking forward to this game but I losing almost any reason to go.
  9. I think Chris is the one who gave me the trophy.
  10. I just called Regent Pres Ted Carter's office. There is no meeting scheduled for today.
  11. @TNVol89 gets his corn from a jar. Corn won't grow at all on Rocky Top, dirt's too rocky by far. That's why all the folks on Rocky Top get their corn from a jar.
  12. I wonder what the injury was. It must not have been much on Saturday as no one suggested he was injured until a half hour ago.
  13. The full context of the Chubba comments cued up.
  14. You reminded me of MJ at a presser before the season started. He mentions Smart's philosophy. He says talent wins over trying hard. He also says he needs players to be the most talented players on the field. That's right from the Friday night player vs the Saturday afternoon player argument.
  15. It kinda looks like they have their own Mickey Joseph situation. Shaun Aguano was named interim, doesn't have a loaded HC resume, but some of the fan base really like him.
  16. Casey is day to day, saw the dr today, will see the dr tomorrow. Probably out for Minni.
  17. Mickey Garrett https://youtu.be/ZM8f0rhJUno?t=2487 Alante https://youtu.be/ZM8f0rhJUno?t=2922 Colton https://youtu.be/ZM8f0rhJUno?t=3376 Chancellor https://youtu.be/ZM8f0rhJUno?t=3866 Ernest https://youtu.be/ZM8f0rhJUno?t=4233 My son is wearing the vintage red HuskerVision jacket
  18. Last year was the return of No Win November. We hadn't had that happen since 2017. I glanced through the record book, it happened in 2004, and prior to that was 1957. I stopped looking.
  19. He'd change the culture, that for for sure.
  20. You didn't watch the press conference. Mickey clearly stated why they went with Smoothers then Purdy. Try the 1 minute mark if you're interested in knowing why.
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