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    Going through "The Process." Not bringing ball carriers all the way down during tackling drills/games. Swindling the people of Nebraska for 1.7 million dollars.

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  1. El Straino

    Harrison Beck

    Any humor in the vid is ill-conceived, forced, and practically non-existent. That double chin and waistline, however, are very very real
  2. At first I'm like, you did it, you crazy sonofab@#ch, you did it. Then I'm like...
  3. El Straino

    Special Teams

    *Somber background music plays* Narrator: Up next, on a very special episode of Nebraska Special Teams 2018... Caleb Lightbourn: (In frustration) Kick the ball, they said! It'll be FUN, they said!!
  4. El Straino

    Keith Williams

    When I read most of this thread...
  5. El Straino

    Special Teams Trending Up

    Trending upwards? With the way this year has started, we had nowhere to go but up with special teams. Hope this is a continuing trend. We need all the juice that can be squeezed out of special teams... mostly because I fear our penalty-itis and mental gaffes may resurface at any time.
  6. El Straino

    Next year addition and subtraction

    Sorry, perhaps showing my age, back in the early 90s baseball "superstar" Fred McGriff starred in a baseball instructional video. It was incessantly advertised on ESPN ad nauseum. Unnecessary sidenote: he was my best hitter on my old Super Nintendo game, Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball.
  7. El Straino

    Next year addition and subtraction

    Next thing you know it will be Fred, and he'll be starring in a Tom Emansky baseball drills video
  8. El Straino

    A Stupid Question

    It was the age of the small town coffee shop/gas station. I recall many a gripe session down there when Nebraska didnt win in the fashion they'd like. "I can't believe how slow we started!" "We had no business winning by 3 scores, it shoulda been 50..."
  9. El Straino

    Welcome to Madison!

    I'll be driving through Madison the following Thursday on a family trip. I can scrape any remains of Husker players off the turf at Camp Randall and drop them off in Lincoln on the way back.
  10. El Straino


    I eyerolled hard enough for my wife to hear from across the house when I saw the thread title. Suspicions confirmed when clicked. I'm going to go back to more productive activities such as arranging movies alphabetically and by genre, and organizing fingernail clippers by age and wear.
  11. El Straino

    Questions to Ponder

    Thats odd. I don't remember logging on to huskermassiveoverreactionboard.com...and yet here I am.
  12. El Straino

    We have a serious quarterback depth problem

    I reeeally don't think anyone is arguing that our qb depth situation is good or ideal here. If AM is down for any period of time we're going to be throwing together some patchwork backups...and that most likely will suck as much as the patchwork deck my brother-in-law threw up behind his house.