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    Going through "The Process." Not bringing ball carriers all the way down during tackling drills/games. Swindling the people of Nebraska for 1.7 million dollars.

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  1. Thank goodness we had commercials, had the kickoff, then go back to more commercials. Would hate for Mahomes to not get his state farm check
  2. Oh lordy, Gus Johnson is calling. Lolol, get ready for some over-emoting. Like his suit though (and Klatts)
  3. So THATS what an accurate qb looks like
  4. My GI tract is gonna put up more resistance with lunch than we'll get out of Fordham.
  5. No, you're right. A 7 and a half minute getting-punched-in-the-face drive is isn't going to affect our chances of climbing back in this one.
  6. Little behind on field position. I'll still take punt punt over a turnover
  7. Little behind on field position. I'll still take punt punt over a turnover
  8. If they slap some ho-hum teams together they could always call it the Medium XII. (Gotta have the Roman numerals, its important-Beebe said so years ago)
  9. bUt ThE mEdia i cOnSumE aNd mY SoCiAl cIrCLe tElL mE i KnOW mOrE tHaN YoU
  10. Wait wait wait, you mean to tell me it's been a matter of hours and no one has consulted with the Sock Puppet?! Is nothing sacred?
  11. This thread is off-seasoning even harder than usual. But inquiring minds wants to know: how much rice is consumed at Rice's stadium annually?
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