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  1. It's Chaos in Madison. Which is fitting for anyone who has had to use the beltway there...
  2. I may not ever get an mvp, but I'll play everyday.
  3. OMG...would we have to take turns dressing in old Mav's unis every other year? Rod Kush could do the coin flip from a questionably cheap recliner at midfield.
  4. A most excellent satire. You may have forgot to include "categorical imperative" somewhere in there as well.
  5. Can we get the ball rolling on the contract already? I think Cy is worth at least 100K a year. I mean, Diaco is making 205K as DC at LaTech and are any of his ideas any less crazy?
  6. Click on thread. Realize it's a Thurston bomb.
  7. *nervous laughter* heh heh... *cautious glancing around* It's uhhh, all going to be alright...ehhh, right guys? Heh heh...ehhhh P.S...ill be in my backyard cold war bunker maniacally watching and wearing out vhs tapes of old Fiesta and Orange Bowls while simultaneously laughing and crying in a large pile of Pringles crumbs.
  8. Annnnd can I get an AMEN...not to mention that our TEs have started appearing on milk cartons locally
  9. The Almighty says this is a great thread, it's drawn the finest people!
  10. Man, between the Scott Fraud threads (was sooo looking forward to #3) and ones like this, it's time to ask the tough questions...has HB properly sprayed the doorways and foundations for trolls? Pretty thick out here this time of year. I believe you can pick up Troll-b-Gone in a 5 gallon bucket at Lowe's.
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