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  1. The trophy is a waste of spatial matter...but turning around this turd burger flavored season would be welcome. Fun fact: If you squint your eyes really hard and tilt your head from about 200 yards, the hockeiz kinda DO resemble the Steelers, well, minus the talent and prestige and the, you know, non-racist coaches
  2. Thanks for utterly deflating my huskerboard sized ego
  3. What are the sidebets on the number of timeouts taken at the end of the game after the outcome is decided? #kirkrhymeswithjerk
  4. Are you able to hit the broad side of a barn from 10 to 20 yards away? Possess the ability to not drift past the line of scrimmage then toss a bizarre lateral into the ground? Are you capable of snagging horrifically inaccurate snaps from shotgun? If so, YOU could be Nebraska's next starting QB!!!
  5. Ehhh...I dunno, as putrid as we currently are I think we could at least give the jayhawk juggernaut a decent game. Farm Bowl 2020...played on an actual farm off hwy 77 somewhere by the border. Sponsored by Casey's.
  6. What the transfer portal is gonna look like after this crapshow season
  7. Did Adrian pee in someone's Cheerios or something?
  8. C'mon, roast beef. Even we have standards. Pathetic standards, but standards all the same
  9. Frost sitting in his office later this week: "Can we get the heat turned down in here, it's awful warm." Administrative assistant: "It already is, sir, that's just your chair."
  10. An 18 point deficit that feels like 38...
  11. Man there's a lot of game left but there is a miserable feel to this one.
  12. Is that what a pass more than ten yards downfield looks like? Hmm...this forward pass thing may have something to it. Perchance we could occasionally try such things as well
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