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    Going through "The Process." Not bringing ball carriers all the way down during tackling drills/games. Swindling the people of Nebraska for 1.7 million dollars.

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  1. Yup, and let's be honest, he shoulda had that broken a few games ago if we used him like we should
  2. Sweet baby jeebus, even I'm wincing watching Adrian's follow through
  3. If I were calling plays for Wisky I would get Allen 30 plus touches. Stacked box or no, he's a will breaker. Only saving grace is he is occasionally fumble prone
  4. Would like to see a breakdown of red zone stats.
  5. On the brightside, we are just about moral-victory-bowl eligible. This year's Moral Victory Bowl is ten fishbowls deep at Duffys on new years btw.
  6. *Ron Brown consoling and hugging Frost* RB: Well, Scottie, I may have just heard an operatic overweight female warming up her voice...
  7. Has anyone photoshopped Verduzco onto weekend at bernies? Needs to happen
  8. Ah, yes, the classic "up by 3 but feels like a two score deficit." Husker...powwwwer?
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