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  1. Yup, and let's be honest, he shoulda had that broken a few games ago if we used him like we should
  2. Sweet baby jeebus, even I'm wincing watching Adrian's follow through
  3. If I were calling plays for Wisky I would get Allen 30 plus touches. Stacked box or no, he's a will breaker. Only saving grace is he is occasionally fumble prone
  4. Would like to see a breakdown of red zone stats.
  5. On the brightside, we are just about moral-victory-bowl eligible. This year's Moral Victory Bowl is ten fishbowls deep at Duffys on new years btw.
  6. *Ron Brown consoling and hugging Frost* RB: Well, Scottie, I may have just heard an operatic overweight female warming up her voice...
  7. Has anyone photoshopped Verduzco onto weekend at bernies? Needs to happen
  8. Ah, yes, the classic "up by 3 but feels like a two score deficit." Husker...powwwwer?
  9. I have learned a way to reduce the crushing headaches directly caused by our special teams! Anytime we line up for a special teams play I que up the Benny Hill chase scene music on my phone and let it rip with the snap. Who says tragic incompetence can't be funny? We're sittin on a gold mine of it here.
  10. Everytime I see sparty punt I think of this
  11. Thank goodness we had commercials, had the kickoff, then go back to more commercials. Would hate for Mahomes to not get his state farm check
  12. Oh lordy, Gus Johnson is calling. Lolol, get ready for some over-emoting. Like his suit though (and Klatts)
  13. So THATS what an accurate qb looks like
  14. My GI tract is gonna put up more resistance with lunch than we'll get out of Fordham.
  15. No, you're right. A 7 and a half minute getting-punched-in-the-face drive is isn't going to affect our chances of climbing back in this one.
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