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  1. It was really nice of the greatest team of all time to let Oregon humiliate them. They should get some sort of trophy for that, and 5 more Prime interviews on all networks
  2. Won't matter who we have in- if our qb has 21 carries a game over the course of a season on the regular, we'll almost certainly be seeing the other 2 at some point. Just win, baby
  3. It's nice to see we remembered we cn run vertical routes once in awhile, especially with a TE
  4. Man, how on earth are we getting all these fantastic volleyball players and recruits when we wear *shuddering* adidas...
  5. Good Lord, this thread has gone all the way round the ole bend into 408ville. Let's just keep going back. Anyone got any hot takes on Fielding Yost? Or how many titles Dana X. Bible could have won with Nike uniforms?
  6. We only lost by 20 some to the most bestest greatest team of the decade of the century forever and ever in perpetuity, Amen. The media told me so. They have 6 Heisman winners this year alone. Deion will win the butkus, rimington, and just for good measure, Bednarik as a coach. I'd type more, but I have 4 interviews to watch that Prime gave to the major networks regarding the dump he took after partaking in the craft service salad bar when filming his latest Aflac commercial. Merry f@$%ing Christmas! Holy s@%t, where's the Tylenol?
  7. Amigos execs after watching the first two Husker games...
  8. I learned the real tragedy is the Jeff Sims Amigos deal is a really solid combo- a soft taco and crisp meat? Totally undeserving of it's namesake.
  9. Time to crown em. Crown their a$$es. CU will win 3 nattys THIS. YEAR. This victory over a team that is *checks notes* 23-46 over the last 6+ years definitely solidifies that as fact.
  10. You have nooooo idea. I won't let my kids in the room, for sure
  11. Perhaps so...but USC has earned a reputation for pathetic defense. Could see it turning into another track meet with asinine video game stats
  12. Noooo not the banhammer!!
  13. Yoooo, whoooa whoa, logic and reason...in THIS thread? You, good sir, are a madman, a madman I say! I said good day, sir!
  14. This thread...holy jeebus... On CU, I feel like Denny Green here: If you wanna crown em, then crown their a$$. TCU was more than happy to get into a freakin track meet with them, instead of committing to pounding their undersized front, while on D tackling like they're going against those donut dummies they use in practices. They got what they deserve, and if we commit the same gaffes so will we next week. If I'm a Buffs fan (gross hypothetical, I know) I'm not sure I'm completely over the moon. They have to realize that IF Deion has any kind of immediate prolonged success, the clock is already ticking on his eventual departure. FSU or some other big time school will pull up with a dump truck of cash (Oh, they comin). Hell, CU can barely afford his current salary. Either way, not our problem. On NU: It's a one game sample size. Calm down. There's some glaring holes for sure. Sims critics will probably be thrilled cause there's no way he stays healthy running that much. I'm not thrilled but I want to see more before making grand sweeping judgements. I can't believe so many people had everything riding on one game. Denny Green on the Gophers: They were who we THOUGHT they were, we let em off the hook!
  15. The off-season is allllmost over. We're tired. It's hot and humid as all heck. Everyone's cranky. The butthurt is strong in here. Let's all be a bunch of lil Aaron Rodgers and R-E-L-A-X. And maybe get a funnel cake in GI this next weekend
  16. Big mehhhh, hard pass on this. And some of the subtle things, like the stadium words, are SO subtle that they could easily be incorporated into the every game unis...as much as that might make a few lose their minds. I'd like to see a little more imagination. Oh well
  17. Looks like we're gonna find out if Raiola can squeeze any more development out of the Puke Brothers. I love Teddy and his potential, but dude is Mr. Glass at this point. Subquestion: are they the Puke Brothers because of how hard they pracice, or because of fans reaction to our tackle play/performance?
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