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  1. The Huskers gave away the Wisconsin game and tried to do the same with the Iowa game. Nebraska should have won Friday's game running away after the first half. I'd like to see Mickey back, but I can see him looking for other jobs. He might have a hard time adjusting to having little power again at Nebraska compared to just going somewhere else for a fresh start.
  2. If Wisconsin gets Fickell for only 6 million a year, that will be a steal.
  3. There are always hurt feelings when passed over. If he feels he wasn't seriously considered, I could see him leaving even if him and Rhule have a good chat and get along. I'm sure there will be Power 5s offering him chances to be an assistant. If something like Liberty frees up, maybe even a shot at a non-Power 5 school head coaching job.
  4. Toure has potential. With the Packers being almost out of the playoff picture, I hope he gets more playing time. He really should be playing over the washed up Sammy Watkins.
  5. I never expected him to stay. It would be crazy not to enter the draft. He would have beat the record by a mile if not for the Thompson injury.
  6. Palmer is probably a second day draft choice. I'm not sure Thompson would even get drafted.
  7. That will probably be more Mickey's decision than anything. I think a new coach at the very least would want to keep him on as a WR coach and recruiter. Sometimes, when an assistant gets a taste at head coaching, but is passed over, they have hurt feelings and go elsewhere.
  8. Why not eat more clock before calling a TO???
  9. How is the returner even given the option to run it out???
  10. Can't give up big plays. Need them to at least eat clock if they score.
  11. Basically, if we don't have a really bad turnover or some special teams gaffe we should win, but any big event like that could cause the typical Nebraska downfall snowball effect.
  12. So far, this is exactly how Iowa wins games.
  13. I feel like Nebraska will probably lose due to a pick or blocked punt or something similar, but I'd love nothing more to beat Iowa and shut up the Iowa trolls. They complain about Kirk and his son, Brian, and canning them one minute, then act like they are a national powerhouse the next. They are unbearable to be around when cocky.
  14. Whipple missing practice part of this week certainly won't help, but I hope Mickey can go out with a win today and shut up the Iowa trolls.
  15. The only way Mickey gets to job is if the top dozen choices all said no.
  16. I get that we are in a tougher part of the schedule, but I don't get how the offense could be THAT much worse compared to the beginning of the season. Both Grant and Palmer looked like they were going to have special seasons at one point. Palmer looked like he was going to set NE WR records by a mile and now probably won't break a 1000. We can't run for positive yards anymore up the middle. Even if Thompson hadn't gotten injured, it feels like we'd maybe have just one more win.
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