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  1. An MSU QB? They got their butts handed to by most teams, not including us. Very underwhelming. I wish the big donors would go after a good QB rather than reducing seating in the stadium.
  2. We shouldn't have let those chumps score 13 on us.
  3. We won a lot of close games with Pelini. It is more that past decade that we have sucked at close games.
  4. Hopefully, the extra 600K gets us more turnovers and more stops on 3rd and long. He was probably our best assistant last year, though. Now, we need the highest paid QB...
  5. If we are in scoring position with a couple minutes left in a game, you can pretty much expect a fumble, interception, turnover on downs, horrible penalty, or missed kick. It never fails.
  6. Until the big run at the end (like clock work), the defense did look great in the 2nd half. I'd say Iowa was the better team in the first half and Nebraska was the better team in the second half. Nebraska had multiple chances, but their own stupid mistakes and questionable calls by the refs sank them.
  7. I don't think our starting QB is even on the roster right now. Sims will be gone. Probably Purdy too if he doesn't think he has at least a 50% chance at starting. I don't see how practice in December gets us any more wins next season.
  8. Our biggest problems are with turnovers. I'm not sure 15 practices in December really fixes that. None of the QBs apparently know how to run with the ball properly without fumbling and probably at least 2 of the 3 won't be here next year. Learn how to protect the ball and hold it properly. It shouldn't take the month of December to figure that out. Any QB coach worth a lick should be able to fix that.
  9. What did we see this season that inspires confidence we can win one score games next season?
  10. The odds were probably decent we lose in OT as usual, but to not even make it to OT when we our defense finally got a pick with 30 seconds left is a pretty impressive feat.
  11. The Golphers have a good chance of making a bowl due to their APR. Congrats to Northwestern who handled adversity way better than Nebraska did.
  12. Is it APR for the entire school, just the student athletes, or just Nebraska football? Apparently, the kids took academics more seriously around Pelini's time.
  13. Nebraska is ranked 67th in APR which is 7th of the 5 win teams according to what I saw on Twitter. Plus, James Madison and Jacksonville State will probably get spots. I'm not sure how it all works, but the chances seem almost non-existent.
  14. I meant winning OR overtime, which may have been a win or a loss.
  15. I have to believe the stats probably would have had us at a 99.9% probability to beat or go to overtime against Iowa before Chubba's pick. I believe we were something like over 85% likely to make a bowl game before the MSU game.
  16. Lose 3 by 20 points, but win 9? Good, but not great. I don't see us ever winning 9 wins or more a year 7 years in a row again, so I'll take it. Heck, just one 9 win or more season in the next 4 years and I'd renew Rhule's contract.
  17. At best if the throw wasn't so horrible, the receiver could have gotten to the 35. Given how the kicker missed a 44 yarder into the wind by a huge margin, I doubt he makes it.
  18. I'll predict 6-6. If they go into the final five games with only 5 wins, I could see them missing a bowl again. Nebraska needs to hit the ground running. No choke jobs early.
  19. He needed to throw that last pass deep or just throw it away. At worse in that situation maybe it gets picked deep on the sidelines. The pass he did wasn't going to help our kicker against the wind even if it were a good pass and completed. It seems with most QBs, once a turnover machine, always a turnover machine.
  20. The quality of recruits doesn't seem the same as the Big 12 days. Either way, we seemed like a much better fit with the Big 12. We have never really adjusted well to the Big Ten.
  21. To be fair, Mike Riley only got the 6th win because of not enough teams for bowls. I don't think this team would beat a top 20-25 team like UCLA was in a bowl, though.
  22. The cost of leaving the weaker Big 12. Not as many wins, loss of Texas recruiting area, but more money in the pockets. Nebraska was a way better fit for the Big 12.
  23. Aren't we pretty far down the pecking order? I doubt it happens.
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