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  1. Want this kid, want and need Nash more though.
  2. Man. That's tough to watch. Hoping and praying for Coach Dewitt.
  3. The only sure thing here is an unsure thing. Washington is the only one that has proven anything on the field and we have no clue what's going to happen with him. It's going to be fun to watch the running back battles unfold this season.
  4. Apparently Tuoti's son is a JR with offers from Army and Idaho St. Does anyone know if a coaches son is allowed to walk-on at the school they coach at?
  5. Of course, things will be fine if we miss. Things will be eerie though if Nebraska doesn't land Betts, Watts, Nash & Turner.
  6. No pressure to commit to Illinois. Felt it was early and not sure about the offensive style at Texas if it’s for him. Wants to visit Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ohio State and LSU. wants to play in a offense that gets their playmakers in space....
  7. April 10th court date in California... Right before the Spring Game.
  8. If interested, here are the Bowl Possibilities for 19-20. Big Ten Bowl Ties, Affiliations A Big Ten team will be in the Rose Bowl – it’ll be the champion if not in the College Football Playoff. College Football Playoff Semifinal: If Selected 1. Rose Bowl vs. Pac-12 2. Citrus Bowl vs. ACC or SEC – Agreement for Citrus is for five different teams in six years, so no Penn State, Minnesota or Michigan, if possible. 3. Outback Bowl vs. SEC – Agreement is for five different teams in six years, so no Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan or Northwestern, if possible. 4. San Diego Country Credit Union Holiday Bowl vs. Pac-12 – Agreement is for five different teams in six years, so no Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern or Wisconsin, if possible. 5. TaxSlayer Bowl vs. SEC OR Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl vs. SEC – ACC and Big Ten combine in the Music City and TaxSlayer, with each getting three appearances in six years. The Big Ten played in TaxSlayer in 2015 and the Music City in 2016, 2017 & 2018. It’s almost certainly going to be in the TaxSlayer, but no Iowa or Penn State, if possible. New Era Pinstripe Bowl vs. ACC – It’s not official, but the bowl would prefer to have eight different teams in eight years, so no Indiana, Iowa, Northwestern, Penn State or Wisconsin, if possible. Redbox Bowl vs. Pac-12 – Agreement is for five different teams in six years, so no Indiana, Maryland, Michigan State, Nebraska or Purdue, if possible. Quick Lane Bowl vs. ACC SERVPRO First Responders Bowl vs. Big 12 – Agreement for three SERVPRO First Responders and three Armed Forces bowls in six years. The Big Ten hasn’t been in the bowl since 2014. The Big 12 is contracted to play in the SERVPRO First Responders in 2019.
  9. What might be up for debate here is if that game changes dates. This year it was December 15. I'm not sure why the B1G would willingly give up the Gator & Holiday Bowl (which are both primetime dates) for a date that is very unappealing especially now with the new Early Signing Day. ESD was December 19. Hopefully the game moves closer to New Years and Nebraska is there in the near future. I hear Vegas is fun.
  10. Yeah, for their sake hopefully they make a bowl game a couple times before the NCAA figures out their scheme.
  11. At this point, who do you hope stays after Miles is axed? Personally, I hope the next coach can keep some of the roster together. Roby Harris Burke(will be a good scorer next year) Allen Heiman(I just assume he will stay anyways as a Nebraska kid) Hopefully the next coach can also keep most of the recruits. Green and Johnson especially. After that, do whatever you want. Thorir isn’t a D1 baller. Not sure Nana is either. Hopefully they both leave.
  12. Not sour grapes, but a prediction might be that Illinois could be facing some sanctions in the near future...
  13. Still very interested in Nebraska. Expects Coach Verdu to visit this Spring during evaluation period. Also plans to visit Nebraska again (quite vague on when). Calls himself more of a passer, but said "if team needs me to run to win, I'll do it."
  14. Enjoyed Jr. Day. He is most likely going to St. Louis Camp instead of Nebraska Spring Game. He is planning to draw out his commitment until February (rumors make it sound like that possibly could be because of his grades?) Nebraska and Minnesota are his top 2 at the moment. He is playing baseball for Bellevue West this Spring.
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