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  1. I've always assumed that there are many ticket holders that do not "donate" any more than the minimum that they have to get the seats they want, but maybe my assumptions are based more upon my personal expectations of wanting something for my money and the more money I spend the higher my expectations for something nicer (in this case more desirable seats). Knowing there might be seats that are grandfathered in that don't require the minimum donation made me wonder if it can contribute to some of the lower attendance when the team's not doing well because the ticket holder doesn't have as much invested. Oh, by the way knapplc, I'd use some Pappy's seasoning if I was eating my tickets and make them taste a little closer to some of that good Fresno tri-tip.
  2. It would be interesting to know how many seats at memorial stadium are grandfathered in so they aren't needing to pay for the donation on top of the ticket price. At about $60 each face value, I'd have a hard time not showing up and just eating the costs of a pair of tickets for a game. I can't imagine making a $4K per year donation on top of the face value a pair of tickets for "good seats" and eating most of the costs when either not showing up or selling them for pennies on the dollar. You'd think the cost of tickets alone would ensure that nearly all seats get butts in them in a "sold out" stadium.
  3. You missed one more team to bounce back next year... starts with "N"
  4. It's hard to argue that Riley improved the stat of Husker fumbles, but I'll make an attempt to explain how he accomplished it in-part anyway... No, it doesn't offset, but it might be harder to fumble as often when you already gave the ball away with more interceptions. In 2012 we had an extra conference championship game which we fumbled twice and had one interception. There was one less game in 2017 (no bowl game) to fumble the ball or more than likely throw a few extra interceptions. 2012 - 13 interceptions 2013 - 13 2014 - 12 2015 - 21 (Riley's 1st year trying to make a pocket passer out of Tommy) 2016 - 9 (Riley decides to make use of Tommy's legs) 2017 - 17 (Turnover Lee)
  5. Regardless of whether any schools sellout streak is "real", it seems to me that most teams that I've seen on TV that are under performing to a tune of multiple losing seasons do not fill their stadiums like in Lincoln. Heck, some colleges sell a set of season tickets for the price of a single game Husker ticket (before any of UNL's mandatory donations). Some teams have very successful seasons and still have abysmal fan attendance. Are there any other schools that have had this many poor years in close proximity to each other and kept their attendance anywhere near ours? I'd think our fan support itself would help sell to recruits and help with building the team.
  6. Speaking of weather... their Iowa weather killed Buddy Holly, so if you’re into hobbies like burning evil rock & roll records, they have that going for them.
  7. I'm confused yet again. Do we get to play Purdue for a rematch?
  8. Can't say I agree with this. We've seen Ziggy transform quickly. I myself once dropped 140 pounds in 10 months because I was tired of being fat and out of shape (a divorce kinda motivated me).
  9. I have my doubts, but I'm told I should never never doubt.
  10. If that's the case, it's much more understandable to me on why they kept 2AM in the whole game.
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