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  1. i wanted deion, but our program is too boring to make a hire like that... colorado just went from most irrelevant power 5 team to the most interesting.
  2. i don't think rhule wanted anything to do with the prior staff, and i don't think he really cares who leaves. he's on an 8 year deal.
  3. there's obviously no excuse for what he did, but I can't imagine how bad it must suck to watch the University give 40 million to frost to go away then give you a modest $200k bonus to do the same job. then afterwards watch the University give rhule 80 million
  4. oh? bo went undefeated and made the CFP?
  5. oof. fickell at wiscy and deion at colorado has a chance to make us look very stupid in the coming years.
  6. if he keeps mickey it'll be a good hire. if he starts from scratch with his assistants this could be a disaster
  7. mickey went 3-6 and finished 6 of 7 in the least talented big 10 west division ever. he had no argument to stay on as HC. he'll happily accept an assistant position at his alma mater.
  8. if mickey stays and helps rhule turn the program around in 4 years, then rhule probably could move on to a better job and mickey would be 1st in line to takeover as hc.
  9. mickey and busch are both nebraska guys. they don't want to leave and not a lot of other schools are going to pay them $600k+ a year as an assistant. rhule may not want them, but that would probably be a mistake on his part.
  10. Mickey and Busch both want to stay in any position, so it really just comes do to rhule wanting to keep them...but given their experience and recruiting ability rhule would be crazy not to keep them on.
  11. lol. he won the same amount of games that frost would have. possibly even less.
  12. if it's rhule, it makes no sense we waited this long to announce the hire. any jumpstart to recruiting can only help. it's not like the players and staff didn't know the administration has been looking for a coach.
  13. if rhule is not the coach, then every single local reporter has proven they have absolutely no inside sources.
  14. fickell honestly probably makes more sense. he can nearly double his salary and get to coach in the big10. we're not ohio state, but we are about as close as it gets in terms of fan support, facilities, pedigree, and resources. rhule would be essentially working for free and has no midwest ties. it's kind of a weird fit.
  15. if rhule had just accepted the job, i don't think he'd be doing media appearances. he'd have a lot to be figuring out before being introduced as coach. i feel like fickell was waiting for a better job to come available, and it never happened. so maybe he will end up being the guy we end up with. I would imagine it is annoying to be playing second fiddle to ohio state. at nebraska he gets to build his own thing. i think there's several guys we could get as backup options.
  16. he's not my #1 choice. he's my #1 choice of the B tier options
  17. i hope it's fickel, but my final guess is rhule or campbell campbell is only 42 and just as good of a recruiter as mickey. if you can combine them both you might have something.
  18. i don't think we would have been interviewing rhule last week if fickell was the guy. if you have a deal with fickell you didn't need to waste time talking to rhule
  19. why would fickell leave a team that just made the CFP in his home state to come coach arguably the worst power 5 team of the last 5 years.
  20. i feel like it will be rhule or some backup option. and i dont think the backup option is mickey. guessing backup option is campbell.
  21. urban, fickell, rhule, campbell, leipold, aranda. i'd bet money it's one of these names.
  22. we are 9 point underdogs...that would be a horrible plan. also mickey pretty much outright said he hasn't been offered the HC job.
  23. when you factor in that the new coach will get at least 6 mil per year + plus the 7 we gave to frost for no reason, we should have had no trouble hiring a top notch coach that we could have paid 13 mil in the 1st year.
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