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  1. i thought the schedule was easy enough to win 7 games. after seeing sims play for 2 games, i realized it was very possible we'd miss a bowl again. I have to imagine rhule is going to invest every resource he has into getting a quality qb for next year
  2. wow. you'd think the best start in 15 years would be drumming up more interest...
  3. isn't it possible many of the teams ahead of us could decline a bowl bid? especially if coaching changes are made
  4. there needs to be a new OC and they need to bring a QB with them...
  5. Is there still a chance here? He'd be a guaranteed starter from day 1 at Nebraska. His uncle is on the staff and dad is a legend here. He would get crazy NIL money because of name recognition alone. There's plenty of young receivers on this team he could build with. If you add dylan to the current recruiting class it's top 20 easily in the rankings. I don't understand how we whiffed so hard here. Georgia has had almost no success building nfl QBs outside of matt stafford. Georgia will not guarantee him any playing time. They have another top 5 QB in the same freaking class. He's not going to get NIL money riding the pine.
  6. let chubba throw the ball 50 times to see what he's made of. it is clear he has the best chance to be a good starter. i'd like to see what he could do with 3 weeks preparation for a bowl. not to mention we have a ton of freshman that would benefit from a bowl from what i understand there are 18 5 win teams to fill 13 spots, but many of the 5 win teams play on saturday
  7. i'm not saying sat is good, but this is the worst group of QBs in nebraska history. and we don't have any standout RBs or WRs either. the o-line is hard to even judge because of how bad the rest of the O is
  8. you guys can blame satterfield, but this season is on Rhule. he hitched his wagon to sims instead of casey, and the rest is history.
  9. every qb on this roster should transfer. fire satterfield i'd put our bowl chances at about 25%
  10. harberg would suck at any school. sims sucked at georgia tech. purdy we know sucks casue of frost
  11. satterfield might suck, but our QBs suck even harder. 1 competent QB and we are a top 25 team.
  12. yale and princeton were on espn, but we had to be on a subscription site? something doesn't add up.
  13. what a complete s#!tshow. we don't deserve a bowl game lmao
  14. not getting dylan raiola really hurts when you realize we are 1 good QB away from being a good team.
  15. michigan realistically could have beat us 70-0 if they wanted to
  16. i will admit rhule is a good coach if this team makes a bowl game because we are really bad.
  17. nobody should want to watch another 49-0 loss to michigan and it really does nothing to make us better. i'd much rather just play another evenly matched team in a bowl game and then fill in the gaping holes we have on this roster.
  18. the problem is tommy,taylor,adrian,casey never improved from their early years. with proper development HH could improve from where he is now and be a good dual threat qb.
  19. I feel like HH could a good 'college' qb with a whole offseason of reps. it'll be interesting to see who is the starter next year. it's pretty rare to find a qb in the portal that is going to step in and be great. the big ten west is a complete dumpster fire, but if HH keeps winning idk why you'd replace him next year.
  20. reminder that a huge portion of the fanbase wanted jeff sims to remain starter
  21. crazy we didn't throw some deep balls to him earlier in the season. he's clearly the best deep threat we have.
  22. just making a bowl is good enough. i'm not sure getting beat 70-0 by michigan in the BTCG is helping the program.
  23. its very possible he's just not good or not ready to play at this level. he averaged 58 yards per game against lincoln high school cornerbacks 1 year ago... just being tall and fast doesn't mean you can run routes, separate from D1 corners, or have good hands.
  24. this is the easiest game left on the schedule. don't see how we lose if we just take care of the ball.
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