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  1. Sorry guys if I missed it somewhere but does anyone have an update on this kid? Will he be there in May/June?
  2. I think we already saw it Oklahoma\ Georgia They looked pretty good to me. As for UCF.....drop them into any P5 conference/division and honestly ask yourself, Would they still be undefeated? I’m sorry, I just can’t be convinced that they would have. And unfortunately we won’t know for a very long time if they could because they won’t be joining a P5 conference anytime soon. They may deserve it as a football team but financially it ain’t gonna happen. When your TV share is split with 3 NFL teams and 3 other P5 schools, you can yell and scream “great fan base” all you want but nobody is ponying up 30 mill in TV contracts for UCF football. Danny White is good but he can’t spike the koolaid that much. Also as others have said you have to prove your worth consistently for long periods of time. Worth being traveling as a fan base with the team for bowls etc. Not the 4 hour drive up the road to Atlanta but travel to Pasadena and Phoenix. Or take over Notre Dame stadium! Teams get selected for what they bring. Sorry to say but The Bama community was worth a ton more $$ in the playoff than UCF. You have to build up steam. Welcome to 2018. Football wise UCF is a top program right now. Financially UCF is small potatoes. Billion dollar industry...what can you bring? It’s sad but losing Frost will hurt a lot more than just coaching. He helped sell the program to the network buyers. Heupal........kinda blah but hope he works out for ya. He’s in a tough spot
  3. If that doesn’t give ya goosebumps.... Better yet....Hope
  4. Living in Ann Arbor Im always asked what is/was the difference between Michigan's program and Nebraska's program. Although its been awhile why has Nebraska had the success that Michigan hasn't been able to obtain consistently. Short answer....Michigan is/was never a "team". They recruit a lot of 4 and 5 stars that are prema donnas. One foot in Ann Arbor and one foot in the NFL. Nebraska may not have had the stars but the "team" succeeded. I have slowly watched the Nebraska program turn into Michigan until it was totally fractured. SF will bring the "team" concept back. I don't care who he recruits. As a team they will recapture national prominence. It may sound like a cliche but the "team" is always stronger than the individual. I sensed it out of Orlando. Thats how they did it. Of course this will take 2-3 years but this is the transformation that excites me the most. After all isn't that what TO taught us all?
  5. Going for TWO. Nobody ever had or has the balls with everything on the line Defining moment
  6. This is the most rediculous excuse in the world. Its football!! The only reason it’s really come up is because of the recent “competition” with UCF players and coaches. Florida schools try to make it an argument. I’m in Ann Arbor. Lived in Gainesville. I’ll take Ann Arbor. But that’s me. I didn’t like having to change clothes twice a day in August because I sweated my ass off in all the humidity. If your in the middle of the state the humidity is unbearable. No ocean breeze. And the people.....that’s for another thread. This is beyond foolish! Kids are not choosing based on weather. 1. Am I gonna start? 2. Who else is at my position 3.Am I gonna get the ball 4. Will I be on TV. night games? national TV 5. Who’s the coaches? Can they get me ready for the NFL? 6. Can we win? 7. Win championships? 8. Education? etc...... ‘if you think any player with multiple P5 scholarships is thinking anything but getting to the NFL your fooling yourself. Weather is the last thing on their mind. Like I said before you always have your mammas boy who wants his mom at all the games. If she lives in Florida then he stays in Florida. But if mom sees a better route to the NFL from another school he’s gone. Times are changing and players can make the NFL from the G5 but the P5 is more promising i know I know someone will tell me it’s the education institution and it may be. My list up there is no particular order for everyone. My point.....weather? Weather? Come on!
  7. Totally personal bias but to see Turner on the sidelines with SF would be the cherry on the top of an already perfect sundae!
  8. Coach Dewitt in Homes yesterday. That didn't take long! CJ Smith (S) out of Florida. 4 Star
  9. Thought about dumping my Michigan season tix earlier this year since I haven't been to a game in 2 years! Wife said not so fast your Huskers are coming next year...Good point! Anyone want to make the road trip, Id love to have some tailgate support. Damn Im excited!!
  10. BTN has it listed on website they they will be carrying it Live
  11. Little help please... Anyone have a link yet for the press conference? I’m sure the local news feeds will carry it but us outof staters need a way. Anyone heard if it will be carried on BTN? Thx!
  12. Looking these kids up on the recruiting services and they are no joke! This doesn’t just happen. Plans have been in place to make these moves undoubtedly. Its happening and it’s happening big. SF isn’t fooling around. This has to feel good to Husker Nation! Gonna be a wild ride! Super excited!!
  13. After so many years with tears of sadness.... It’s time for tears of joy.... Its done.... May the healing begin!
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