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  1. Not sure I like or understand this hire, but as long as Frost is still running the program I'll take a wait and see. Don't see what he brings, really.
  2. Seemed to say it as politely as he could, but basically this team is out of shape and having spring practice, then spring break, then back to practice was a stupid idea. The man has confidence. It's gonna be fun.
  3. I like his film. This is the kind of lineman that Wisconsin has turned into an All-American. He obviously has watched the movie "Blindside" a few times.
  4. Thanks. I was wondering about that. Haven't seen Dawson at all in any twitter pics. Good to know. They gonna have the whole crew tonight I hope at JJB house?
  5. At this point, with limited spots maybe Scott will say get in or your spot won't be there. Needs to shut it down.
  6. Someone on another board said there was a rumor that the visit didn't go well. Thought maybe he didn't fit with the new coaches. Anyone hear this?
  7. Agree 100%. Pretty ridiculous on both sides.
  8. Glad I could help. At the end of the day we have no idea right now how it will affect Husker athletics. In reality with the money involved I would guess there will be little or no affect.
  9. Basically everyone is going to die because of this tax plan. At least that is what the #fakenews MSM media and the democlowns will tell you! You'll all be okay.
  10. Good on him! Hopefully more guys feel this way. I'm guessing winter workouts are gonna weed out the weak. The weak will quit, the guys who have heart and want to work will flourish. They finally have a coach that knows what it takes to win.
  11. Some UCF fans still coming to grips with the change. Pretty salty, doing a lot of crying. I can understand Frost and the coaches wanting to do this, but at this point still seems so awkward.
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