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  1. To me, it doesn’t really matter so much that his kid went to Iowa... But, it does matter A LOT if he’s trashing program in some form... (Which is what JP seems to be implying and I agree with his take if so)
  2. Did you forget that Frost embarrassed Mr. Fleck year prior? Or does that not count in your method of proof?
  3. Am I the only one who finds it kind of odd this kid isn’t getting more media/fan attention from a recruiting standpoint? If the rumors on Omar M are true along with it looking unlikely we get Robinson... I’d think this kid is basically our last shot to get the coveted “big bodied WR” that we’ve been missing out on... Other than Betts of course.
  4. True Frosh, not enrolling early, widely reported academic issues... I’m not saying he won’t contribute right away, just less likely than a guy like Omar Manning.
  5. I could be wrong on this, but I thought a couple weeks back I heard on the radio that we just got in the door with another (tallish) kid that will be coming out of a prep school. I can’t find info on that anywhere. I know there is another prep kid that’s like 5’11” that we’ve been talking to, but I could have sworn they said 6’3” or so on the radio. Can anyone help or am I totally messed up? He’s one, but less likely to make impact right away as true freshman and also has some academic issues of his own.
  6. This is totally different than anything speculated here... But, it was mentioned in the Rob Zatechka podcast this week that a host had heard it had something to do with a female student and that keeping him on team would make Frost look horrible. (Around 8 mins in). I thought it seemed somewhat odd that they would just throw that out there unless it had some relevancy. https://twitter.com/DocTalkSports https://open.spotify.com/episode/04P1qTYPn1ZbkjvN8VuQOd?context=spotify%3Ashow%3A4RNYGWzgOPcTBuIUYQig50&si=RdZjUgXjTtO_4eXITSb0eg
  7. From what I’ve heard on the radio, Sip and some of those folks say he needs to put on some good weight before he’s truly ready. But once he is, watch out...
  8. Bolt to be named coach https://www.1011now.com/content/sports/Huskers-hire-Will-Bolt-to-lead-baseball-team--511303241.html
  9. So... Odds on favorite still Bolt? All the news folks seemed to think we’d know by today at absolute latest... Hoping that’s the case.
  10. Back to this post post from yesterday: “Michigan State could determine when Nebraska introduces Fred Hoiberg” https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/sports/college/iowa-state/randy-peterson/2019/03/27/former-iowa-state-chicago-bulls-coach-fred-hoiberg-nebraska-huskers-basketball-tim-miles-fired/3286109002/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app
  11. This is great, good luck coach!
  12. Important to listen to his quote about “Be patient, it will turn out in the end” Also, Fred’s son is still playing in tourney. May not want to take away from his son’s (and sons teams) experience.
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