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  1. FaithfulHusker

    RB John Bivens

    Schaefer with the CB for Nebraska.
  2. FaithfulHusker

    OLB Dylan Jordan

    Well this is interesting...
  3. FaithfulHusker

    OLB Dylan Jordan

    Apparently we're not interested anymore. K State and KU also stopped recruiting him.
  4. FaithfulHusker

    WR Charles Njoku

  5. FaithfulHusker

    WR Charles Njoku

    Schaefer also thinks if he loves his visit then he will likely commit.
  6. FaithfulHusker


    People are guessing that Miami and West Virginia are good landing spots. I personally think that Miami fits his attitude and play style the best.
  7. FaithfulHusker

    WR Demariyon Houston

    Plans on visiting the weekend of January 18-20th. Seems open but Colorado, Alabama, Minnesota and Penn State are steadily recruiting him.
  8. FaithfulHusker

    2019 All-Star Games

    https://n.rivals.com/news/all-american-bowl-the-gorney-awards Named Wandale as the Lightening in the bottle and Mighty Mite. Named Ty as the Bull Market and put Bryce as the Physical Prowess and also said he might have a bright NFL future. Also had Noa as The Snuggie category for his great coverage and instincts.