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  1. FaithfulHusker

    JUCO WR Omar Manning

    Fong with the CB for Nebraska!
  2. FaithfulHusker

    Fall Camp Notes

  3. FaithfulHusker

    Fall Camp Pressers

  4. FaithfulHusker

    Fall Camp Pressers

  5. FaithfulHusker

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

  6. FaithfulHusker

    OLB Kaden Johnson

    All he said in the rivals article that he wants to visit Nebraska when the dead period is over . According to NCSA sports the dead period will end July 24! So I would imagine 26-28 he would visit!
  7. FaithfulHusker

    OLB Kaden Johnson

    Is going to take his official to Nebraska and Penn State after the dead period. Penn state hasn't offered yet, so that's interesting.
  8. FaithfulHusker

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

  9. FaithfulHusker

    RB Marcellus Moore [Purdue Commit]

    Top 5 are Purdue, Illinois, Nebraska, Michigan and Kentucky. Most people think that Purdue and Illinois are his top two; hopefully that will change when he comes for a official. I would love to have his speed on the field.
  10. FaithfulHusker

    JUCO DT Jahkeem Green [Nebraska Commit]

    I'm ready for whenever you're ready to tell us the details...
  11. FaithfulHusker

    Pipeline Camp and Frosts Experience

  12. FaithfulHusker

    OLB Blaise Gunnerson [Nebraska Commit]

    https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/blaise-gunnerson-briefly-recaps-weekend-visit-to-nebraska (Free Article)