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  1. FaithfulHusker

    JUCO DT Jahkeem Green [Nebraska Commit]

    I'm ready for whenever you're ready to tell us the details...
  2. FaithfulHusker

    OLB Blaise Gunnerson

    https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/blaise-gunnerson-briefly-recaps-weekend-visit-to-nebraska (Free Article)
  3. FaithfulHusker

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

  4. FaithfulHusker

    Huskers in 2019....

    Great read
  5. FaithfulHusker

    OT Teddy Prochazka

  6. FaithfulHusker

    OG Jaeden Roberts

    Well, this sucks....
  7. FaithfulHusker

    OLB Blaise Gunnerson

  8. FaithfulHusker

    OT Roger Rosengarten

    Fong with a CB to Oregon..
  9. FaithfulHusker

    JUCO RB Dedrick Mills [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Sounds like he is N!