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  1. Admittedly, I don’t know anything about recruiting or how significant this truly is, but why are we letting Iowa beat us in offering this guy?
  2. Maybe we can get him and have him stay all the way through April!
  3. Ive seen some smoke that both Fleming and Delancey were missing class and not being good teammates on social media. Not saying you’re wrong, and I’m not confirming what I saw is true, but if that is true, you can’t let guys who break the rules on the field, otherwise they run the team, not Frost.
  4. Lots of clowns giving up because we’re down by 6 with 8 left
  5. I just hope we have a second half of football in us. What more could Frost possibly need to motivate and keep a team focused for the last 30 minutes?
  6. I thought Alante was supposed to be fast. Still happy with the result haha
  7. I might be the only one who feels this way, but despite seeing all the same problems today, I feel better since I feel like we don’t look completely pathetic (yet).
  8. Only way I see this possibly going our way is if Fleck fails upward. Even then, would be tough to keep him away from the likes of OSU or LSU.
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