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  1. "Still 100% support Scott Frost, but it is becoming increasingly clear that he might have been over hyped. He needs to do some learning and fixing as much (if not more) than the players." This is the line in my post that triggered you? Really? I can promise you that I am plenty relaxed, you can keep your Prozac, seems like you might need it.
  2. So Martinez and the running backs are just not listening to the coaches, and hence "not buying in"? C'mon this is what happens with every post...the main point of my post was: Scott Frost needs to do some learning and fixing as much (if not more) than the players. I get the pushback of, no IT IS ALL ON THE PLAYERS. I just don't believe that to be true. Scott Frost makes mistakes, he may need to adapt, and learn, etc. You need to experience fumbles in person, before you can be properly coached to hold the ball tight and close to the body? Remember in the 90s Solich wou
  3. It's crazy to me the amount of propaganda being pushed out of the campus and media these days. I am fully supportive of Scott Frost, but at what point does he receive any criticism for starting 0-3? He has made numerous coaching errors to get us here see points below (reiteration of previous posts) -We are losing the turnover margin, and both Martinez and many of the running backs continue to run with the ball away from their body (this comes down to coaching). -Several 4th and short play-calls, have failed because for some reason Scott Frost refuses to run the most e
  4. Respectively disagree TG. I am BEYOND tired of the coach speak, and I'm ready to see it on the field. Still a big supporter of Scott Frost, but I'm really tired of these "intangibles" i.e. a "look of passion" being touted as the way of getting us there. Also, Bo's quote is very similar to Frost's "Giving up 3rd and 19s is a good way to get beat, Giving up holding calls is a good way to get beat" etc. Almost all coaches say something like this to answer press conference questions. Just the way the game is played so to speak.
  5. JKinney


    This is the point that strikes me most clearly about bad takes from the first two games we have played. In my (oh so humble) opinion, we did not lose the first two games because of "buy-in", "culture", strength and conditioning, lack of talent, or bad habits. We didn't lose last Saturday because we didn't have Adrian Martinez. We are 0-2, because we were simply out-coached, and not as well prepared as the teams we faced. We are losing the turnover margin, and both Martinez and many of the running backs continue to run with the ball away from their body (this comes down to coac
  6. John Gagliardi doesn't get brought up enough, winning-est coach in College Football History, the downside is he only coached at DIII, though he and many others believe his main philosophies could work at higher levels. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Gagliardi https://www.athleticbusiness.com/People/one-on-one-college-football-coach-john-gagliardi-discusses-unconventional-methods.html
  7. "If we should win, let it be by the code. Faith and Honor held high." - Husker Pregame Prayer
  8. Thats some good level-headed analysis. I can't speak for anyone else, but I simply think it's fun to talk about comparing different players, coaches, etc. If there is any 'point' to these conversations at all, it is that maybe we should learn a little more fan patience for those coaches who seem on the cusp of winning, i.e. we should have more patience with Scott Frost if he doesn't necessarily set the world on fire right away. Just my two cents, I've made about all the points I can, and I have listened to some honest criticism as well.
  9. By your logic Osborne took a team that won back to back National Championships a year prior and mired them in mediocrity for a decade. If the guy that took over for Saban played in a National Championship and won multiple conference titles in those 4 years before his one .500 season, I would hardly call him one of the worst coaches in history, just obviously not as good as Saban (one of the greatest coaches in history). Just my opinion.
  10. I agree with your assessment, and it does put a big damper on my argument. Out of curiosity, do you believe that had Tom Osborne been fired after the 1976 season, as he himself has stated the boosters were considering if he lost in the Bluebonnet bowl, he would have been just as successful at another school? I tend to think it's kind of a mix, a lot is the talent and ability to learn that the head coach possesses, but some might be the fit of the right school with the right work ethic, recruiting, etc. Which may explain how a coach could do good things at one school and be m
  11. 1974 Osborne played 3 ranked teams... #13 Kansas (finished 4-7), #1 Oklahoma (undefeated), #18 Florida (finished 8-4) 1999 Solich played 5 ranked teams...#18 Texas (finished 9-5), #21 Texas A&M (finished 8-4), #5 K-State (finished 12-1), #12 Texas (2nd time finished 9-5), #6 Tennessee (finished 9-3) 2009 Pelini played 5 ranked teams...#13 VTech (finished 10-3), #24 Missouri (finished 8-5), #20 Oklahoma (finished 8-5), #3 Texas (finished 13-1), #22 Arizona (finished 8-5) This is the 2nd year, I think they look fairly comparable if you go over their whole body of work.
  12. I have to respectively disagree with you knapplc. I believe Frank Solich and Bo Pelini get a bad rap in Husker Nation for their coaching abilities (here I am not considering behavior or off-field issues), not because they were inferior coaches, but rather because they were coaching in the shadow of one of, if not the, greatest coach of all time Tom Osborne. Another contributing factor is that fans have become much more impatient after the instant success of coaches like Urban Meyer at Florida, and Nick Saban at Alabama. Frank Solich Bo Pelini Tom Osb
  13. To me, until I see data that says otherwise (and maybe it's out there, if so point it out to me), the QB sneak under center is NEARLY ALWAYS the best play to run if you are going for it on 4th and 1. If you are passing it on 4th and short you are willing shooting yourself in the foot as far as converting goes, by about 9-10% every time. The evidence below relates to the NFL, but I would guess it more or less holds true in college football as well. Evidence: http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/62665328 http://archive.advancedfootballanalytics.com/2011/11/qb-sneak-vs-r
  14. So to sum up... 1) It's not unfair that UNL won't refund tickets for all of the Husker fans that paid for them, because it says "no refunds/exchanges" on the back of the ticket. 2) It's classy to pay a team that had a game scheduled, and didn't play: 1.17 million dollars because it's the right thing to do. 3) It's not prudent, to have a preliminary plan in place (such as food and hotels the next morning and an alternate game time) when it was obvious there was a chance of cancellation (people were talking about it at work in Lincoln), and not to start formulating one u
  15. I suggested Riley(even as an option for Florida)Riley will bring an incredible staff and resources of National recruiting. @joelklatt agrees- Tim Brando (@TimBrando) December 4, 2014 The Florida Hire and the MOST recent hire of Mike Riley at Nebraska are home runs! Great opportunities for two Superb Coaches and people! Ok- Tim Brando (@TimBrando) December 4, 2014 Not saying Scott Frost won't be successful, but the two tweets above lead me to question Brando's judgement.
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