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  1. If I’m Fani Willis, I’m exhibiting this at trial. Look, the defendant is admitting to election interference. Then hoping he takes the stand to clarify. Oh the chance to cross examine TFG would be priceless.
  2. I understand. It’s an attempt to make it look like he really thinks he won and it was rigged. It could make the prosecution case more complicated, but all they need is one person to testify that Trump knew he lost. In that case, the conspiracy charge is pretty rock solid, IMO.
  3. With this “conclusive “ report, he’s doing nothing but trying to shed doubt on the fact that he knew he lost the election. Legal strategy pure and simple.
  4. I would guess after appeals, just because of the potential ramifications of it. Plus his buddy CT oversees GA for the SCOTUS. So I’m sure it would go all the way up there. However, if there are co-conspirators convicted, then shouldn’t there be equal treatment for all? Unfortunately, I just don’t see Trump doing any serious time behind bars because of our multi-tiered justice system.
  5. The geography makes some sense, but the Northern POD would be the new B1G West. Of course Iowa would get the easy draw again. SMH
  6. Of course, but a plea is not a conviction. I’m guessing you meant guilty verdict. Instead of “guilty plea.”
  7. Who said anything about a guilty plea?
  8. I agree, however I could see rogue attorney generals “manufacturing” felony charges against leading candidates of the opposite party. So It would have to be a federal crime felony, but even then the potential for corruption would exist. If this country elects a felon who is in prison, we truly are doomed. I mean, we clearly are a stupid country, but are we really that stupid?
  9. So if the J6 indictment comes, does that get lumped in with the documents charges for one big trial or would it be a separate trial at a different court/location?
  10. Chris would be better off as a Democrat. The GOP voting base doesn’t want to hear the truth or facts about anything that might shed their dear leader in a negative light. DeSantis knows this and that’s why he does what he does. He’s banking on TFG being incarcerated in order to get a shot. Christie has absolutely no shot with this pathetic modern GOP and that’s pretty sad.
  11. He couldn’t be trusted to commit to that. Plus, then that would effectively label this as a political prosecution.
  12. Or so that his wackos demand that the next Republican POTUS pardons him. Which I believe is likely to happen anyway.
  13. Hired/planted. Whichever.
  14. Maybe in your mind. Call me out if it makes you feel better. I don’t care. I’m not a hired poster.
  15. You can disagree with the bill or not, I don't care. I do care about your original post's source was intentionally misleading and false. The Bill doesn't spell it out, but this was in Newsweek. https://www.newsweek.com/store-retail-violence-robbery-theft-stealing-california-1804565
  16. So you think employers should be able to require employees to confront shoplifters. Note that hired security guards are exempt from the bill.
  17. The first paragraph you conveniently left out. Shoplifting in California may get a lot easier, after the state Senate passed a controversial bill on May 31 that would make it illegal for store employees to confront thieves. simply not true. It’s misleading garbage and you know it. And don’t be a d!(k and accuse me of being pro shoplifting. I’m anti bulls#!t. Which means I’m anti-posts like this.
  18. I took the bait and researched California SB553. It would prohibit employers from requiring employees to confront shoplifters. Are you against that? Because this garbage site, zerohedge.com completely and intentionally misrepresents it stating that the bill makes it illegal to confront shoplifters. I recommend avoiding posting crap like this and your posts could get more respect.
  19. He’s always been this way. Many just couldn’t or wouldn’t see it.
  20. I get the feeling that the government supports (maybe unofficially) this whistleblower coming out with this. I’m not sure why. Just a hunch.
  21. It’s weird. 20-30 years ago people would be freaking out about this revelation. Now it’s almost like, hmm yeah not really too surprising. Then again the skeptic in me thinks all this UFO stuff over the years since probably the Roswell Incident, could just be some ongoing misinformation program by the government in order to keep our enemies thinking we are reverse engineering some crazy stuff. I would think some pictures or physical evidence would have leaked out by now. I don’t know what to believe. It sure is interesting, though.
  22. Why do they pick the AR?
  23. There you go again dodging a simple question. The truth is inconvenient, isn’t it?
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