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  1. Go back and read the @RedSavage post I was responding to. It has nothing to do with what that. Context matters. But since you kind of asked, I think Rhule would be a solid hire.
  2. Rhule hasn’t coached in a “big boy” conference.
  3. I doubt he wants to leave, but if NU is his destination job, then maybe…. I’d say he’s got a good job now and it would be a tough pull to get him to leave it.
  4. Could have said the same about Rhule.
  5. If the sightings/sources are accurate, then I’d say, definitely. Especially at this stage.
  6. I guess that makes sense. All right, who’s going to go stake out OMA tonight?
  7. If that were the case, why not fly into Lincoln?
  8. Was there an announcement? Or are we just at the point of HC search desperation where we’re taking a couple tweets and running with it?
  9. Not that it would have won us the game, but what happened to running the damn ball. 34 degrees and snowing. Yeah. Let’s pass.
  10. Frost (I’m assuming he’s one of the 3), was not undone by chins. Chins wasn’t great, but….Frost was undone by himself.
  11. There’s rumors out there. This may not have been 100% Trev’s call at the time or at minimum he had influence from high level boosters to keep Scott.
  12. How is posting a link “treating it as some holy gospel?”
  13. I heard the football numbers thing from someone at NU who would know. I think it Title XI is concerned with opportunities as it relates to total enrollment gender ratios vs scholarship numbers, but I’m not completely sure.
  14. Definitely. The huge FB roster has created Title IX compliance issues.
  15. I would. But if we lose all of those, is MJ out of the running?
  16. Wouldn’t this make it a bad hire?
  17. Matt’s been raising a lot of money for NU. Scott’s been taking a lot of money from NU.
  18. Good point. We need someone who’s up to putting out our dumpster fire and doesn’t mind dealing with some recruiting challenges. I’ve resigned to the possibility that instead of an experienced proven guy, it may take a motivated up and comer to want this challenge.
  19. I just see frustration like everyone else and someone directing it fairly broadly. If there was a personal attack there somewhere, I missed it. I assumed “venting “ was okay as long as it wasn’t directed towards a specific individual (s). Maybe clarification is needed in regards to this?
  20. I would hope not. They’ll pay the next guy enough to afford his own home.
  21. I wonder why he would comment at all? And why now? There’s been rumors every week.
  22. Any potential NU coach who's not smart enough to retain MJ, isn't smart enough to be the head coach at NU.
  23. I like this perspective, but I am not convinced that he’d be able to load us up with a kick butt staff. However, I’m not basing that on anything other than the fact that he’s never had the opportunity to do that before. I would guess he’d be someone coaches would love to work with. If I’m MJ, I’d be making some initial contacts and then present Trev with a “plan”.
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