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  1. jds017gbr


    If Wisconsin had our resume, do you guys think they would be in the tourney?
  2. jds017gbr


    Baylor is getting stomped right now at the half. Hopefully it stays that way. I wonder how much the 'eye' test actually comes into play when deciding the teams that make it to the dance. It would seem to be tough to put in a team that gets bet by 30 (Oklahoma) and a team like Baylor getting blown out at home especially so close to the tournament.
  3. jds017gbr


    Completely agree. I don't believe a play in game for the quarterfinal would benefit our position much. It'll be interesting to see how hot Michigan stays heading into the B10 tourney after Sunday's win against Ohio State. Also, if Penn State beats Michigan tomorrow, they will probably jump ahead of us in some or most of the brackets setting up for an even bigger showdown on Sunday. Is there anyway that the game against Penn State can be a play in game for the tourney? Or is it pretty much the consensus that we need to make it to the semifinal in the B10 tourney to make the dance?
  4. jds017gbr


    Agreed. In Lunardi's bracket we are the 4th team out which isn't quite the fall I expected anyways. Win out and one in the B10 tourney, and I think we stand a fighter's chance.
  5. jds017gbr


    What would our seed be if we did?
  6. jds017gbr


    If we go either 6-0, 5-1, or 4-2 in our last regular season games and win the B10 tourney, what do you guys think our seed would be? Or what is the highest possible seed we can get? It seems far fetched but the opportunity is still on the table.