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  1. 6 hours ago, M.A. said:


    It will be interesting to see if Rhule can do as good of a job finding over-looked great talent vs Coach Prime recruiting highly rated great talent. It may take three or four years to know. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the first two years that Deion will have more seasoned talent, as it will take Rhule a bit longer to develop the more raw talent. That is of course is “IF” and hopefully Rhule recruits as well by finding as good of talent from really good evaluation with diamonds in the rough, which won’t look as pretty and sexy on paper and not ranked as high in the polls. So the question is can Rhule break the trend of the top-ranked  teams also having the top- ranked recruiting classes? Stay tune. 

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  2. I see Prime had already got a commitment from a four-star WR. Rhule probably is the smarter hire, but Prime would had been more intriguing — and of course riskier — with seeing how he recruits. But hopefully Rhule can find and evaluate underrated talent and mixed that in with higher rated recruits. Sanders likely will have prettier recruiting classes. But hopefully Rhule keeps up with really good talent evaluation. All I know is the nation top teams have highly rated recruiting classes.That is my main concern with Rhule right now. Let’s hope his energetic and go-getting assistants reflect that on the recruiting trail. But it will be in about three years before we really know more. 

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  3. I know of no evidence that this will happen, but I wonder with Colorado being a border state if Coach Prime will come into the picture. It may not happen, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Sanders comes in and tries to make an impression. Just saying. 

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

    Well in order to compete against the best you have to pay. Even if it isn't 9 million and is 8 that would be awesome too. Nebraskan's all around are tired of losing.

    Also, to compete against the best you have to recruit among the best. I will wait and see who he hires on his staff. If he hires not only developers and builders but also elite recruiters, along with Joseph, I will be more excited about this hire. I think he checks all the boxes except so far recruiting. If he only brings in good but not great classes, at best his teams will be as good as the five teams going to bowls this season, but no better. Let’s hope he hires heavy-hitting recruiters. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Dogs In A Pile said:


    I like a lot of things in this article. I think Rhule has a lot of good qualities. But great recruiting is still half of it. And he didn’t mention recruiting. Callahan proved you can achieve top recruiting classes here.  Building and developing from consistent top 15 classes is what is needed to separate from those five West Division teams going to bowls. Remember those five teams have very good builder and developer coaches. Without great recruiting, at best Rhule will likely be in a logjam with those five teams scrapping for 7 to 9 wins. So the question is are those assistant coaches mention in the article elite recruiters? If he wants to separate from those five other schools, he will need elite recruiting. Building and developing, as important as they are, can only go so far when these five other schools are doing a great job at it. My concern is — and I hope I am wrong — is he doesn’t strike me someone who will recruit better than those five schools or at least not much better. I see USC with Lincoln Riley ruling the West Division with very strong recruiting. But if fans would be satisfied with 7-9 win season, I think this guy can achieve that. And that is ok to have those lower expectations after having so many losing seasons. No disrespect. I don’t claim to be an expert, and I would be very happy if I’m proven wrong. I hope it works out much better. Husker love. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Rhuletheday said:

    For the record I hope Mickey is retained as the WR coach and chief recruiter and given a higher pay rate than would be expected along with a nice hefty end of year bonus for being interim of such a hot mess.  


    Also for the record, if Rhule brings all of his Carolina coaching staff along to fill the assistant spots and not fill each spot with the best of the best available in the nation, I am going to lose my sh**. 

    If he did that you can forget about recruiting. And Rhule himself is not known as an elite recruiter. So he better put together a staff of elite recruiters, in addition to being good developers. Without great recruiting classes, N will at best be in a log jam among five other teams, with USC rising above everyone in the West. I just don’t see Rhule being any better than those five West team coaches who have made bowl games. Thus he will need a staff of great recruiters to rise above them. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Caveman said:


    He has never recruited at that level. Our only hope rests in his new staff.

    Yes, definitely his new staff, which hopefully includes Joseph and Bush, among other ace recruiters. He will need better talent than those five other West teams to rise above them and compete with LR’s USC teams. Assuming the Big 10 places USC in the West to balance both divisions. We will have to keep a close watch who he hires. I hope he talks about the importance in recruiting in his press conference. He must keep Joseph to sign Coleman. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, caveman99 said:

    True, also means Rhule has built connections in PA and TX, his TX connections have been lauded by pundits actually, so that would help you would think. 

    How good a recruiter is he? N needs consistent top 15 classes with some top 10. Until I see it, that is my main concern with him. Otherwise with good but not great recruiting classes with this guy may put us neck to neck with five other teams in the West Division, with USC ruling. 

  9. 5 minutes ago, gorp512 said:

    Everyone reading the Rhule press tour as a sign he is N, why? 


    That's the weirdest smoke screen ever   

    The word is out that Rhule took Nebraska off his list. True? I have no idea. No one knows who it is. As far as I know, it could be someone not even mentioned. I just hope it’s not someone who leaves disappointed like Riley, who came out of nowhere. 

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  10. On 11/18/2022 at 9:45 AM, The_Fan_Man said:

    Watson's team just murdered most of their competition so his stats are goofy through 10 games (9-1). Pop has 129/171 (75.4%) for 2010 yards (11.8 ypa), 15 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions passing and 59 carries for 711 yards and 18 touchdowns rushing. He plays in the state semifinal tonight.

    Well, QB position will be up for grabs next season. Not saying Watson will be ready, but it appears CT may not have the inside track, and Purdy’s opportunity may had passed. Maybe Torres? Henrick? Or possibly Watson. 

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  11. 35 minutes ago, man eating mastodon said:

    Kiffen is by far my first choice. 

    I think at the very least Kiffen would be the best recruiter. He perhaps could bring in a top-10 class here and there and maybe consistent top 15. The guy with Illinois is doing good right now. And he had success at Wisconsin. But didn’t he later coach at Arkansas and flopped? I also don’t see him being the elite recruiter as Kiffen. Is it true that Kiffen wanted the N job after Solich was fired? Maybe he wasn’t ready then, but perhaps he is now. 

    Edit: Actually Bret had three seasons out of five where he won more than he lost and went to minor bowl games. But his last season he was 4 and 8. So I don’t see him any better than hiring Matt Campbell. I see Illinois being like Minnesota and not sustaining what they are succeeding right now. But who knows. 

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