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  1. It was nice to see an offense with guys cutting to the basket and in the process getting layups.
  2. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/27693019/fred-hoiberg-really-win-nebraska Some things that have been told before but some new interesting things as well.
  3. Kiszla is an idiot. It's been obvious for the last few years he just writes stories just for the clicks. I know it's his job but he doesn't even try to hide it anymore.
  4. Our offensive line needs some work \ continuity. Need to get out and maul people a little more run game struggled.
  5. I knew it was somewhere just had a hard time locating it. Thanks.
  6. I hadn't seen this posted yet probably looking in the wrong spot. Nothing that we didn't already know but does show how much respect/ fear he invoked. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27386140/he-tackled-too-hard-ndamukong-suh-legendary-2009-season
  7. Taking my son 5 1/2 to his first game. Hopefully the rain stays away. Going to tailgate hopefully a bit beforehand.
  8. Maybe they are just giving it enough time people forget about it and then reinstate her?
  9. I have Hulu live its $50 a month but has BTN Fox and ESPN so any channel we would play on as well as the local channels.
  10. Well if all I need to do is create a post like this to get commits I guess I better get to copy and paste.
  11. Is the number of misses or non gets for the linebacker class a concern or is it more a product of shooting for high ranked recruits and in doing so your % is going to be lower until the results on the field improve?
  12. Mo's new plea/hearing date is now July 25th
  13. It just shows he continues to make dumb decisions. FYI I am all for legal weed (never done it myself). Its like what is next. I dont think he needs kicked off the team but I see him suspended for a game or two just to make a point as a coaching staff we aren't messing around.
  14. A friend signed up for the Ralphie $200 refundable deposit. He signed in today to look at tickets cheapest available were $180 per ticket.
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