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  1. Let's see what they do against Creighton. If they go 0-2 for the week not going to be good.
  2. Piss poor defense in the second half. That's on the coach and poor execution by the players
  3. And Big 10 officiating strikes again
  4. I think he has more free throw attempts than our entire team.
  5. Man Big 10 officials there missed calls last 4 possessions that are blatant and then blow the whistle late only after the basket is missed.
  6. Why the hell dont you throw the ball ahead there Watson.
  7. Great dunk by Roby then picks up a dumb foul
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaabk/wisconsin’s-brad-davison-is-college-basketball’s-grossest-best-flopper/ar-BB The kid is definitely a tough player but after watching him last year I thought the Sam thing as the article. Could cause us some issues in our games with them depending on how they are officiated.
  9. Well the reactions to this topic it's clear to me we were nuts this team makes the NCAA tournament let alone win a game in it.
  10. Without your NBA lottery pick playing at least 30 minutes yea we aren't nearly as good of a team.
  11. Lots of overreacting to Palmer has played maybe 15 minutes the entire game due to foul trouble. They are going to adjust on how games are officiated though if they are going to be successful.
  12. I seriously dont know how you play defense as a big man anymore the way I have seen this game and Seton Hall officiated.
  13. And that's why you dont leave early
  14. Then this the crowd is leaving with 330 left