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  1. RavHuskr

    2019 NCAA Basketball Tournament

    Neither team can shoot free throws or this would have been over in regulation.
  2. And that guy totally shoved him to the ground first with no call. Big12 officiating all over again.
  3. RavHuskr

    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach

    Moos is damned if he does or if he doesn't. If he fired Miles after the Big10 tourney he would have been taken to task for not letting him finish coaching the team just like he is now for letting him continue coaching with the whispers he has someone already hired.
  4. Refs need to put on their big girl panties. Tanner was walking away not talking and then they Td him up.
  5. RavHuskr

    Fighting Erstads vs. Air Force Games 20-21

    Unless it stops raining soon they are going to have a hard time getting a game in today.
  6. Flagrant 1 maybe? Shoving a guy in the middle of the back mid air?
  7. Of course Wisconsin comes out hot from 3. Gonna be a long day if this keeps up.
  8. RavHuskr

    Bracketology 2019

    Well weren't we the first Power 5 conference team with 22 wins last year and not make the tourney. It would be interesting to be on the positive result this time for making a first.
  9. Lived in Denver only had a 12 mile commute to work. Took anywhere from 30 to 45 min in a good day to an hour and a half if there was an accident or snow. Dont miss that part of no longer living there. After moving back to Nebraska had a 48 mile commute for a few months took 45 min everyday.
  10. The possession before the charge on Murphy ; Murphy pushed off hardcore on Roby and no foul was called and would have negated a bucket for Minnesota so officiating cancelled itself out.
  11. RavHuskr

    Healthcare Reform

    The reason that is though is you are paying for the Medicare patient or the uninsured person the hospital takes.
  12. RavHuskr

    Nebraska Tax Reform

    I understand I lived in the Denver metro for 17 years and moved back to Nebraska a couple years ago because all I saw was more and more growth and everything getting more expensive and crowded.
  13. RavHuskr

    Nebraska Tax Reform

    This isn't the entire reason. Colorado has TABOR that restricts the state from keeping excess money and has to refund it to the people. This usually amounts to like $20 a person. Secondly the voters consistently vote down public works projects or school funding and the legislature can never come up with a bill everyone can agree on. So there is money there but gets put into pet projects instead of tangible ones. Lastly you decriminalize marijuana and besides the tax gain from this there would be less incarcerated individuals which also helps the state budget especially if it was legalized.
  14. I've seen high school girls basketball teams shoot better than this.
  15. RavHuskr

    Discontent in the AD?

    I hope this isn't just to appease a booster or two. Seems crazy the guy who got us the coach they wanted now want to run him out the door. This makes no sense for the constant change around the program. Let's try to give it more than a couple years to see how things work.