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  1. Masks are not required only recommended unless you are in the suites or enclosed area i believe.
  2. Sure but the job the offensive line does directly affects the ability of his running backs performance. You put a mid 90s oline in front of these running backs guarantee they would make better decisions and their footwork would be better. Extreme example.
  3. Guess he was not trying to throw the O line under the bus? When you are used to having to dodge a tackle immediately after a hand off I can see why they would have improper footwork.
  4. Can't see the tightends when you've gotten crap for protection most of the night. At one point over 50% of his drop backs he was either hurried ornhit.
  5. Just sad reminds me of 09 all over again except special teams are s#!ttier.
  6. I feel bad for the defense. They played so well to watch your offense and special teams such so bad. Like 09 all over again except the special teams sucks.
  7. I don't have an issue with not being crazy at the end of the game. Unless you are going to call a bomb.
  8. How in the ever fing hell does that happen.
  9. Man that was a chance to really assert ourselves by getting a TD. Guess we scored something but really have to finish on the road.
  10. No I think he plays the underdog role up and I've never been the fan of what I perceive as fake energy or gimmicky coach feels like selling out.
  11. Minny got help with the roughing the passer but they sure look very cohesive. Wish we could show some semblance of this. Still can't stand PJ
  12. Unless I missed it in the video I don't see the weird design in the previous "sneak peak" pictures.
  13. Well I am going to go out and watch my 4 year old Tball team at least I will see improvement over the season there smh.
  14. Tannor made a hard play that didn't appear to be late but because he didn't just tap him he got penalized for it.
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