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  1. Curious if Jurevicius was seriously considering Ohio State (2 hour drive from her home) or Penn State (her dad's alma mater). Regardless a good get for the Huskers. Andi Jackson is an intriguing pick just by her athletic ability alone. She has an approach jump of 10' 04" as a junior in high school. For comparison, Yosianna Pressley, Baylor's All-American OH (and known for her leaping ability) has an approach jump of 10' 09". Jackson often times has her head AND shoulders above the net on kills. Krause is similar except Lindsay is 2-3" taller. I'm surprised they have B
  2. The Huskers had another set of matches ‘postponed’ due to COVID, but this time there was less drama involved and no last second decision making based test results the afternoon of the match. Instead early in the week Wisconsin Coach Sheffield found out about Michigan State players, their opponents the previous Saturday and Sunday, testing positive and was fearful that his players may have been ‘contaminated.’ His fears came to fruition later in the week as multiple Badger players tested positive and, ‘out of an abundance of caution’ (this catchphrase is mandatory for all COVID postponement ann
  3. A battle tested 5th ranked Minnesota squad came into Devaney loaded with All-Americans and highly touted freshmen to give Big Red Nation a reality check on where this Husker team was at in the B1G pecking order, and how far they were from competing with one of the premier programs in the B1G and in the NCAA. The initial glimpse was not a positive one. The first match of the series was very reminiscent of the 2018 season when Husker Volleyball was in a stretch where they lost 5 of 7 matches and couldn’t put away teams in tight sets, even when the Huskers had the lead late. That team e
  4. Since Rutgers joined the B1G, their volleyball team has had a heavy influence of Eastern European players from places as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, and so on. Assembling and structuring such a diverse group proved to be a difficult task and for a few years the Knights have been an easy target for opponents to pad their schedule. Now they have a new coach, but there are multiple players from that part of the world still on the roster. However, with this group there seems to be less confusion and more cohesion. Indiana can attest to that reality as the Scarlet Horde dumped the Hoosiers tw
  5. It would be a bit cliché to start the post quoting Dicken’s classic set in the French Revolution, but instead let’s just say the Big Red’s performance over the weekend was ‘uneven,’ particularly the first match. The Huskers won the first set securely enough, but that was largely due to the play of the middles and Maryland gifting the home team several service errors. Maryland actually outhit Nebraska in the first set .286 to .261. But the second set was when the patchy play finally caught up with the Blackshorts and Maryland edged out a win in extras 27 to 25. Nebraska had 3 set points but s
  6. It certainly was an odd way to cancel (excuse me, postpone) a scheduled competition, even in this year of COVID. The cancellation (delay) occurred extremely late in the day, at least I didn’t catch it until late afternoon / early evening. I had watched the end of the Indiana – Rutgers match and noted that Nebraska – Northwestern was still on the BTN plus schedule. Then at 6:30 (that’s Eastern Time in Michigan) when I went to tune in to John Baylor’s pre-match show, I see the communications from the Nebraska Athletic department about the ‘postponement’ and noted the time was 4:43 PM which I ass
  7. Some comments on the first weekend match up and the AVCA poll week 1 The starting line up for the first match did not surprise me to any large degree. It was clear from the Red-White scrimmage that either Meyer or Caffey would be a better offensive option for the 2nd middle and Caffey probably got the nod with her game experience. Zuhn starting over Sweet was slightly foreshadowed in the same scrimmage where one Lauren Cook-West remarked that Zuhn might have started for Red at opposite if Lexi Sun hadn’t been held out. As one would expect, there were moments of high level volleyball mix
  8. The B1G pre-season volleyball poll is out and the coaches voted Wisconsin number 1 which is not surprising since the Badgers were number 1 in the national AVCA poll. What is a bit surprising is the coaches voted them number 1 with unanimity. That doesn’t happen often in the B1G, particularly since there are multiple teams in the top 10 nationally. The last time a school was a unanimous selection was (I believe) Nebraska in 2016 following their 2015 national championship. And that Nebraska team DID win the B1G conference, but lost in the national semis to the Shorthorns. The rankings: 1)
  9. Drewnick opting out leaves the team a bit thin at setter, especially in the year of the COVID. Evans now becomes backup, a freshman walk-on who herself is coming off a significant injury. Also curious to see how this affects the double sub when Hames is getting abused on the front row. It appears that Schwartezbach will assume the blocking role left open by Anezka's departure, but can Evans fill in for Drewnick? I seem to recall that it was mentioned that in one of the 'Conversation with the Cooks' podcasts that Knuckles was learning how to two hand set vice bump set in certain situations. I d
  10. As the ugliness and uncertainty of COVID bleed over into the new year, some of the weirdness associated with it has apparently affected the coaches for the initial AVCA rankings. I didn’t expect Nebraska to be ranked so low. All the major players returning, upgrading the offensive ‘issue’ with the 2nd middle via transfer and incoming freshman, losing a talented coach, but replacing her with another talented coach familiar with the program who was instrumental in the 2017 title run….adds up to something higher than number 5 which is what they finished the 2019 season at. Minnesota was anot
  11. The schedule is out, and the anxiety is relieved to a certain extent. It also is a marker that the volleyball season is one step closer to reality, although it doesn’t take an eidetic memory to recall that the B1G cancelled football within days or releasing its schedule. Hopefully those in power have learned something from the disastrous response to the football season. It appears that Nebraska, again, got a slightly favorable draw in the scheduling process. Nebraska had a schedule disadvantage in 2017 and 2018, but was redeemed somewhat in 2019 by only playing Penn State and Minnesota on
  12. Hate to see Szabo go. Best block on the team, and by all indications, a great teammate. Never developed enough offense to get more playing time. With Davis and Szabo gone, that leaves two scholarship slots open for 2020, one of which is Kalynn Meyer. Hard to believe but there is a top player in the 2020 class which hasn't committed yet to my knowledge. Sophie Fischer, a 6'5" outside from South Carolina decommitted from North Carolina and I don't believe signed with anyone on November 13th. The schools vying for her are now apparently all B1G. Maryland, Penn State, Minnesota, and the Huske
  13. This post is written from a perspective of a fan who is over 500 miles away and has no contacts on the team or remotely related to the team (no insider info). Most (essentially all) of the content is observation and speculation, both from a distance. Hopefully some die hard volleyball fans will be willing to wade through the content and provide their own insights. Congrats to Stanford and their gaggle of senior All-Americans for the Color Cardinal’s ninth title. An incredible four year run which even surpasses the Foecke / Maloney era at Nebraska. Four straight final fours and three ti
  14. And where the volleyball program makes a profit for the athletic department. As opposed to the women's basketball program which is in the red in the amount of 1 - 2 million dollars annually. Yes, you have to look at other schools, conferences, and sports to determine the appropriate market rate for a specific coaching position. But Nebraska Volleyball is an outlier. At this point, I believe Nebraska Volleyball still is the only Olympic sports team that is profitable to the their Athletic Department in NCAA college athletics. Not even the Connecticut Women's Basketball can make that claim. And
  15. If you're looking for a recent player to fill the gap, I would look at Wong-Orantes. When she was a player, Cook would sometimes just have a conversation with her in "coach speak" with the rest of the team in the background, her knowledge of the game was that advanced. She was a grad assistant on a couple of men's teams (Long Beach State?), but this fall she is overseas playing pro. Brings alot to the coaching side, no idea if she brings anything to the recruiting side. Having no specific insight to the program, and literally being thousands of miles away, I don't think it will be either
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