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  1. I don't. I never saw it personally. Nor did I ever see urine bombs. Could have been an NU fan pissed himself, no? These are things that legends are made of.
  2. I appreciate it, and I appreciate the NU program and it's fans. I know some CU fans have chosen to represent the school and program poorly in this rivalry, and it's a shame, because at the root of it all, the reason the original coach Mac circled Nebraska in the first place was because it was obvious this was a program we aspired to grow into. I like to think we got close - definitely closer than Mizzou or KU or anybody other than Oklahoma. As you guys know, but I'll reiterate from personal experience, you really are the classiest fanbase in CFB and I wish that was something we aspired to as m
  3. Lifelong Buff fan here. But I follow NU too - more closely since the teams left the Big 12. Just wanted to say, you guys were way better than I thought you'd be. Martinez especially impressed me - I hope he is okay, sounds like initial reports are encouraging. Frost is a good hire and you guys will be back competing for an NC, I honestly believe. We caught you at a good time, but this game was more important to the CU program at this time than it is to NU. You guys will be fine, and the class of the Big10+4 in no time. That game was insane! You will not see a better CFB
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