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  1. DefenderAO

    Fall Camp Notes

    Well, we know Gregory was always hungry
  2. DefenderAO

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

  3. DefenderAO

    Fall Camp Pressers

    We play at least two teams with guys similar to Wandale, three as OSU May have one. I’m not sure if Wandale being a problem will end up our D being exposed in the games against Purdue, CU, or OSU. Here’s to the pass rush causing bad QB decisions all season and Wandale’s shiftiness getting the LB’s and DB’s ready.
  4. DefenderAO

    PreSeason Coaches' Poll

    If they’d have won the NC against Bama you could argue greatest season (different than best team) in the modern era
  5. DefenderAO

    PreSeason Coaches' Poll

    That LSU team in ‘11 had a chance to do something similar and got blitzed by Bama in the rematch
  6. DefenderAO

    PreSeason Coaches' Poll

    Truly wise Husker fans will want every team we play to win every game except when they play Nebraska. In conference you want the better brand team NU plays to win that head-to-head game. We want Iowa and Wisconsin as juggernauts coming into the NU game. We want OSU #1 in the country having a 73 point margin of victory. And then Nebraska beat them all. This is like ‘95. KSU, CU, KU beat each other, lost to Nebraska, and killed in their respective bowl games. The 90’s were good. It wasn’t about being the best that year for me. I was looking at angles to watch the best team that ever did it. For that you need SOS help. ‘95 gave us that. Hoping we can have that type of anticipation again very soon.
  7. DefenderAO

    Huskers in 2019....

    While we're making associations, where do you see our talent as it related to the draft? I did not see a plethora of talent last year. Frost is bringing in his player style; long, athletic, versatile, good kids. And Duval is building their bodies. This next year you'll see better new players and version-upgrades on the field.
  8. DefenderAO

    Dedrick Mills

    Ziggy was a bruiser until his last year. Then he was explosive too. Mills is a catch.
  9. DefenderAO

    CB Dontae Manning

    Rivals seems a bit behind or off on this kid
  10. DefenderAO

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Ohio State (Game 5) **

    Like many here I’m pensively optimistic for this game. I don’t fear being blown out (30+ point loss); my bigger fear is OSU starting slow, coming in “barely” undefeated or with a loss and using NU as the turn-around game winning by 14 or something and dominating two of the three game facets. There’s no science behind the concern just some experiences in the last 20 years. NU should keep a game close and gets smacked around by a formerly struggling team. I like our direction. The kids’ physiques are looking better; I hope they continue to develop an expect to win mentality and stay business-like when they see success.
  11. DefenderAO

    Purdue Pause

    To be fair, your ‘ands’ are additive, so call each “if” a 75% yes it will happen. 7 “ifs.” (Line x 2) Odds of them all happening are 13%. I think the WR and lines are the keys. And yes, I’m damn fun at parties!
  12. DefenderAO

    B1G Loser Mentality

    Didn't Christopher Columbus coach Yale to 12 of those?
  13. I like reading the Buckeye fans’ comments from the article. They foresee what we do as well: Frost is building a monster program again.
  14. DefenderAO

    2020 247 Big Ten recruiting rankings

    Are we concerned we sit at three commits right now?
  15. DefenderAO

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    These boys' bodies are changing. When they continue to develop an "expect to win" business mentality...you see champions.