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  1. Same coach making the big bucks said no doubt McCaffrey is the future. Is horse whisperer going to whisper 40 pounds of muscle and arm strength on him? I was a Luke fan. But wow the kid just can’t throw it right now. Makes fast decisions, misses people in the process, misses people in the decisions he does make...can’t get the ball where it needs to be. The above is as much of an indictment on 2AM and the staff as Luke. I have to be wondering what Smothers is thinking through this mess...
  2. Great to see they’re finally focused having best practices ever.
  3. Urban Meyer was the Special Teams coach at OSU. That should tell you something. Scott needs to learn detail and true accountability or he’ll never be top tier the way he needs to in the BIG.
  4. I knew we'd get to play some of the younger bench players today!
  5. It'd be nice if we had a scholarship receiver taller than 5'7" to throw that to... Oh wait...
  6. It doesn't. Take the W. Try to build on positives.
  7. Maybe because he's been tackling walk on WR running bubble screens in practice...
  8. What team is going to draft Bootle? I'll give you a hint. None. He's been so overrated, exposed against real athletes, and then lose range TE????
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