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  1. It tells you that it may be first options not getting open for Adrian as well.
  2. If I'm Trev I sit in Frost's office and go through every offensive play in the 2nd half. Before each play I'd ask him what he's thinking during this series. And an explanation for each play call. I tell him to look me in my eyes for every word he speaks. I'd look for signs of understanding, of cogency. If I see what the fans see, a clueless man with no material game or strategic sense, I thank him for his time and ask him to never come back.
  3. Odds Frost is thinking of what the Monday best practice presser will look like? He's literally clueless.
  4. Bigtime point for the D to sleep. Big. Time.
  5. Still throwing check downs... And Brody Belt. Brody freaking Belt.
  6. Wish more gameplans and adjustments looked like that strategic gem from Northwestern
  7. We get zero pressure when we blitz. None.
  8. Frost really likes what Dawson is doing with the Special Teams
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