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  1. How though? Frost has been around great teams. If I spend five years around 7 foot people, I don’t go to The Shire and believe I remain amongst giants.
  2. Good points. And of these significant losses, which they were, no NFL program thought any were worth a draft pick. That was our baseline. We lost productive players. None drafted. We need time to develop the talent assembly line.
  3. Yep, I equate higher numbers to hot. My mistake. I have zero issues (10 on this scale) with SF mid and longterm. He better be our guy the rest of my life.
  4. 0. Like I mentioned in an other thread...I'd sign him for a life contract. No one out there cares more and knows more about NU, able to coach, than SF.
  5. This can be a huge strength, or curse. I hope it's not the latter towards this Staff, for HCSF
  6. Yep, and regressed...as I stated. Averages, efficacy...regression. You can blame injuries or a slew of other things...I just saw a player not get materially better. Similar to what I'm witnessing from. a team tonight. NU has a long road ahead.
  7. When Daniels said they just need to do the little things better after the OSU game at the presser, I wondered what delusion these kids are under. Is the Staff seeing it? "But, DAO, what are they supposed to say?!?" Don't tell me it's penalties and little things. This Staff needs to stop talking and really look in the mirror about what they are teaching and telling these kids.
  8. Urban Meyer used to coach OSU's ST unit. Day puts his best athletes there... It's important. I think Greg Austin needs to go. DeWitt in general needs to go. Maybe Chinander. I'm not sold on the QB Whisperer.
  9. I watched the games. Every game. He had a fumble problem. He then would tuck way early, run into a defender, and get flattened. Were you able to watch at that time?
  10. I’m not talking 2013 Taylor. He changed his style prior; “stop fumbling” - gets plowed. Tommie Frazier ran for 600 yards in ‘95. Part of the story was blowouts and also missing a bit of the KSU game, but the eye test told us he was a better runner than TMart. And not because he had a better line. He was a better player than Crouch and TMart... with worse stats. Stats are deceiving. Watching what happened to Taylor and what is happening to Adrian makes me concerned for the latter.
  11. There was a clear point where he lost something when he ran. It was when he fumbled too often and someone on the staff told him. To compensate, he would freeze, make no move, and get smashed. His running regressed in the ways it means something. Tommie Frazier wasn’t very fast; he was tough to tackle in tight spaces and was really strong. Taylor was way faster and lost much of his tight-space jukes. Adrian is off. I hope to be surprised by him at some point, but I don’t see it. He looks like he’s regressed this year.
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