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  1. Maybe he wants to call plays somewhere? No major heartburn if a true story.
  2. The 2nd half of the schedule is brutal. I’d temper expectations to eye tests and being competitive vs straight wins and losses. My prediction is the team looks better on the field, but that last stretch of games is pretty rough
  3. I'm sure he has his ardent defenders as well...
  4. I've seen enough football to know what good looks like, especially at that position. Watching MSU's Lewerke last year (2018), for example, you could see he was bad. They rode him this year. And look at the net yield. He's young. He was hurt. He needed more around him. Nah. At some point you can just see it. Adrian made some of the most porous plays I've seen from a player of his supposed caliber. I hope he gets healthy and is beaten by a much better, more apt-to-lead, QB.
  5. I'd say it to anyone's face. It's what we objectively all saw. Your subjective analysis and belief he'll recover into his Jr. season is not realism. It's some hope you need to carry into the offseason. He's not a good QB for this program. I watched all the snaps this year. His regression is material, and I'd be absolutely shocked if he recovered to a championship-level QB. I'd really like to be surprised, but his struggles were too significant to believe he's the guy.
  6. Scott has his reasons. I conjectured on a couple. Martinez is not the guy.
  7. You don't see any problem with this assessment I suspect? Yours is the same take because the Staff says this? No one? Not one in the country before AMart? Where is AMart keeping his All BIG award this year? I do NOT hate the kid. He is a poor QB at this level. He will not lead this team to where it needs to be. There are people behind him who may be able to. Your affinity for mediocre is confounding.
  8. I've said this multiple times; Tommie Frazier wasn't in the top 25 in total yardage in 1995. He needed 600 more yards to get there. Have you note-padded your excuses for why your kid may not be the right fit for this team yet?
  9. Long game and Frost's commitment to his pre-Frosh commit to the kid. He really likes Adrian. Frost goes 1996 and wants Adrian to fight through adversity, but Adrian is not in the mold. Frost also knew, after a bit, this year wasn't the right one to burn a red shirt on. Any sane, unbiased, rational person watching Adrian this year should see this kid doesn't have "it." He cannot take this program where it needs to be. That's no bash on him. I want AMart healthy, mentally sound, in good spirits...and to be usurped by better QB's who can truly lead a team with good decisions, conviction, and consistently high play.
  10. Mr. Martinez, I'd focus on your son's regression and his future mental health vs. trying to do the forensics on the many reasons the Staff played him before other competent QB's this year.
  11. Brilliant comeback. I watched every snap. He's poor. He can't read defenses. He's erratic on accuracy. He has no juke. His top end speed dipped this year...bad.
  12. Martinez is not a good player. He's simply not. Folks loving being mired in mediocrity may disagree and fight for him, but he's simply not good.
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