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  1. The irony how close he is to Tom O...who is one of the most humble men I've seen.
  2. When you combine an inaccurate QB duo with a, frankly, poor O-Line, it sets up bad situations. Now add stupid penalties and head-scratching play calls... Now you're kicking with one of the most ineffectual ST teams in the land. Then it's Chin's time to "shine." D has been marginally better this year I think, but I don't see him as the answer. Problem is he's Scott's best friend, and the coach has a a bit of an ego challenge right now. Lastly, end of game pressers and Scott has only really focused on the offense. He's not managing the entire team. If I'm a CEO an
  3. Their coaches are higher tier. What set of players have you seen really improve under this staff? Ziggy? Would you say that was pure coaching? Who else? Cam Taylor Britt? Maybe. Last Saturday he tackled a Minny kid who fell over him for two more yards. Cam stood up and flexed. It set up 3rd and 3. Then a 4th and 1`. Minny ran right up the middle and scored. Flexing. OSU and Bama get great players, but their staff also knows how to develop them into that potential. Frankly, Wan'Dale is my favorite player on the team. And looking at his body of work, I expected more at
  4. They've had bad luck with FLA. Was hoping Fisher could help there continually. Losing certainly helps nothing. And I do hope the rumors of Scott's ego impacting the players is only a rumor.
  5. How about we coach these guys onto the field now. "Speed City" tweets for guys playing behind walk-ons with 40 times measured by sun dials is bad for programs.
  6. Wake me when Wandale is assessing the Kentucky class in a blue jacket.
  7. Minny's JV just beat us soundly. While on the road. Awful. Simply awful.
  8. Did I just see Scott mouth "let's hold them to a field goal?" What?!?!?
  9. Excited for what Scott is going to tell Siiiiipp, and Monday's practice should be otherworldly good
  10. Adrian simply cannot throw throw ball. His backup is worse. Smothers must feel terrible just sitting behind each. And the O-Line is horrific
  11. Commentator before the game talks about liking cold, tough football weather. Commentator during the game talks about football hits being "targeting" like a little wimp.
  12. So we're up 4 after showing up for one quarter. We'll see what Chin can cook up for the 2nd half...or this last "bend" drive for M
  13. Cam Taylor hit a guy earlier who fell forward for two more yards. Set up a 3rd down. Minny scored on 4th. Cam looked over the ball carrier and flexed after the stop. That's this team's mentality.
  14. Tough to think how the 1st quarter could've started worse
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