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  1. Just to make it clear what a clown show we are right now. The Video crew will have us all hyped again for ‘24.
  2. What’s the play when we keep coaches for about 3 years? Every HS in the state adjusts accordingly? That’s not the answer. Rhule grabbed sub par coaching talent with an open checkbook. We’re seeing years of under-developed kids playing right now. And Rhule should doubly be scrutinized as he hand-picked Sims who is a compete dud. We now have a QB that is all-American D3 talent trying to win games while “talented” Freshman sit on the bench watching this mess.
  3. It needs to be coupled with nationally relevant talent to begin with. HH at QB is one of the lower ceilings you can have.
  4. We’re down 28. Maybe we’ll out gain them in the 4th on way to a 48-3 loss.
  5. We look like a JV team. It’s atrocious.
  6. Last week looked to be their worst so hoping they clean it up. Also hoping we don’t make silly mistakes by being overhyped.
  7. Caleb Lightbourn onside kick decides it. Success = we win. Fail = we lose
  8. Terrible. We're watching a JV version of 2009's team.
  9. Our receivers block so much better this year than previous years. Also, we’re due for a defensive turnover.
  10. I’m glad they’re showing a football game on the B1G continuous commercial channel. This is great.
  11. At 150% do we get 50% more turnovers with it?
  12. Crazy how a. they got hurt in a game where we're not playing powerful B1G team and b. quickly a strength becomes a huge "?" with is many games left.
  13. I'm not sure what is more impressive. That CU has 200% more wins this year than last in 25% of the total games played or the CU Game Preview thread is still alive with some slandering the current, and prospective, states of their program. At least send them a bill for the headspace rent.
  14. Start the one that keeps our Defense off the field more. The Offense won't win us a lot of games. I t may have cost us two already under Sims' helm. D is our strength. Keep them energized and engaged. That means an Offense to manage and control a game. Then, we have real chances when Special Teams shows up that particular day.
  15. Too many are like that in college football. Recent notables include Jimbo, Ed Orgeron, Gene Chizik
  16. 80 new players. Being put in adverse in-game situations, road and home, and sitting at 3-0. What he is doing is remarkable.
  17. In time, we'll be evaluating Deion's coaching ability at Alabama or FSU, not Colorado. This was a stepping stone...
  18. I'd kill for us to average 28 this year. That's our state Rhule year 1.
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