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  1. Probably. Though our O-Line would've made Barry Sanders look like a 4th team all B1G
  2. Osborne's commentary around player policing and the council they set up; you would hear this a lot from Frost over five seasons. He tried to adopt this principle without the personal or staff accountability. It doesn't work. Fascinating to see this interview, what Scott would trumpet in his pressers, and the failure points in the latter's execution. More importantly, it's refreshing to hear Rhule's take on Tom's perspectives.
  3. They must've called the competition this Spring "1-to-4 Gap." Grant picked up where he left off last year. Avoid.
  4. I appreciated him keeping off the streets and out of prison. "Dear Mama" Casey was better than this version...
  5. When practice is harder than the game, you tend to win. A lot.
  6. As long as points in this competition lead to points in Fall/Winter competitions, I don't care what they're doing.
  7. Hyperbole to make a point he doesn't understand modern, much less cutting edge, strength and agility regimens
  8. Need to check dates. I almost asked him for one.
  9. When Duval had them maxing out preacher curls and calf raises, some flags should've gone up.
  10. Our lines better play extremely well. Prime will have the Buffs fired up, the stadium rocking, and some athletes running around. If the lines play well and we stay composed, we win.
  11. After watching Purdy last year, I'm not convinced he's right-handed.
  12. Is Coleman there yet? I suspect some newer recruits will join that top tier speed list.
  13. He's crushing it right now. However, the real measure is translation to winning and developing young men as winners. All he's doing now sheds more light into what Frost could've done but was unwilling or unable.
  14. I'd buy it based upon on field results, especially watching the sloth bears on the OLine
  15. Didn't we have boosters buy out empty seats to maintain the streak over the last two years? An artificial dump to keep a "differentiator" alive.
  16. I’ll take one on each side of the ball I have huge issues with. Offense - Benhart. He’s awful. Unless they have him on some miracle footwork regimen this Spring and Summer he should never play. Defense - Henrich. He looked slow and lost last year when he played. Watch the NW game. He was terrible.
  17. Georgia's JV team wins the B1G West with competent coaching. Rhule is competent. I'll take as many players, who have seen winning, as possible.
  18. Average of 14? Nebraska '95 won by an average of almost 40 with the worst being Washington State. The game was 35-14 until a late score by Wazzu. No one in recent history has touched that dominance. '01 Miami had two close calls. I thought '05 USC was better than '04, and '05 couldn't get past Vince Young. '19 LSU couldn't stop a Middle School team, and '20 Bama was a weird COV year where I'm not sure they beat Burrow's '19 squad. Give me '95 NU. Fun fact, twice in the 90's the team NU destroyed to win an NC that team went on, they following year, to win the NC ('96 UF, '98 UT). Nebraska demolished very, very legitimate teams.
  19. This staff is sober, so that's a good step.
  20. Deion will bring in some flashy recruits. But CU ball in Boulder is a low state priority. And I'm wondering if he can recruit, and develop, at both lines like I believe Rhule will. ?It's great to have five star QB's and WR's. If both lines are average, your results will be average.
  21. Heinrich was terrible last year. All the way until he got hurt. Were you able to watch the games?
  22. When he did, did you see competence? Ad hoc vs. design, the kids can either do it or not.
  23. How good is Casey without Palmer? I get the OLine is critical but who makes plays now? He showed me nothing as a runner last season. Rhule has work to do...
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