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  1. If he was a touch better he'd be forgettable. He was so awful I'll never forget. I appreciate the trip down memory lane
  2. A joke of a DB. I used to be a prophet when he played. "They're going to throw the ball at, and over, Grixby. Watch" On cue, Cortney was on his back having given up a first down or a TD. Constantly.
  3. CU will rake in top 15 recruiting classes, and maybe even top 10's
  4. The most realistic I can be is in three statements. 1. Recruiting well is critical 2. Developing talent is tantamount, or paramount, to #1 3. These things happening for the OLine and DLine are immense Mickey has shown to be highly effective in #1. Rhule's specialty is supposedly #2...combined effort (including Duval never being allowed back on campus) for #3 with assistants. Change is expected, but let's be as focused and relevant with #1-3 above. I believe Mickey is key out the gate.
  5. If Mickey leaves, a lot of recruits and commits move on.
  6. Losing Trey is a critical loss, but I also understand. Rhule will have his hands full.
  7. "I consider Scott a friend." May want to consider him a mentee. Scott is no peer of Rhule.
  8. I've stated in the other thread. I believe Fickell would be the best option. Meyer would be #1 if he wasn't a shred of emotional and situational life intelligence. Fickell flat out said not interested.
  9. With you, there is no "we."
  10. I'll take an immovable DLine with that OLine, if we're taking orders
  11. Nebraska wanted nothing of Burrow. Match made in heaven?
  12. Up 24 - 0 in the 2nd half. Against the worst offense in college football. With their 2nd string QB. And here we are...
  13. This. Team. Hates. Winning. Are you kidding me Newsome????????????
  14. In other news, Matt Rhule reaches a decision in principal to coach Huskers, turns on what he's inheriting, and calls Trev back to decline.
  15. We just lost the ball. SMH at anyone who says this is over, too little too late, don't worry about scoring at the end of the 1st half
  16. Why do our defenders look like they're on ice? No change of direction
  17. No dancing with Rahmir. I wish we would've played him more this year
  18. Nebraska fans thinking of punt stats being erased. Oh how I've hated the last two decades
  19. Nebraska getting more breaks today than the previous four years combined.
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