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  1. There will be a difference. Not much. But some. Same difference as if Tim Miles were kept instead of fired; he was on an upswing and his assistants were growing into it. The new guy will get in line with the rest of the Big Ten for recruits. Miles was already in line.
  2. Well, he's the boss and still a new one, so there's going to be discontent.. until all slough off over time. Having said that, the perception that he should have allowed Miles a three year contract extension (or more) instead of the one year, is largely unsaid but felt AND said by some. I agree with those sentiments, about Miles. But, Moos has goals and his way of going about achieving those goals. People need to settle down and get to work on that.
  3. He took ISU on a pretty good ride when he was there. I'd think he could recruit here as well as he did there.
  4. Fred is going to have to persuade top rated recruits that Nebraska is the place to come to and be on the ground floor of a great basketball program on the upswing now. Best of luck to him.
  5. Jeepy

    Tim Miles

    Mistake. The program is better now than when he began. He should have received a three year contract moving forward.
  6. Ugh. What a road to go down; that of bringing in a high profile (as in "good") basketball coach.. to Nebraska. Big bux. Could such a guy in this day and age bring great players to our program? Could he make Nebraska something that it is not and will never be? A basketball school? Jeesh.. give Miles his deserved three year contract and let him do his work. He'll likely grow into the Big Ten to 22 or more wins per season once he gets his assistants honed and on board. He'll make the NCAA dance regularly down the road. Tim Miles is improving the program. Hiring someone like Hoiberg would be spinning our wheels. Imo.
  7. *googling "sipple strip club"* How did that get by me?
  8. Synopsis: (Tim Miles) "Yeah,.. the team's second rate. I'm second rate, too."
  9. Nope. I've wished for that off and on over the years. But he has been there forever and is a UNL grad so... we're stuck with him. Put on your hip boots and wade in to his articles.. there's often a point.
  10. The basketball program might inch up a bit in respectability, but Nebraska will likely never be a Kansas or Duke, etc, in a perennial manner as they are, unless we can attract a coach who is two things: 1. Proven in a major conference, 2. Willing to leave an already proven bb program for .. a-hem, Nebraska. The history of the football program is not a good analogy and we know why. The history of Nebraska compared to Kansas in football and basketball is pretty plain. Perhaps 25 years from now.. when Omaha is 5.5 million people and Lincoln is 1.5 million. ?? Never say never, right? But you know what I mean. In other words, remind us again: why fire Miles?
  11. No matter the coaches on Moos's short list, who is going to want to come play basketball at Nebraska.. for very long? The same sort who goes to play football for Kansas?
  12. Moos seems to have his agenda, with the one year contract extension being basically the Big Hint. Honestly. This is not a basketball school, but T.M. is proving he has needed a talent upgrade and things are moving along pretty well.
  13. So. Welp.. Miles is outa here no matter what. Hmm. Dibs on his Husker hat.
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