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  1. Jeepy

    B10: East vs West Disparity?

    Media darlings tend to look more formidable, as we become brainwashed. I agree with the OP.
  2. Trying to get "triggered." Can't.
  3. Jeepy

    Chinander by the numbers

    I think that could make the difference for us as to the "righting the ship" attitude we've adopted. The offense will improve even more. The D will get some (please!) leaders, and away we go.
  4. Jeepy

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Ahhh... yes! Pretty much so, yes.
  5. Jeepy

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Nice drive. Straight downfield, no threats to them from Nebraska. Running. Passing. Now, can we meet that?
  6. The Iowa tight ends thing. Yeah.
  7. Jeepy

    *** Iowa Prediction Contest ***

    Six dollars in cash. ~ Larry "Bud" Melman
  8. Jeepy

    Obligatory "Is Iowa a Rival" Thread

    Don't let him decide.
  9. Jeepy

    Obligatory "Is Iowa a Rival" Thread

    Same here. Along with (irrelevant) Mizzou.
  10. SBNation says 2% probability. But what does Husker Nation say? lmao (topic title is a scream.. we're having fun now.) etc..
  11. I'm new here. I get a pass. For a while. Stuff like that.
  12. It is? Well by golly garsh we need all jess stop are thinkin' then.. time to lean over a pan of hot corn bread an' a beer and jess watch tee vee.. hek with thinkin'. Yes indeedy.
  13. A good looking win over Iowa could have The Deciders thinking about Husker fans filling a usually empty bowl out there somewhere. I think.
  14. Jeepy

    *** Iowa Prediction Contest ***

    Not a good day for Huskers.. Nebraska 17 Iowa 49 Rushing 115 Passing 203