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  1. I think he is already going through a lot with what's happening in California. And I don't believe in double jeopardy at the same time. I experienced that when I was military and it sucked. But he should at least be held accountable for the drug paraphernalia charge. And that may or may not involve running stairs until he pukes. Let's just wait to see his verdict in California and let the coaches decide what's best for the program.
  2. I sure as hell don't, but at the same time he is not a great reflection on our University right now. I really hope the kid can grow up and grow up fast. He should have felt he was on thin ice well before the drug paraphernalia issue came out.
  3. Well I guess there are a few on this forum that struggled with reading class in elementary. When did I ever say I support MO being kicked off the team? Also to the other guy, when did I ever suggest that teams and states don't have laws/rules lmao?
  4. So the future of our program is dependent on one player? Granted were weak on the RB position, but I'm not quite sure our year will be determined whether MO plays or not.
  5. Yeah, MO was just holding onto it for a friend right? Still drug paraphernalia in a dorm room breaks teams rules no matter how much you want to defend him or not. Look, if you dont like state laws move to another state. If you don't like team rules, play for somebody else.
  6. It applys to both. You break the law or break team rules you should be held accountable whether you agree with it or not.
  7. Please stop twisting what I said. All I said is those that break team rules should be held accountable. I dont care if its underage drinking, smoking pot, etc.. You can't compare murder as the same crime as a trafic violation. Which for the record I don't disagree or agree with liberal marijuana laws. It should be up to the people of the state to determine what they want for the most part. Pretty sure were supposed to be talking about MO's case on this forum instead of having a political debate.
  8. Going 75 over in a school zone is straight up negligence as compared to doing ten over on the interstate. This why the violation is treated differently. And I don't compleatly disagree with you, we have a young team that I'm not quite sure was held accountable under coach Riley and staff.
  9. The culture isn't solely based on lifting and being a bad a$$, but doing the right things as well and developing young men into becoming adults. I know some have mentioned this offense is the same as being pulled over for a trafic violation. I disagree, being pulled over for doing 10 over the speed limit is completely different then using an illegal substance. Who cares what California and Colrado does? Rules are rules and laws are laws whether you agree with them or not. I dont see how this argument is justifiable.
  10. I think there is some that is missing the point. Sure it's a minor offense, but MO already has a dark cloud hanging over his head. The kid is only a sophomore and it's already the second time he has found himself in trouble. Granted 19 yr old kids make stupid decisions, but this wasn't just dumb but selfish as well. He wasn't thinking about the team and I'm sure that's not the culture Frost is trying to bring back to Lincoln. Regardless of your stance on pot, he broke team rules and should face consequences. Because what's the point of having team rules if kids don't feel like they will be held accountable for breaking them? Now whether that's running more stadium steps, game suspension, or in MO's case getting booted off the team, that's the coaches and the Univerity's decision. But I'm sure they're thinking of what is better long term for the program. Frost keeps talking about how we need more leadership and thats probably why he doesn't feel like we're ready for a unity council yet. I miss the days where if a kid did something stupid they were more afraid of dealing with the team and guys like the Peter brothers and Barret Ruud then they were of Tom Osborne.
  11. Was MO in Nebraska when he sent that video? Because Nebraska doesn't have a revenge porn law. We are only hearing one side of the story and its hers. Instead of jumping to conclusins why not wait until all the details are out before trash talking the kid? Im pretty sure innocent until proven guilty is still the law of the land. As far as we know she could have been embarrassed about the video and claimed rape meanwhile it was actually consensual. She never did file any charges and Mo wasn't involved with the video. The fact of the matter is kids make stupid choices without thinking about the consequences. I'm guilty of it and I'm sure just about everyone of you is as well. Also Frost and his staff probably didn't know the extent of it. And if they did, all it was at the time was an accusation. You don't boot /suspend a kid based on accusations. If he is guilty there should be disciplinary actions and the coaches should decide what they should be. Not some husker fan/spectacular on a forum page.
  12. Yeah baby! GBR!!!! Noa is comming to Lincoln!
  13. It's just too bad that Harrison Beck didn't finish his career with Nebraska. Between Callahan's genius coaching ability and Beck's cannon of an arm, Nebraska would have 7 national titles and a back to back Heisman trophy winner. I once saw Beck throw a Nerf Vortex 68 yards with just a flick of the wrist. When Parker Brothers asked him to take over the commercials for John Elway he had to politely decline. Because Beck knew if he threw a vortex as hard as he could he would destroy a satellite orbiting the earth thus endangering wildlife and mankind with the debris. Harrison Beck was not just the most talented athlete known to man, but a humble and thoughtful guy as well. And therefore he should be a role model and inspiration for us all.
  14. No I totally agree, the stock market is not a good indicator of economic growth on it's own. America measures it soley on GDP.
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