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  1. Jimari Butler I believe is a true freshman. I also wonder how much easier it is for JUCO guys to not walk in to a work in progress. Where they were picked up to fill a hole depth/starter (pelini) and not be a culture builder leader (frost).
  2. I saw a Twitter thread about Delancy tweeting mid Illinois game. Tweet said “ We pose to be way better than that as a team wasting talent” with some laughing emojis at the end. Doesn’t give me a good feeling at all.
  3. So are our other 3 Qb’s, heck of an athlete doesn’t translate to passing apparently.
  4. We’re offering “walk-on scholarships” now?
  5. We have a monstrous obstacle to climb for Jackson and woods. To get even 1/2 of them would be a coupe for Nebraska. We just aren’t a good enough program to elicit that kind of talent and demand it be automatic.
  6. Didn’t see Thompkins, Scott III had three rush attempts. Manning seemed to be a decoy when he did see the field.
  7. Not Omar Manning... was he just a decoy? side note: Marcus Fleming looked like the real deal.
  8. With faith and honor held high,
  9. Agreed, just hoping for a little more domination from what looks to be a full grown man against children.
  10. He has got some nasty in him when he finishes, but I was a little disappointed in his get off and hand placement/technique against what I can only imagine is horrendous competition.
  11. Make a move already, I see no problem with taking a third TE this class. Especially since we are more than likely to miss out on Riley next year.
  12. Iowa didn’t recruit Ducker either sooooo....
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