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  1. I hope he grows vertically some in the next two years, and I know kids do. But 5'6" 150 isn't a great frame for any position.
  2. I know that Austin Peay is the Governors, bottom right mascot. But what school is KSU?
  3. I heard Louisville has really been on this recruits dic.... well there you have it
  4. Wasn’t really trying to act over-excited. Just describing the play. He will be a nice addition, especially with his experience. It’s not easy to play D1 football in any conference as a freshman
  5. The one demolishing the NT from the LG spot
  6. Him and Javian Hester just visited UCLA together.
  7. I see former NU commit Robert Porcher IV is leaving Va Tech.
  8. I’m hoping this kid turns into the Edge rusher we need. Big, Freak athlete, develop his skills and let him race to the QB
  9. Academics were an issue. never made it here.
  10. I would think a kid with interest/offers from Vanderbilt and Virginia wouldn't be an academic risk.
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