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  1. I prefer the Mighty McCaffrey's
  2. Has anyone taken the bus from Southpointe mall to the stadium for a game before? Is it really crowded or a big hassle? Considering giving it a try next Saturday. Any opinions or information would be great.

  3. Good for him. Towson is a respected FCS program in Maryland. Good luck.
  4. What do I think? I think someone photoshopped a #4 and a t-shirt neckline onto Mo Barry. LOL
  5. I'm thinking Bootle should be somewhere near the top of that list.
  6. Maybe safety, but I am not a good judge of that. Linebacker seems like a stretch, but Domann did it in that hybrid nickel position.
  7. I say Miko, he seems tailored for a versatile offense like Frost's. With that being said Hahn looks extremely athletic and talented.
  8. Transferred to Muscle Shoals High School. Dad got a job as associate head coach, strength coach. His older brothers played at MSHS, he went to Muscle Shoals middle school before attending Athens High School. I believe another 2020 ILB is at Muscle Shoals as well, Jackson Bratton currently committed to Alabama.
  9. I believe he is referring to the 2020 season. as Bootle, Dismuke, and Williams wouldn't be seniors until 2020 either
  10. His new twitter bio reads. "Academically eligible"
  11. Does this mean we lose his walk-on buddy Corbin Frederick?
  12. Avery Anderson hasn't. Eric Lee started at corner some in 2017, it wasn't particularly good, but he did start.
  13. That looks a lot like a commitment tweet, but it doesn't seem to be. Scared the hell out of me either way.
  14. That is a sweet side gig for Honas.
  15. The NFL's biggest issue with incoming long snappers from college is that very few of them CAN block. Although they can not be directly lined up against, they very much need to know how to block. Plus, you have to be the absolute best long snapper any given year to find a job, as only 2-3 come open at any one time. Ober (according to Frost, at least) wasn't even the best long snapper on his team. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2018/4/19/17173142/long-snappers-nfl-college-football The challenge for NFL teams is finding snappers who know how to block. In the last few years, almost all college teams have transitioned to a spread punting scheme. They scatter their blockers and coverage men horizontally, which usually means there’s not a rusher for the long snapper to block. The snapper, then, gets a free release downfield: The spread punt is less common in the NFL, where blockers keep closer splits and funnel rushers more toward the middle. Most professional snappers have to put their heads up and block someone almost as soon as they’ve released the ball. Rushers can’t line up directly over the snapper’s head, but they still run right at them:
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