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  1. I see former NU commit Robert Porcher IV is leaving Va Tech.
  2. I’m hoping this kid turns into the Edge rusher we need. Big, Freak athlete, develop his skills and let him race to the QB
  3. Academics were an issue. never made it here.
  4. Is this guy even on the radar anymore?
  5. I would think a kid with interest/offers from Vanderbilt and Virginia wouldn't be an academic risk.
  6. That's good to see right after losing an ILB commit.
  7. I prefer the Mighty McCaffrey's
  8. Has anyone taken the bus from Southpointe mall to the stadium for a game before? Is it really crowded or a big hassle? Considering giving it a try next Saturday. Any opinions or information would be great.

  9. Good for him. Towson is a respected FCS program in Maryland. Good luck.
  10. What do I think? I think someone photoshopped a #4 and a t-shirt neckline onto Mo Barry. LOL
  11. I'm thinking Bootle should be somewhere near the top of that list.
  12. Maybe safety, but I am not a good judge of that. Linebacker seems like a stretch, but Domann did it in that hybrid nickel position.
  13. I say Miko, he seems tailored for a versatile offense like Frost's. With that being said Hahn looks extremely athletic and talented.
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