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  1. Sounds like a car accident
  2. Can anyone explain what happened to Garcia-Castaneda? 4 catches for 120 yards and a TD against NW. Then 1 catch for zero yards since.
  3. Is fisher that bad? Or was he forced into a bad scheme?
  4. I take my earlier statement back slightly- it was piper at LG. Still think the effort was there, maybe a bad assignment, maybe a great read.
  5. I might catch some flak for this but, Corcoran held up his draw assignment- sell pass- by blocking the 2/3technique in the A gap. Then he ran to the unblocked guy he saw. Was it wrong? Maybe? Did he put effort in on the play, absolutely. it is also possible the OLB for OK, read the play and made a strong play? I am not fighting the OLINE needs to be better feeling. But this play isn’t the one we should be pointing at.
  6. I'm not sure this is worth reading into- but Chinander is off to the side and not the voice in any of what looked like defensive coaching.
  7. This is been posted two separate places, it doesn’t need its own thread
  8. Campbell originally didn't move the needle for me either. The only real defense I have of him, for the 1-6 vs Iowa record, is that this is probably the best 10 year stretch Iowa has ever had. I know we want to be better than Iowa and I despise them as much as the next fan. They have won at a consistently high level since 2013. Almost as good and as consistently as Pelini did with Nebraska, Iowa had more bounce (12 win season/ 7 win season) but less blowouts. Point being- Iowa was no slouch- This isn't Michigan beating Ohio State- this was much more like Oregon State beating Oregon.
  9. They have fair caught all punts. Georgia Southern- punted 1 time North Dakota- 5 (or 6) times- espn stats unclear Northwestern- 6 times
  10. Are you saying that the Huskers have not forced a punt this season? That is simply not true.
  11. I wouldn't be bothered if Mickey let Chinander go, and gave Travis Fisher a real shot at running the Defense
  12. Maybe Trev talked to Helton before they left last night. /s
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