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  1. 2024-25 LB Starters ILB- Gbayor- Ho’ohuli OLB- Malcolm- Kpai *Ho’ohuli and Malcolm may swap places
  2. As soon as Fleming transferred to Maryland, I figured that was Lewis’ final destination
  3. Cooper has the same build as Gregory. I really believe given the opportunity he could make a really strong impact as a Pass rushing OLB. Gregory was playing as a 4-3 DE at 6’5 230. Cooper is 6’5 225. While the same abilities may not be there, the same stature definitely is.
  4. The very minimal inside scoop I have to contribute on the recruiting front says Jackson and Woods will likely go somewhere together. And it won’t be Nebraska
  5. I think Izien paid him. He has two fumble recoveries and two INT’s
  6. I was unsure of why he was getting so much attention from other school outside of the region as a mid 3-star. Then I saw he was 6’5”.
  7. I am not going to pretend to know everything about what he is doing, but I have two points. 1- he is 6’8” at that height/age kids are still kind of uncoordinated because there body has been growing every year by several inches. Also not uncommon for long guys like him to have lesser squats/bench until they fill out which he still needs to do. 2- I believe this is a squat concentrated on finding correct form and depth through muscle activation and memory. So maybe not a max effort and more about finding that uncomfortable spot that is where he should be.
  8. If I’m being honest, I don’t actually like the holding call there on Rogers. As a former collegiate Offensive lineman, he pulled him down within the shoulder frame, and let Rogers shoulders get too far in front of his feet and pulled the table out. (he may have grabbed Rogers arm, which should be a hold) Nebraska deserved the call regardless, just an observation. Plus the pin and spin like he was a heavy weight wrestler was a little excessive
  9. Farmer was carted off the field during pre-game warmups with a nasty leg injury
  10. One was against Cam Jurgens on what would have been a touchdown by Marvin Scott at the 1 yard line, but was called back. That call really bothered me, because the amount of time it took for the ball to be snapped and Scott to be in the endzone was barely a full 2 count. There wasn't even time to have committed the holding penalty
  11. Jimari Butler I believe is a true freshman. I also wonder how much easier it is for JUCO guys to not walk in to a work in progress. Where they were picked up to fill a hole depth/starter (pelini) and not be a culture builder leader (frost).
  12. I saw a Twitter thread about Delancy tweeting mid Illinois game. Tweet said “ We pose to be way better than that as a team wasting talent” with some laughing emojis at the end. Doesn’t give me a good feeling at all.
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