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  1. any ideas here? I feel like he would be a nice addition and wrap up our DB class for the year.
  2. I'm not going to pretend to know more about this situation than I do. But I believe the interest on our side was lacking, if Mickey had really wanted this guy, he probably could have got him. However it feels like a decent amount of these guys we don't get pop-off at another school and we regret it later.
  3. At this point the Huskers are like a toxic girlfriend I keep going back too. Lemme tell ya, I'm ready to get hurt again.
  4. That's a badass picture right there. In a perfect world they all play and contribute on some level, unfortunately I think at the very least 1 of four is gone by next year.
  5. Definitely read that as womanlike and couldn't figure out what you were getting at. But I totally agree now that I read it a second time.
  6. Nebraska QB ‘really impressed’ Streeter with strong Swinney Camp showing | The Clemson Insider So are we just no longer going after him? We struck out with Raiola, we aren't even keeping him in the loop?
  7. I don't know. Why did kamikaze's wear crash helmets?
  8. I agree- believe me, I cringed while putting new mexico and nmsu in a super conference.
  9. It was copy paste, I didn't have anything to do for 15 minutes at work. And ultimately I think all the conferences will implode and a different governing body would guide the conferences to look something like this.
  10. I know this goes directly against what is happening right now, but in speaking of super conferences, I would like to see them shake out something like this. The 4 super conferences take some stretching from lower caliber programs. The 3 super conferences keep every team I believe is worthy of P5. I just wanted to see what it would look like, and with the first conference alignment with 4 teams, almost every school plays within its own time zone - besides RMT and PST.
  11. The elite 11 has had some of the top QB talent every year. 2-4 guys that are either stars in college or make it to the NFL. The other 60-70% you never hear of again.
  12. This is Dasan's brother Daeh- Which leads me to believe Dasan would hit the transfer portal soon.
  13. Same kind of kid Iowa has turned into All-Americans. Ex. Riley Moss
  14. Time to raid the portal for some D-3 guys then.
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