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  1. Looks like Geno and his 4* RB high school teammate Austin Estime are both looking to go to MSU
  2. I thought that was Farnioks? Last article I read said farniok and Benhart on the right, then jaimes at left tackle with an open competition at left guard.
  3. I agree with everyone’s sentiments about Barry. But I also believe that if the records remained the same for 18’ and 19’ with a more skilled ILB, I would take Barry for buy-in, program building, heart and dedication. Some guys just hit a ceiling and they are the best they will ever be, in college. But I feel like he was an important piece in this tough transition and rebuild.
  4. Olsen is a CU commit, for some reason I was thinking the article had mentioned that this “ranking” was a winter time deal. Must have been wrong
  5. May have been Erik Olsen at the time as well. I feel like Crownover is a rather new development maybe since May.
  6. We won the last one, thank you Wandale
  7. Is there a chance we take him if Geno doesn’t land with us? Because it seems like he is still quite engaged with the current commits. I figured if he was told we were no longer interested ( due to Ezra Miller) he wouldn’t be as publicly vocal with our commits. Maybe they just built a good relationship
  8. Does that 6’0 210-215 play anywhere though? It seems too small for a linebacker position. I was with you on the thought that he seemed overhyped, I don’t have the eye for hip flexibility or understanding of running styles and fluidity. But I just don’t know if his overall athleticism isn’t what makes him a great HS player and that he may play well in college but that’s about it. Any thoughts on projection for him through college to an NFL spot. I ask more to see how you think, as you seem to have an eye for more specific abilities than a height/weight build.
  9. One question now that I have said that. I’m not sure about his timed speed, but does he fit better as a box safety? Almost the rover type? Because based off of our recent pick ups at OLB he doesn’t seem to fit the height/length mold. Unless he could put on a decent 30-40 pounds and sit as an ILB.
  10. When you comment, I listen. Your info is always at least very close to spot on.
  11. I think with the effect of Covid, the player ranking will be off by quite a bit. This may be a class where we think we were down and pulled a lot of average players. The only real truth will be 2022-23 to see how this class pans out. I feel bad for a lot of these kids, especially ones counting on working for offers at camps this summer. Who knows how HS ball will be effected this year.
  12. As would I, interesting to see what happens with his ranking. At least a high 3 star.
  13. Most athletic at Nebraska* my previous post did not make that clear.
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