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  1. Wut? Solid academics and great athletic programs, maybe the best state in the US, please - feel sorry for me.. Gameweek bump. Any more suggestions welcome - any late night food/booze place for Friday?
  2. Thank you all!!! Just snagged some tickets in row 14 near the 50. Appreciate all the insight.. pumped!
  3. Hello my fellow Big 10 people - My friend and I are making the trip to Lincoln, NE for the first time (from Denver, CO) to watch our Spartans play Nebraska in a few weeks. I've been looking at tickets (2) and noticed that some rows on the sideline are too close to the field where the players may block your view a lot of the time. Is this the case for say, section 25 or 27 row D? Will we have a decent view at the game or is it going to be staring at the backs of the players? what row should I be ideally looking for? We are willing to pony up $$$ for good seats. ANY insight would be appreciated. Also, if you have tips what to do Friday night, Saturday before and after game - would love to hear it. Thanks y'all, much appreciated.