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  1. His speed was quite noticeable to me as well on that throw back pass.
  2. He had to give Chase Daniel a break now and then so he could get some booger eating in.
  3. Man... imagine if we could just get out of our own way. Feels like we can move the ball if we clean up the penalties. Huge if.
  4. Well, we all knew OU would score points. Can we respond?
  5. I'm not sold on the helmets yet. The letters don't really fit nicely together and it feels kind of awkward/crowded. I'll be curious to see how they look on TV rather than close up photos. Lots of potential though! I know we've had the "winning tradition" badge on the uniforms for a long time, but I have to admit I kind of like how the tops looks with out it.
  6. Side note: I'm glad we took the stripes off the pants.
  7. Second time I've heard references to coaches showing up late. I wonder if anything will ever come out about that?
  8. What kills me is, 13 of our 21 losses during Frost's tenure have been by a score or less. Despite everything surrounding this program, we've been that close to actually being decent. I feel like a competent coach should be able to reach Pelini level numbers at Nebraska. We've routinely recruited the 4th best class in the Big 10 (although likely falling as of late), and we play in the easier division. 8 win seasons should be obtainable. I don't think that is a rose colored glasses outlook, just an honest one based on the resources we have. That's why I'll never understand the "if not Frost... who?" argument. Although I don't know much, so maybe I'm off base here.
  9. Yeah, I heard Frost hates runzas too. In all seriousness, I'm not surprised about the whisperings. Something seems amiss and it sucks.
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