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  1. Didn't Chris Peterson leave Washington because he was burned out?
  2. I hope it's not the Cincinnati game. Have family there and been looking forward to it since the game was scheduled. Plus, neutral site games suck. Cincinnati has a nice stadium and great fan support. Would be a fun environment to play in.
  3. I learned that I much prefer pants with no stripes. I might be in the minority on that one though.
  4. Not trying to argue either way, but it is Iowa State. Historically that's a really hard place to win. Their last conference title was in 1912 and they have one division title in 2004. Overall record is 551-661-46. That doesn't mean Campbell is a God, just pointing it out.
  5. Agreed. Yet despite ALL of that, look at how damn close we were to winning big games against good teams. Sorry to use the "close" word. Just goes to show what is possible with someone fully committed and knowledgable.
  6. We had 6 offensive possessions in the first half. Two went nowhere and we had to punt. The other four went 75 yards for TD, 75 yards for TD, 76 yards for TD, 75 yards for TD. The defense makes me sad.
  7. Immediately reminded me of the BS roughing the passer penalty called on us against them in 2010.
  8. OSU has 5 losing seasons between 2021 and 1950, and their overall record during that time is insanely impressive. They don't really miss a beat in general.
  9. North Dakota fans traveling to Nebraska, please share your experience here (good or bad). Happy to have ya!
  10. Guys I am 110% not going to drink tomorrow evening.
  11. I'm admo's neighbor and can confirm. The entire neighborhood smells like piss and gasoline.
  12. Frost too busy yelling at the refs instead of figuring out how to stop the bleeding.
  13. I don't have a dog in the fight, but Frost's offense looked pretty good during the second half of 2018 with a lot of Riley recruits.
  14. Correct. I was just remembering the 2000 Alamo Bowl.
  15. Nebraska is feeling nostalgic and wins 66-17. I wish. It'll probably be another heart attack inducing game. But I still think we win.
  16. Anyone think red or white end zones would be cool? Or do most prefer the green with red text?
  17. Has there been word on the health of Betts or Adrian's jaw?
  18. The III represents Ron Kellog III, and they're going to announce he's coming back as a guest quarterback against Northwestern?
  19. The hardest part with all of this is that we're so close. This isn't like Callahan or Riley where we're getting blown out. So damn close.
  20. For sure. Just prefer the simplicity of the solid colored pants.
  21. Don't mind the gray face masks, but I've never liked the stripes on the pants. Reminds me of Wisconsin.
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