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  1. The_Fan_Man

    RB Sevion Morrison [Nebraska Commit]

    I'll be honest, that time is surprising. That's Ahman Green/Zack Bowman sort of speed and it just doesn't show up on his tape. He's shifty and strong with great vision, but I don't know if he's a 10.5 burner unless they are timing the 100y.
  2. The_Fan_Man

    TE Tommy Christakos [California Commit]

    Looking at your location now, I feel foolish for missing the tongue resting firmly in your cheek.
  3. The_Fan_Man

    TE Tommy Christakos [California Commit]

    Jack Miller is headed to Ohio State.
  4. The_Fan_Man

    QB Jacob Garcia

    Garcia is now up to 24 in the new 247 rankings.
  5. The_Fan_Man

    Your Most Fun Time At A Huskers Game

    I was seven years old and sitting in the west balcony with my Grandpa for the 1994 Colorado game. This was the first season that I really followed football after remembering the feeling at the end of the '93 season. Boy, did this season deliver on that hype; Lawrence Phillips dominating the Spring Game, Tommie Frazier running around West Virginia on TV, Frazier's subsequent blot clot being on the news and in the paper, Wyoming's QB getting folded in half. Nebraska was a super fun team to watch that was just destroying over-matched teams that couldn't physically handle our strength and speed. Colorado, on the other hand, was battle tested against great competition. While our star QB was out, their triumvirate of Kordell Stewart, Rashaan Salaam, and Michael Westbrook were the toast of the college football season by putting up insane numbers and completing the craziest Hail Mary in college football history at Michigan and a last second field goal to win in Austin. It was a battle of top ranked teams and the 200th consecutive sell-out of Memorial Stadium. I ate so many Runzas.
  6. The_Fan_Man

    OLB Tate Romney

    Romney's likely to take a 2-year mission. He is considered a very strong lean to BYU as he has two older brothers playing there.
  7. The_Fan_Man

    Most Popular Huskers of the 21st Century?

    Eric Crouch Ndamukong Suh Ameer Abdullah Rex Burkhead Barrett Ruud
  8. The_Fan_Man

    Ranking CFB's Greatest Programs of All-Time

    Absolutely! I think you could make a good argument for Alabama, Nebraska, Oklahoma, or Ohio State as the best program over the past 60 years. You can manipulate the data to say a lot of things, but one thing is certain, since Nebraska hired Bob Devaney, we have more wins than any other team and more undefeated National Championships.
  9. The_Fan_Man

    Ranking CFB's Greatest Programs of All-Time

    The "modern" era of college football can be started in a few years. 1936- AP Poll and Heisman change football from a regional to national game: Nebraska 7th 1959- Success of the NFL as a televised product makes them the most popular football brand and forces college football onto TV to compete. Also, coincides with Duffy Daugherty and Bob Devaney's aggressive recruitment of southern black football players that were excluded from college in their home states: Nebraska 1st 1966- ABC's National Game of the Week brings college football into every home in the country: Nebraska 1st 1972- First year of freshman eligibility in college football: Nebraska 3rd 1984- Schools and conferences are able to negotiate TV rights: Nebraska 4th 1992- Bowl Alliance leads to ensuring the most competitive bowl games possible: Nebraska 6th 2014- Playoff ensures that top team will not be left out of championship game: Nebraska 71st Personally, I think the only correct way to rank programs is by grading their best 40 year run.
  10. The_Fan_Man

    DT Matthew Pola-Mao [Kansas State - Signed LOI]

    As a sophomore, he finished 5th in the state for shot put and 7th in discus.
  11. The_Fan_Man

    S Noa Pola-Gates [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I just hope that they restructure the targeting penalty before Pola-Gates plays here.
  12. The_Fan_Man

    S Noa Pola-Gates [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I'm just relaying what he measured at The Opening Combine last summer. Rivals also claimed that Zach Banner ran a 4.6 forty until he popped a 5.56 at a combine. 11 is listed at 6'0" 1 is listed at 5'11" (probably jumping) 16 is listed at 5'11" Bookie is listed at 5'9"
  13. The_Fan_Man

    S Noa Pola-Gates [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Noa Pola-Gates is a barefoot 5'10.5" and weighs 165 lbs. Bookie was 5'8.5" and weighed 165 lbs.
  14. The_Fan_Man

    WR Wan'Dale Robinson [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Flexibility as well as width is being tested.
  15. The_Fan_Man

    DE Ty Robinson [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Measured in at the Army All-American Bowl as 6'4.25, 283.2 lbs, 9.75 hands, and 32.5 inch arms.