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  1. Seeing how he averaged 12 yards per carry, I was expecting Gaston to be a guy that just runs to open field against overmatched opponents and there's plenty of that in his highlights. I certainly wasn't expecting a decisive between the tackles runner that makes guys miss and punishes defenders at the end of runs. It's always so much fun to watch high school running backs that understand the blocking scheme in front of them.
  2. I agree that Kanak has a higher ceiling on defense. His offensive film is mostly him being bigger, stronger, and faster than everybody where he just flows so much better on defense. He's the same sort of athlete as Nate Gerry or Quincy Enunwa, I just hope he's wearing Husker red at the next level.
  3. He does have a strange throwing motion. The only high level guy I can think of that has that sort of off arm tucked like that is Dan Marino however Marino kept his off hand high and really committed his body into his passes to get velocity. But it's like they say, every high school QB is a project (except for Trevor Lawrence and Tommie Frazier).
  4. He looks like a real match up nightmare. Watching his film gives me flashbacks of Todd Blythe at Iowa State.
  5. I do agree that there is a bit more opportunity in Omaha to look elsewhere but I don't see it as anything too much different than the rest of the state. Most guys want to play at Nebraska with some Notre Dame fans thrown in the mix but even then I see it as parallel fandoms. Not to rehash old stuff, but I think that Pelini did a poor job managing the state of Nebraska generally and overlooked Omaha specifically. He'd rather take a fringe guy from Youngstown Cardinal Mooney than Omaha Central. Look at his in-state recruits; Omaha: Bronson Marsh, CJ Zimmerer,
  6. They do at some point. Team improvement across the board in strength & conditioning reflects a competitive effort and that players are holding one another accountable. Damian Jackson's leadership over the winter has been really valuable to this team. He's an extra coach wearing shoulder pads.
  7. Yes, they are the same measurements and captured with the same electronic tools to the best of my knowledge. They didn't include the 40 yard dash in those 2016 measures. I imagine that Khalil Davis would have scored really, really well in that metric. These are the old records from 1980-2003; 10 Yard (Points) 40 Yard (Points) Pro Agility (Points) Vertical (Points) Performance Index Total Hang Clean (Points) Squat (Points) Strength Index Total
  8. Under Frost, Omaha contributes about the same number of players as the rest of the state. Omaha Metro Area: Thomas Fidone, Teddy Prochaska, Koby Bretz, AJ Rollins, Zavier Betts, Nick Heindrich, Chris Hickman Rest of Nebraska: Cam Jurgens, Garrett Nelson, Garrett Snodgrass, Ethan Piper, Issac Gifford, James Carnie, Henrich Haarberg We've made mistakes of slow playing guys (Harrison Phillips), recruiting them at positions they don't want to play (Noah Fant), and just missing them completely (Easton Stick). I don't see those mistakes with Dickerson, Woods, Jack
  9. Boyd Epley used the vert, agility, and ten to create his index score. There were a few numbers that they worked off of to evaluate team athleticism. 900: Walk-On that could contribute 1500: High-level contributors 1800: Pro-level athleticism Our scores were pretty good this year. Damian Jackson (2288) Cam Jurgens (2248) Deontai Williams (2043) Chris Kolarevic (2009) Cam Taylor-Britt (1797) To put this all in a bit of perspective, in 2016 our top five scorers were Khalil Davis (1790) Zack Darlington (17
  10. With that CB for us, here are his highlights from his sophomore year. His team went 1-7 last year and I couldn't find any season stats on him.
  11. Mooney is coming up to Lincoln for the Spring Game.
  12. Howard (FCS), Kansas (0-9), Mississippi State (4-7), Penn State (4-5), Kansas State (4-6), Michigan (2-4), Michigan State (2-5), and Wisconsin (4-3) all had a similar or worse season relative to Nebraska. Clemson (10-2), Miami (8-3), Cinci (9-1), and Indiana (6-2) clearly did better but he seems to be looking for the right program fit.
  13. Ryan Mallett is one of the strangest guys to play 7 years in the NFL. The guy was so slow, didn't work very hard but he could do this and got paid millions for it.
  14. I kept on trying to think of who Torres reminded me of and with his frame and arm you just think about NFL type of guys (Josh Freeman, Josh Allen, Joe Flacco, Brock Osweiler, Jason Campbell, etc.) which isn't right since he has so much developing to do to get there. Watching his highlights again I was reminded of this video I watched about Buffalo's Tyree Jackson. His ceiling is in the NFL, it's just a matter of getting in the right situation and him being receptive to the coaching.
  15. We still have an open week on Sept. 4th if we petitioned the NCAA to allow us an extra game.
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