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  1. Scott Frost was the guy who identified Justin Herbert and was his lead recruiter. Then he was hired by UCF and identified McKenzie Milton as his target for UCF. He was the lead on both of those guys. Not to mention his role in getting Marcus Mariota and Vernon Adams.
  2. The Tommy Armstrong comparison is great. He looks really good. Also, after getting injured in the first half, his team was in the craziest 4th quarter in high school football since the Tyler/Plano East game of 1994.
  3. I think we have a really good group of linebackers coming in but I'm also an idiot. Thomas Fidone Wynden Ho'ohuli Henry Lutovsky Mikai Gabor Kamonte Grimes Randolph Kpai Sleeper: Seth Malcolm
  4. Thomas is smooth for a guy that tall. Really makes guys miss.
  5. I don't think there is a likelihood of Adrian Martinez having a 2800/1000 season with a 4-to-1 TD/TO ratio but I wanted to put in the best case scenario for roster attrition that would have solved the problem.
  6. A bunch of the transfers seem to be because programs realize there is an inevitable scholarship crunch coming. I agree with Mavric that there is going to be some form of easement by the NCAA but who knows what form it will take? It's difficult to imagine a scenario where teams aren't forced to have smaller classes in 2022 and 2023 at least. Assuming we want to take a QB in the upcoming class, the numbers dictated that we had to lose one quarterback. Ideally, McCaffery moving to WR or Martinez having such a great year that he was in demand as an NFL QB would have solved this problem
  7. Obviously losing Wan'Dale Robinson hurts a bunch and you want an athlete like McCaffery on the team but maybe not as a QB. I think that people are missing the long term picture with transfers this year. Remember that every single player gets an extra year of eligibility out of this season. For example, Adrian Martinez will be a junior going into next year and Logan Smothers will have the same eligibility as a true freshman. However, the extra scholarships above the 85 limit is only good for those players that were seniors last year. We don't know how many football scholarships teams will be a
  8. Here's a short video where Tom Osborne agrees that not going for two earlier was a mistake.
  9. The only Big 8 teams that Rozier didn't get 400 yards against were Iowa State (377) and Mizzou (305) even though he only played three seasons. He averaged over 153 ypg against the Big 8.
  10. With Darren Sproles getting inducted to the CFB Hall-of-Fame, OWH writer Sam McKewon pointed out that Sproles had 458 yards against the Huskers in his career. It made me think about who has gotten over 400 against us and, more importantly, which one of our guys went for more than 400 against a single opponent. My initial comb through found five six players that accomplished that against Nebraska; 6. Brad Smith (Mizzou): 428 5. Montee Ball (Wisconsin): 446 4. Darren Sproles (Kansas State): 458 3. Billy Sims (Oklahoma): 587 2. Melvin Gordon (Wisconsin): 632
  11. Good luck to Stoll, he's been a very good blocker that has the ability to pick up short yardage very well. It's tough to lose a leader like him from the team, but I hope that he finds his niche in the NFL.
  12. Well, we didn't start playing until 1890. We could claim a National Championship if we wanted in 1902 where we didn't have a point scored on us all year. We also could claim it for undefeated seasons in 1903, 1913, and 1915 or with dominant teams with tough schedules in 1921, 1922, and 1933 without much controversy. We're were so much better than those guys even before Devaney got here. Don't look up Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, or Minnesota though. They were killers in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. The point somebody made was that Nebraska was only Devaney and Osborne
  13. Nebraska was one of the powers of college football before WWII, having the 5th best winning percentage from 1890-1941. Then it was 20 terrible years until Devaney showed up. From Devaney's first game to the last game of Tom Osborne's recruits, Nebraska had the best 40 year period in college football history. Since 2002, Nebraska is 35th in winning percentage. Nebraska has nearly a century of exceptional football and about 35 years of bad to average teams clumped into two periods. From 1869-1959 Nebraska: 359-211-34 Iowa: 293-242-28 Northwestern: 27
  14. I'm realizing that a lot of guys probably haven't seen Johnny Rodgers for more than a few of his big punt returns. Here's a 15 minute highlight of what he looked like on the field. He was the best offensive weapon in college football in the 1970s and probably the best player ever to put on a Husker uniform.
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