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  1. Not sure where to put this thread so Ill just ask here......who are some of your favorite twitter follows?  Local/National/Sports/Parody 

  2. dankebe

    Big announcement coming?

    I wont pretend to understand much in the way of construction or architecture, but how would one construct a dome over or on an existing structure?
  3. dankebe

    Big announcement coming?

    Too tall....people would have to stand, olds would riot.
  4. dankebe

    Big announcement coming?

    I always thought it would be cool to get rid of the chain link fence between the stands and the sidelines and replace with something similar to what Georgia does with its hedges. But instead of just green hedges do some kind of red plant like a burning bush or maybe even rose plants. Could be cool.
  5. Greetings all!  Long time lurker, thought I would join finally.  GBR