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  1. You couldn't be more wrong in your belief that it is weak, dishonest theology. We don't know why God protected one and not the other. God knows for sure but as a Christian, what I believe is God's plan for me far exceeds any plan I could conceive for myself. There is my theology and in know way is it a mockery of God The Father but go ahead, keep speaking judgement.
  2. So, which is He (Jesus) a false idol or a divine teacher? My logic? Where did I post my logic about anything other than God's hand protecting? Your attack on me and on my faith is not something I'm unaccustomed too. @Maverick gave me a warning for what he called attacking words but I'm certain he won't reciprocate his actions regarding your attack on the many many Christians that live their faith and also enjoy reading and participating on the boards. To you however mr. chamberlin I refuse to continue this discussion.
  3. I'm curious, does it make you feel better to mock faith? God's hand shielded our soon to be next president. Why another life was taken isn't an answer anyone has but what we Christians believe is that only God the Father knows and that we are told to pray for the victim and the victim's family. We are also to support the shooter's family & even the shooter with prayer. That is our faith and in that (our faith), also our joy.
  4. So, for those who have never spoken to, spoken with or think the sniper world believes the main stream media.. well, here's a special ops sniper speaking about this and before you lefties jump on this as right wing consider the couple. Clayton left fox's morning show because of the fake news and censorship. Natalie left MSNBC, Huffington Post and NBC (she was a reporter not a host). Yes, I struggle to believe anything on the main stream national news especially when every host uses the "exact" same terminalogy in their reporting and to the righty's out there, fox and new max do it just as much. Redacted I trust. Natalie keeps the reporting most centered with yes, a right leaning view but they actually share the links in a morning news letter free of charge, pertaining to topics discussed. Link To The Sniper Speaking
  5. Congrats to Mr. Caron... Snubbed by the B1G and gets to last laugh. Also, Brett Sears in the 7th to Atlanta. Tyson Lewis, SS from Millard West. Congrats to all 3 of them!!! additional B1G players drafted so far: Brody Brecht from Iowa at 38 Josh Kuroda-Grauer (Rutgers) Connor Foley (Indiana) Carter Mathison (Indiana) Luke Sinnard (Indiana) Sam Petersen (Iowa) Nick Mitchell (Indiana) Still on the board: Marcus Morgan, RHP — Iowa Henry Kaczmar, SS — Ohio State Donovan Zsak, LHP — Rutgers Camden Janik, C/OF — Illinois Dylan Carey, 3B — Nebraska Brock Tibbitts, C — Indiana Tyler Cerny, SS — Indiana Tony Santa Maria, 3B — Rugters Logan Tabeling, RHP — Illinois Jake Perry, 3B — Minnesota Drew Christo, RHP — Nebraska Gabe Swansen, OF — Nebraska Gavin Bruni, LHP — Ohio State Trey Lipsey, OF — Ohio State
  6. You know nothing at all about what it takes to pull a trigger on another person. You haven't ever been in combat let alone in special ops. You don't and can't comprehend what amount of training it takes to pull something like that shot off. The media and their lying analogies are the propaganda dialog given to them to post but if you know any veteran that actually had to kill then ask them. It's not easy to do and someone that hasn't been trained to do so would not have been able to take that shot with that accuracy. Trump turns to his left and leans forward on the podium at the perfect time or the outcome would have been completely different. God's hand truly was on Trump that day. Sadly, I've seen my share of combat, held brothers as they bled out crying for their mom. I know what it takes to calm the nerves, breath, clear your head and act. Not just anyone can do it. So best you start asking different questions @Dr. Strangelove because the ones you're listening too and/or asking aren't the correct ones but hey, the main stream media never lies right?
  7. We will never know the entirety of the decreased shooter. That said, it's not distance (150-200 yards is nothing) that people should be thinking about. Very few people could do what this attacker did. The nerves alone would prevent even seasoned shooters. This person had to have hours and hours and hours of training. Understanding the shot pattern, the skill to act quickly knowing he likely has one chance. This person has training. By who/what/why is the question. Ask any veteran that experienced pulling the trigger. It's scary, it's nerve racking, it's never easy. This person could not have acted alone.
  8. Against LSU, Kansas State & Sam Houston I like this tourney. Thanks @Mavric for the update
  9. Please change my name to "Loe Doesn't Know" Thank You
  10. Ugh... I dang sure hope the Huskers can find a work around. They most certainly need the walk-on program more than most.
  11. The only one who can truly call themselves stupid (or even stoooopid) is me. I have my degree in stupidity.
  12. So in total, did he make somewhere between 80K - 90K or was his overall earnings higher?
  13. Edit: Sometimes its best to just keep your thoughts to yourself so you don't make yourself look like a total dimwit. Hence the edit though it's already well known I am just that.. "a dimwit".
  14. I am completely against this trial. Is Hunter guilty? Of Course he is and this trial should have occurred 5 years ago. This whole thing is a political play just like the Trump trial in New York. What irritates me is the MSNBC reporter putting President Biden on the spot in asking the question "will you pardon if he's found guilty?" It was a trap question that should never have been asked. What I would love to see is Trump coming to Biden's defense when asked about the verdicts by stating that "I think, as a parent, the President needs to consider a full pardon" and in his defense, if he feels he can't I understand but as a father I wouldn't blame him if he did pardon. Do something respectable for a change Mr. Trump and support a father's love for his son. Now and however, the tax evasion charges set for a September trial are different but on this petty BS charge and political play case. Be a father Mr. Trump and voice support for President Biden to also be a father.
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