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  1. Good, hope so... Want to be respected, be the threat to other respected teams. Be as physical, as fast, as hard nosed and win. Sure tOSU might be the victor more often but the rising from the ashes and winning happens only when there is a belief in I can. It's time to start believing in "I Can". Winning is awesome but champions rise from the ashes hardened and renewed. Rhule and company have this.. Gotta Believe Baby!! Gotta Believe!!!
  2. Well that was fast. They played a 17U 19U match and of course dominated. Hope we get to see them play the adult league opponents. edit: @Mavric corrected age
  3. Thanks @Mavric Sadly, it seems they are further behind then what we're being told. Wonder how long it will take to install the practice fields.
  4. Except it is one less day of preparation, hence why home teams are widely favored in Friday games and this one happens to follow the biggest home game of the season (Michigan). Also, the Illinois game could be a huge deciding factor on the west's championship game attendee as Illinois is again one of the favorites to win the west title. Sadly, Friday games are going to be a factor going forward so play the schedule and just win baby win!! Am I wrong?
  5. Any updates? Will the football team be moving in soon? Also, anyone have access to drone photos showing what the exterior and practice surfaces look like?
  6. @Hayseed it's my useless opinion that we were talented enough to reach regionals but not mentally strong enough. Maybe Bolt & Trev need to look into a baseball/softball sports psychologist. It seems to me our struggles are two fold. First we tend to play down to our competition and second, when a bad call/error/weather happens it mentally effects the team. Especially the starting pitchers. The bad news of losing Bryce and Max hurts but Bolt has recruited well offensively. If pitching improves and I personally believe it will through recruiting and portal the team is actually in very good shape. Next year we'll learn if Bolt is a 20 year head coach or another failed hire. Hope Bolt is around for many many years.
  7. Sadly, had they played the season as well as they played the last 2 weeks they'd have likely been a regional team. Oh well, as we always say in Nebraska... There's always next year!! 2023 is over, bring on 2024!! Max, Bryce, Shay and the seniors.. Thank You and May your lives be filled with success wherever you land!! God Speed all of you and forever GBR!!!
  8. Not sure how they win this but the good guys can. Gotta Believe!!
  9. Wow!!! That was a Friday night start if ever I've seen one. Huge COMPLETE GAME SHUT OUT!! Just WOW!!!
  10. Just curious.. when is it appropriate to use the rating? I never know if it's meant to say "agree" or is it sarcasm? I'm lost in understanding it so I never use it.
  11. Hard fought, must win game that was lost but they're still in the tourney. They'll learn what next years arms might look like going forward. Huskers will win today. Tomorrow though.. going to be difficult.
  12. This is why Rhule will not succeed. Don't care that I'm bringing it up and everyone will bash me for it. There's just entirely too many instances to ignore.
  13. Ok, I'm going to try to keep my hands off the keys today. That way I can't embarrass myself. So.. I'm positive, it's a new day, it's another chance at redemption for the skers to prove they deserve to be in the field of 64... GBR!!!
  14. And I'm certain Luke said the force is with them too.
  15. Now I need to get over my doom and gloom feeling towards the Maryland matchup. Obviously I've lost any and all confidence in the huskers. Hoping I keep eating crow.
  16. That had me holding my breath.. Huge call Good Guys make me eat crow. Glad to eat it.. Showed guts and the bullpen held on.. Next up, the 1 seed Thursday.
  17. I'm guessing you didn't watch yesterday's games @Mavric The only game the starters weren't pulled early was Michigan's (Halloran) and again, resulted in a loss. You have a bull pen, use it for pete's sake. This team is too fragile to risk getting behind. Anyway, we'll see where it ends. Fingers crossed!! Not looking good, come on Huskers. Dig Deep!!
  18. LOL, this is an awesome analogy of exactly how frustrated I get with baseball. I can keep my head in football, basketball, even pole dancing but baseball... ugh, I'm a horrendous fan. So yes, I deserve to be slandered this way and sadly, I accept it.
  19. So, it took one more inning than I expected for Olson to freak out and Bolt being to stubborn to pull a pitching change. Can't say I didn't see this coming. They wait until the game is tied, damage is done, momentum gone... Bolt is not a championship caliber coach right now though he's showed improvement. Let's see if the bats can heat up but my word this is frustrating!!
  20. Not feeling hopeful here. The majority of the husker runs this year have come from power hitting and this ball park holds those hits. Bolt and Company will have to manufacture runs and with Bryce not at 100% I simply can't see this team scoring enough to win. My prediction 8:2 Rutgers, Olson out in the 4th after having thrown 65 plus pitches because of a shoebox zone and head games begin. Hope I'm wrong!! GBR!!!!
  21. Actually, you might want to replay some Bo coached games. There's a video, forget what team we were playing against, where we ran 20+ power sweeps. Also, are you saying Ameer (edit) or Rex (end edit) didn't have anything to do with the Husker's rushing stats? I'd say our offensive lines were pretty decent in the BP era. Might I remind you the huskers won bowl games against both Clemson and Georgia under Bo. Lastly, I am a novice arm chair type so I can't comment on what's happened since Bo but line recruitment and development surely are both reasons for Riley & Frost struggles. I think, (might be wrong) Frost recruited decent talent. Yes/No?
  22. Congrats to all 4 of them. Max, Bryce, Shay, Hawkins... Well Done Men, Well Done!!
  23. @hskrpwr13 @AZRaiderH8rdon't you know? that would make sense and we all know where common sense goes when referencing the ncaa and conference leadership. That said, your post above is perfect.
  24. The fear I have is the super 2 conferences haven't even been created yet. By this I mean a creation of 2 conferences that are development for NFL and not part of the ncaa. Athletes become employees and not students. Eastern Conference & Western Conference with the Mississippi river being so so dividing line. (so so as regionally close teams to the river valley (ex: Notre Dame) could be pushed to either side to balance the structure. or... North Conference & South Conference with the Mason Dixon Line being the so so dividing line. In either case, would DONU be included with it's current athletic competence?
  25. Maybe a few fewer ads might help too. Kidding, ads keep this board viable so maybe add more ads
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