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  1. Kentucky is the hottest team in tourney. That will be one heck of a rematch if it happens. Pull up the socks and get ready to play big girl volleyball for sure!!
  2. Pitt Regional: #17 Creighton vs #7 Louisville First Set - Louisville wins 25-21 Second Set - Creighton wins 25-14 Third Set - Louisville wins 25-23 Forth Set - Creighton wins 26-24 (on a Block) Going to 5... Fifth Set - Louisville wins 15-8 and advances
  3. It's on ESPN 2 so shouldn't be difficult to find. I'll be watching at work on my tablet.
  4. Here's a layout of the sweet 16 and whom is playing one another and if the below image tells us anything it is how well the final regular season polls align to the post season. Only BYU lost to a lesser team. (Lost to Arizona State) (Kansas lost the Penn State)
  5. Another GREAT video.. It is so AWESOME to witness the success not just of women's sport but to witness also the dedication and commitment this university (our HUSKERS) have and have made for the promotion of women's sports. I proudly stand with our Lady Huskers and when someone comments that Nebraska is a Women's Sports school my response is H3LL YEAH!!! Volleyball & Soccer in the fall (both B1G champions) Bowling, Indoor T&F, Basketball, Gymnastics, Rifle (all Highly competitive) Softball, Beach Volleyball, Track & Field (all 3 have been Conference Champions) So.. to all those that want to poke fun at Nebraska's Commitment to our Lady's... Success with in an athletic department has to develop from somewhere and we here know where the athletic success is coming from and who is carrying the Husker Banner!! Lady's, Go Kick Some Butt and know we Love Ya!! GBR!!!!!
  6. @Guy Chamberlin Perfectly said "matter of the committee submitting (or bending) to the will of the SEC & the SEC's biggest money cow in ESPN. I have decided I'd do my part and simply boycott the Michigan/bama game. (Maybe watch the Grinch [starring Carey] & Scrooged [starring Murray] movies for the thousandth time instead.)
  7. So Enjoyed that video... Anxiously waiting for Thursday to get here.
  8. @Mavric you overlooked Missouri, so of the 4 (Missouri, Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky) if we make the final 4 we will have to likely play 3 of them.
  9. wow... The NCAA put Nebraska as the #1 overall seed and rewarded them with an all SEC tourney. Florida, Arkansas & Kentucky... Wow!!! I mean are you serious NCAA? You put your #1 seed up against the entire second best conference. What a hose job!! edit: Creighton is in the lower bracket as the 3 seed. Much easier bracket. The NCAA did put what many say are the 5th & 6th best teams in the country in Louisville & Pittsburgh. edit 1: UNO Mav's in Wisconsin's Bracket Wow... Ok NCAA let's just hand the final 4 to Kelly SHeffield and Badgets. Disgusting how unbalanced these brackets are. Just disgust!! All the power in this years tourney with the exception of Wisconsin is on the left side of the bracket. Pretty sure there was a whole lot of bias going into the bracket makeup. Sad that this is what college sports had turned into. Wisconsin won't be challenged until at best the final 4. Cupcake bracket.
  10. This happens to all unstoppable Bigs. Shaq, Russell, Tim, etc.... when Big's dominate, officials look the other way. Been that way for years
  11. Michigan is 1-5 against the spread when Harbaugh is not on the sidelines. They are 4-0-1 when he is. If I was a betting man I might consider taking tOSU and the points (+3.5) but.. because I'm not a betting man instead I'll recommend everyone take Michigan and give the points. That said, 2 things to remember, first is when it comes to football I'm maybe the biggest arm chair qb with only a novice understanding of the game and 2. I'm a total noob when it comes to betting. One tip I once heard while watching John Madden in a pregame was quote "if he could wait until after the coin toss to lay his bet he'd win 70% of the time because he'd always bet the team that put their defense on the field first" unquote. So, maybe if you can and your bookie allows, make your bet post coin flip. Now.. please everyone, enjoy your turkey/ham/prime rib/steak and all the holiday dishes. May your bellies be filled, your platters with leftovers stored and your family for one day not fight over politics. God Bless all of you and yours!! and finally, of course BEAT IOWA!!!
  12. Totally agree with @LennynSquiggy Satterfield is staying as he should. He will need to show he can develop current and incoming QB's to hold his job but his job should be safe thru the 2024 season.
  13. Lexi is this weeks B1G Defensive player... Congrats to Lexi and the entire team on winning the conference championship. Hoist that banner ladies!!
  14. Nope, neither will and neither should. Gotta go into the playoffs with a little swag in the behind. Hoping Michigan wins, if tOSU wins then Bama will jump Michigan.
  15. Well.. here we go... no excuses, just prove it!! Win baby, Win!!!!! 


  16. dang you @Stone Cold don't be me.. I'm the poison to success, not you. So you watch and I'll go entertain myself in the garage.
  17. I'm so tired of hearing excuses from those in the program. I hope tonight the team just goes out and proves they have the heart to win. Seriously, if Northwestern can get bowl eligible than surely the Huskers can, right? Honestly though, not holding my breath. I've lost all confidence in this team.
  18. The battles we go through life,
  19. Kind of sucks to say this but also very impressive considering everything that the athlete's and staff have had to deal with but... Congratulations to Northwestern. They're going bowling. Can't for the life of me explain it. Interim head coach (now fully promoted to head coach), scandal ridden, much lower recruiting classes overall and still they manage to do what Nebraska seemingly can't. Frustrating!!! So very Frustrating!!!
  20. Just another example of the corruption that is the B1G
  21. Kind of shocking. Might it be that Jim is keeping everything down low because he's looking to move to the NFL in 2024? With all the belly aching from opposition I wouldn't blame him if he does leave.
  22. Luke Broderick is very underrated. I'm anxious to see what our staff is able to get from him. He's a 4 pitch guy and if Childress can improve his slider he could be very successful. Gotta keep the ball down though. He's a taller pitcher which often can result in less sink. Really, really like this young man.
  23. Loebarth

    NFL 2023

    If it's me making the decision and I have the opportunity to take any one of the above i'd take Penix and not think twice.
  24. A chance to equal our stride,
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