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  1. Do assistants usually get long term deals as it was my understanding that most assistants and over half of the coordinators are on yearly/annual contracts, am I wrong in my thinking?
  2. If Busch's defense continues to show improvement and gets better as the year/season goes on why would we replace him? I might be wrong here but... the fewer coaching changes that occur the quicker the team moves on. Change, even in a limited version is difficult so if MJ is retained as HC why not give the current staff the off season and 2023 to prove their metal? Honestly, what role coaches aren't getting it done? The defensive group as a whole seems to be excited with the more aggressive game plan. The halftime adjustments happened. In game adjustments as well and the 4th quarter showed it. Continuity is always the best path, yes?
  3. I want MJ to succeed. (because I like his style but also because he's one of us) I want the program to get 5 more wins.. I want to reach a bowl for the first time in years and I want all the above to bring CALM to the program so the athletes can focus on improving. Those are my wants
  4. You know what disgusts real fans.. Posters on public boards that look for reasons to fire coaches and slander the program. As for conspiracy theories, the proof is in the pudding time and time and time again. The list continues grow with each game of "w"horrendous officiating bias. If you Mr. Chamberlin are too much of a coward to admit to it while spotting your hatred for a staff and program you dislike, so be it. Keep your eyes shut and repeat "hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil"...
  5. No, the team is not bad. What is true is in "every" official decision by the conference (like the garcia no fumble) the call goes against them. Where was BC, Sipple or any other writer out there commenting about that non-reversal. The announcers were shocked.. There will be at least 6 more examples of the conference officiating bias. Maybe our OLine appears bad because they know they can't play the same techniques that everyone else does because the flags will be thrown. (Remember the 20 something holding calls against us in the Northwestern game 3 years ago?) How about the absolute blatant blown calls like last years Wisky games no call PI on the 2 yard line? Not a single word was spoken about this by the BC's and Sipples... Because they are cowards. I can guarantee in the next conference game (Indiana) there will be a significant emphasis by the officials to hold us down. (Reversed call, Non-Reversed Call, mythical holding call, unsportsmanlike, etc.. that will have a direct outcome to the game). I know this because in EVERY game Frost has coached thats been close it's happened. Every Game, Every Time and our media says nothing!!!
  6. Anyone who thinks the B1G administrators (all of the B1G personnel including "The B1G Show and Final Drive" persons) while also not excluding the coaches (outside of maybe Ryan Day and staff) respects Nebraska, well... you're fooling yourself. They "all of them" want this university gone. The B1G hates everything about this university and this state. You want to know why the B1G won't reach out to the OU's and UNC's? Because like Nebraska they won't fit into the big blue politics of the B1G. The Lincoln and Omaha journalists are so far up the left's buttholes they too won't say anything and therefore are also projecting. (Is there any real journalism left in this world?) The B1G is corrupt from top to bottom. It was the biggest mistake ever made to join.. Also lets face the truth, Nebraska is the team that led the way forward into super conferences. (Our move resulted in 4 teams leaving the big 12, A&M, Missouri, Colorado along with us) We speak about other university programs egos and say nothing about our own ego. Nebraska jumps and the dawn of new alliances begin. Now both the B1G and UNL find the fit not nearly as fitting as the green pastures once appeared. My 2 cents, ranting to hear my own head speak.. Wish we had real journalist instead of opinionists.. if we did maybe they'd help curtail some of the abuse we continue to receive from the decision makers upstairs.. How many more disgusting examples of us against the world will we see this year and yet hear zero speak of it in our news papers and sports columns. Why? Because the BC's of the world cater to lies for greed and hide truth because it may result in discipline. Do your job as journalists and report truths you cowards!!!
  7. It's always so satisfying to beat our little cousin. They played their hearts out (both teams) and wow!!! What a game it was!! Thank You Ladies for such an awesome display of teamwork, mental toughness and constant belief in yourself as well as your team!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! Best Game Atmosphere I've been at since the Oregon football game!! Thankfully our women's programs are holding high the Husker Brand because we all know the men's programs certainly aren't.
  8. Entirely too many posters appear by their suggestive posts to "want" the program to fail. We're 1-1, hopefully 2-1 after Saturday. Could we be 3-1 after OU, yes but we will need the ball to bounce our way a time or two. What then, will all the negative nellie's continue to call for the Urban's and Aranda's, etc...? I want Frost and company to succeed. I want a staff that stays together. Athletes that celebrate 4, 5 years with the same coaches and players from start to finish.
  9. Just sad but I gotta say, I'm not surprised. I think their better than they've played but Chin's needs to learn how to stop the run.
  10. I think it's over... out coached on both sides of the ball. Pathetic but expected.
  11. Wonder who made the call on our fumble. Announcers were even shocked that it wasn't over ruled. Going to be a very long season of biased officiating again. 

    1. TonyStalloni


      It is difficult to overturn a call without conclusive proof. I agree it looked like his knee was down before the ball came out. I also agree it probably would have been overturned if OSU was playing.

    2. Loebarth


      Laugh if you want but that missed correction was a turning point.

    3. The Scarlet Pimpernel

      The Scarlet Pimpernel

      Please don't start all the "refs are out to get us" crap. We're not a threat by any means.

  12. Gotta say, no defense and zero blitzing. Kind of cowardly imo. Completely inexcusable defensive performance. Chins is getting eaten up by a better coach.
  13. The battles we go through life
  14. I don't believe the controversy is over yet. I think Karma is a b!^@h and the Solich curse hasn't ended.. I do think it can be broken this year and is why I'm predicting 8 wins but... my stomach tells me tomorrow is not our day. Good Guys 24 Northwester 33
  15. Huskers - 31 Wildcats - 17 pass 250 rush 286
  16. That song has a great dare I say.. Irish Dance rhythm to it.. Can Husker Vision somehow sneak that into the pep rally and then into the game some how... Get those Irish boys and girls dancin to the tune of Nebraska
  17. Giants... all of them.. just giants!! Frost looks like a dwarf little person (political correctness ) against them.
  18. I keep hoping a media personality will actually analyze the officiating bias against us. Examples: 2019 vs Northwestern number of holding calls against us vs against them or keep it recent, the no call pass interference in the wisconsin game or the rather extended no whistle in the michigan game. Say what you want but remember to watch for important opponents getting favorable officiating "every time" they play Nebraska. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see the same in this game. Nebraska being called for 15+ holding penalties to Northwestern's 1 or 2. Conspiracy Theory here but I believe the B1G officials are told to throw the flags on Nebraska and the proof is in the pudding of horrible calls/no calls.
  19. I use amazon prime and hulu.. get all the games too. I also cancel hulu after football and yes, because I am cheap. lol Truth is, my smart tv's have youtube and twitch so between those two platforms I get my news, my sports updates and my Lil Red Heidi Hood
  20. Is it Friday yet? A question I'll be asking myself all week.... Ugh... the wait!!
  21. Forum question... when you quote to  two different people do you do it in the same post or post the first quote and reply then post the second quote and reply? (I posted the first and while I was responding a person posted and I posted a second..) Is that double posting and bad etiquette? 

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    2. GSG


      Multiquote is the + sign at the bottom. You can quote multiple different posters and it will put them all into your post to reply to them. Idk what you're talking about doing 

    3. desertshox


      Given the hit or miss with the multi-quote function, you just gotta do what you gotta do. If it works, use it. If it doesn't, quote each one individually.


      And now I want to see someone quote 10 posts individually just so they have all the posts on a page.

    4. Toe


      Multi-quote works fine for me most of the time, but occasionally I'll click the + and it does nothing. Sometimes refreshing the page will make it work.

  22. I'd up that to at least 2 games.. (ie: Michigan State & Iowa for sure and you can add Illinois into that too)
  23. I'd say that cultural issue is changing. I'd say the defensive mindset is proof of the change. I'd also say, there is reason to believe the "marbled" statement is also changing as there is more excitement this year than if past years. At least here in Omaha.. I speak to random fans daily (my job requires me to converse) and I can tell you the only marbled losing culture is in the hearts of those less than 30 yo. Those 30 and older can feel the change and by years end so too will the doubters!! We won't win 12 games but we're closer to 10 than 6 imo. Time will tell, yes!!
  24. Oh did that make me chuckle... projectile vomit.. awesome weapon when correctly used. I think that's what you're saying
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