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  1. 247 says he goes to Champagnat Catholic-Hialeah...
  2. So does that mean everyone thinks he’ll flip just like that?
  3. I know someone mentioned something about Slusher’s last visit not going as well, is that why this became a committable offer? Or was it always a committable offer? Just wondering from the back and forth between folks is all. Welcome aboard! GBR
  4. 2018 all pro cornerbacks... Kyle Fuller 3* .85 rating Stephon Gilmore 4* .98 rating Byron Jones 3* .81 rating Patrick Peterson 5* .99 rating Wait for it....... Xavien Howard 2**** .76 rating So Delancy is rated higher than two All Pro corners from this year. Obviously many things can change for the better or worse with players, but I’m trusting Coach Frost and the rest of the coaching staff on bringing in the right talent that fits their coaching philosophies. GBR
  5. Twitter pic is still Nebraska. Back in Lincoln two weeks later. Oregon has to be nervous, right? I’ll be the driver for the FLIP bus!
  6. Would be great if he could get Myles Slusher on board, too! Welcome to the Big Red
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