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  1. Uh oh….ohio is trending for Brock Glenn. Expect a de-commit any day now….Big Red bound!! A man can wish, right?
  2. Schaefer CB for N. Confidence level 7
  3. Especially with the eleventy ksu crystal balls the last couple of days
  4. Any reason or thoughts from the group? 247 has him as the number 27 qb in the class, in GBR back yard and they’re not interested?
  5. ohio signs a 2023 qb. Nebraska goes 10-2 and wins the B1G West. Win a big bowl game over an overrated $ec team. We’re back! DR de-commits and takes an official here next summer. Commits on the spot. Nebraska makes the Final Four the next few years. Glory days are back!! Let’s go!
  6. @MavricCan you call him so we can get an update on how this game changing, massive young man’s visit went? Ok thanks!
  7. There will be plenty to go around when N is scoring 60 points a game next season!
  8. Schaefer cb for GBR. Dad is Todd who pitched in the big leagues for about 10 years
  9. 6’8” 345lb freshman…
  10. I’m guessing he’s in line for a rankings “bump”…
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