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  1. I just did some inspector gadget research on the Google. Athens, GA has a crime rate of 48.72 per 1,000 residents and Lincoln, NE has a crime rate of 3,133.7 per 100,000 people. Los Angeles, CA probably has a crime rate of 175,922 per 100,000 would be guess. Numbers don’t lie, Dylan!
  2. Well that’s a good start to this Saturday!
  3. I was just saying in general, overall, any momentum from that weekend is pretty much gone with very little traction, so far. Just an observation, not downplaying anything or anyone. Was just hopeful we could kick start some commitments. I understand some waiting to see how MR does, but time isn’t on anyone’s side, especially when others are committing.
  4. Yea, after all the momentum from the huge weekend in March, the commitments and CB’s haven’t really shown up our way…
  5. No they’re new to them. They’re Georgia Techs hand-me-downs.
  6. Any word if he’ll be in Lincoln this weekend?
  7. Sooo does N have half of the top 250 coming next weekend?
  8. That’s what happens when recruits get CB’s to N
  9. NCAA found out that Stetson Bennett actually exhausted his eligibility in 2003
  10. CB to North Carolina, then two hours later, Wiltfong CB for Mizzou
  11. I was refreshing this page until the post, and that’s what we waited for?? #clickbait
  12. Exactly! We’re going to have an 18 year old freshman throwing it 40 times a game and winning every game by halftime!
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