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  1. Hella good news!! Man...him, JD, and Wan’dale would be fun. Any word on JD?
  2. 10 now Well, 10 on 247 crystal balls page, 9 when you actually click on his profile.
  3. Wait. Wasn’t he just peer recruiting?
  4. Does that article on 247 have any other players with his confidence picks?
  5. I use 247. Players will typically tweet out new offers and when they commit/decommit from a school. But 247 has all of that information. If that’s what you’re asking?
  6. OU is probably flipping Abiara from Notre Dame, so may have backed off a bit.
  7. Mav, you have Mickens in the poll again
  8. Especially when you see Fidone get one from LSWho
  9. Three CBs to N, but all three are either 1 or 2 in confidence picks
  10. Schaefer with a CB for N(6/10 confidence pick)
  11. Committed to Tennessee. They’re up to 24 commits. WTH is going on there? Lol
  12. I thought the exact same thing, but looking thru his Twitter, he does it with all of new offers.
  13. If these walls could talk, they’d tell you we are the big boys
  14. CB for N! Although it’s rated 1-low, which is new. I guess it’s kind of like a confidence pick?
  15. Didn’t someone mention there was a 2020 EE that they were trying to convince to stay?? Any word/update on that or who they were talking about?
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