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  1. Like my post says he won’t ever start but he adds better depth than what we’ve had in recent years i watched him play his last 2 years at bw runs zone pretty well pretty patient catches well explosive off of the counters they ran him on was able to run through 2nd level defenders reasonably well durable - lots of carries after what ozigbo did last year im doubting any of our backs are thinking they got better coaching from the Oregon state bozos
  2. When Jackson starts tackling with any consistency like Sherman and has a rare bump out instead of the butt or bump being his primary mode of attempting the tackle - I will gladly retract my stating what his present game says he is- a very weak tackler it was a great block shed and a fair angle at best albeit in a tiny space
  3. Bradley is deceptively fast- has good lateral movement and sees the field really well I dont think he will ever be a starter- but we need depth at RB- and he could help They said he struggled with some personal issues last Fall- but is over it- so good stuff
  4. WI Husker- "Somewhat to Big Ern's point I think criticism of play is fair on a board, but I'm curious what the rationale is behind using numbers or "this player" to do it. I know a lot of former players and media members do it as well, but why? We all know who we're talking about, I'm just genuinely curious about the difference between "Jackson has shied away from contact" and "this player has shied away from contact" and similar statements. I know a lot on twitter was directed at Young - what's better about saying "#5 took a bad angle" as opposed to "Young?" Young and Jackson are black- then in a later comment he said when people talk about #81 being slow- they dont mention his name. Warner is white. It seems like about everything these days in made into something about race- hope this wasnt was being trotted out- maybe it wasnt.
  5. Some more info on tackling: https://www.si.com/college-football/2017/08/15/college-football-tackling-methods-robots-targeting-rule Seahawks coaches call the hawk tackle—in which the defender hits the ballcarrier’s thigh with a shoulder, grabs him and either spins him or powers him to the ground. Kwiatkowski teaches that series at Washington, and former Ohio State defensive coordinator Chris Ash talked Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer into adopting it before Ash left to take over at Rutgers. Seto had been trying to persuade the Seahawks to adopt shoulder tackling when a comment from a visitor from the University of Birmingham—not UAB, the one in the United Kingdom—earlier this decade led him to video clips of rugby tackles. Seto saw players hitting ballcarriers hard enough to knock the breath from them, but the tacklers weren't launching themselves or leading with their heads. They had efficient leverage and their heads to the side of the contact zone. This was a concept he could take to All-Pro DBs Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman. “They have to really believe that this is going to help their career,” Seto says. “Not just to make them safe, but to make them more effective.” The Seahawks bought his pitch and even released an instructional video on their rugby-style tackles before making a second straight run to the Super Bowl in 2014. The hawk drew the most media attention, but coaches also took notes on the profile tackle (a shoulder-to-chest tackle, which Saban would prefer) and the compression tackle (a two-on-one tackling method, usually with a combination of a hawk and a profile). By that point Kwiatkowski had already made his own rugby connection. He worked at Boise State when the NCAA implemented its harsher punishment for targeting. Knowing he wanted to help his players to aim lower and keep their heads to the side of the ballcarrier to avoid ejections, he called on a college buddy who belonged to the Snake River Rugby Club. He helped Boise State coaches understand the leverage involved in rugby tackling and showed them drills. Kwiatkowski and the rest of Chris Petersen’s staff had moved to Washington by the time the Seahawks released their video, and they found themselves running on a parallel track with their local NFL team. “When we started doing this, we weren’t sold on the fact that getting the head behind versus in front was going to be a more efficient tackle. But now we know,” Kwiatkowski says. “When you shoulder punch and you get your foot in the ground and you tackle low, you’re way more efficient at getting guys on the ground.”
  6. yes I played 12 years worth Not every tackle is going to be perfect, but our kid really didnt do much of anything correct on the "tackle" , with the exception of the excellent block destruct Weve had far too many missed tackles right? Far too many bumps instead of tackling right? REALLY dislike how we try to push ball carriers out of bounds- then fail to do so 31 PPG- lots of bad tackling Got more physical as the season progressed, but still not there. Absolutely you can wrap lift and elevate from a side tackle- watch the Carroll video- plenty of live examples of it on that video as well as how they rep it- teach it. Most teams these days work on form into a landing mat prior to going 100% live We do this drill in the below video- BUT we do with with BOTH players running upfield at the same time- Carrol does the same thing Im just copying him Same principle- shoulder to hip, head behind, contact and elevate- drive for 5- to the ground https://www.championshipproductions.com/news/2016/07/14/create-leverage-with-this-tackling-drill/ If you think you know more than Peter Carrol when it comes to tackling- you need to get to the NFL- make those big bucks
  7. Yes the classical approach when you are criticizing a player say in a text box on hudl film you use his number or a position name when he does something well you use his given name we are in an Internet forum who cares if we use name or number
  8. Lots of people have used Warner’s name, Gerry’s name, bunch’s name, Farnioks name etc etc
  9. They were we all know that tackling is a lot about want to when I see kids shy away from contact that just gets to me same for the absolute basics of pad level and wrapping up if you are learning how to tackle in your 12th year of football thats a big problem
  10. That is 100 percent true however choosing to aggressively engage is an attitude and dna thing
  11. Youre nitpicking if you’re going for the race card thing lots of people bagged on Nate Gerry and think warner shouldn’t be playing and are in Washington’s corner so don’t go there could care less what color someone is or where they are from can you help us win games and rep the university well thats all most of cars about
  12. If a player has already been playing football for 11-12 years when it comes to tackling and the want to there by year 12 if it isn’t there it isn’t going to magically appear it isn’t about learning how to jam a receiver or pattern read or banjo it’s either in your dna by then or it’s not
  13. Tackling is about technique but also a lot about want to while this player has freakishly good athletic skills his tackling has consistently been bad he shied away from contact last year took terrible angles and whiffed a bunch goes back to very shallow recruiting classes in that position group so he may be the cleanest dirty shirt we have to wear sure hoping he gets better or someone better steps up just not s fan of non physical play or lack of discipline
  14. Hater we all want to see him play better no harm in that our tackling is weak otherwise we don’t give up 31 ppg the facts are the facts its got to improve for us to move forward or we can bury our heads in the sand and pretend it’s not an issue or not have enough football knowledge to appreciate that it is a problem
  15. I’m not coaching him up im commenting on an internet board and I’m negative on the way he tackled last year does anyone really think this kid is even in the 35th percentile for tackling in this league ? Commented on the video i saw in this thread which looked like more of the same from last year which wasn’t good I’ve coached over 25 years and attended dozens of clinics im not coaching him face to face Im commenting on a board to critique you the exact same way you did me if you knew anything about tackling or had coached or taken many tackling classes you would have known his tackling attempt was terrible
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