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    Chasing a dream

    Fair enough, you caught me slippin. 16) Favorite game day beverage? Last 10 years has been whatever is strong enough to forget how many times we shot ourselves in the foot but now it’s gotta be infusions vanilla bean blonde
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    Chasing a dream

    Hey guys, I have used this forum for many years but was never one to post I just enjoy hearing from Husker nation. I recently started a podcast and wanted to see what you guys thought of it. I was born and raised in Omaha and have been a die hard Nebraska fan my entire life. Any feedback or support would be greatly appreciated as I am chasing my dream of being self employed and doing something I have always held very dear. The video I am linking to this post features myself talking about the time I spoke with Ameer Abdullah on the phone a few years ago and figured husker fans might enjoy it. Hopefully, you guys enjoy the show and help a fellow husker fan realize his dream. The podcast is called 110 Ocean Drive and the link is below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3CmIm4CAtEUpI0y1Q1k4dA Here is an introduction: 1) How long have you been a member of Husker Nation? Since birth 2) What/who led you to The Nation? Born and raised here 3) Where are you from originally? Omaha, NE 4) Where do you live now? Omaha,NE 5) Favorite Husker memory? Watching 3 national championship wins as a 90’s kid 6) Worst Husker memory? Melvin Gordon... 7) Number of home games attended? 20ish 8) Number of away games attended? 1 9) Favorite Husker memorabilia/apparel? Signed Ahman Green football 10) Favorite place to watch a Husker game? (section in Memorial, bar, friends house etc.) Anywhere bad fans aren’t at 11) Favorite all time player? LaVonte David 12) Spread Offense or Pro Style? Spread 13) Big Ten or Big XII? Miss the big 12 days but think big ten is better for the program 14) Lil Red or Herbie Husker? Herbie 15) Favorite Husker play? LaVonte David’s strip in the Ohio st comeback game 16) Favorite game-day beverage? 17) How did you find HuskerBoard? (referral source) Was shown to me by a guy who lived on my dorm floor in Lincoln many years ago