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  1. No, post related to 1) "promoting the general welfare" 2) as it related to U.S. Const. Gov't has "power" but "responsibility" is a completely different term, albeit with much overlap.
  2. Longtime lurker here, sad to say first post is vastly unrelated to football. "Promote the general welfare" has no substantive value in the preamble of the U.S. Constitution per the Supreme Court ("SCOTUS"). The other reference to general welfare is located in Congresses' Spending power somewhere in article I. It qualifies Congresses power to spend and tax. From my limited understanding, it's unrelated to a catch all phrase that encompasses emergency situations. For that, possibly see Congresses "Commerce clause." or the President's emergency powers in article II. The real debate to "providing for the general welfare" relates to the Hamilton view vs. Madisonian view. Hamilton has won out in the longterm as the SCOTUS has interpreted Congresses' ability to tax is not confined to their enumerated powers. They have the ability to tax and spend if it relates "to the general welfare" with a few caveats. Now, hopefully back to some football. Best wishes all.
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