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  1. Looking for 4 tickets to the Ohio St. Taking my wife to her first game in Lincoln.
  2. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/life-in-the-red/observations-from-huskers-spring-practice-no-washington-a-top-ol/article_bf9a9a35-88b6-58d7-9188-06f0d58d95c3.html Jurgens working with the 1s at center. Figured that would be a move he might make towards the end of spring, rather than right now. Really seems like he may be a day 1 starter.
  3. Became priority number 1 in a big way now.
  4. Sounds like he's announcing tomorrow instead of going to FSU. Gotta like our chances here.
  5. Would be different if he he tweeted that after Chip visited. Making his mind up before the visit looks good for us. Would still feel good about him being in.
  6. NPG has been committed for a month. Don't think his commitment factors into going after James.
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