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  1. truth hurts.................I will shut up but I want to know why you guys are so optimistic about Nebraska football right now. I really think its because of the name Scott Frost. He doesn't know how to coach in big time football. my opionion
  2. Good point Redux you are on your game..............the best players Mike recruited went to Oregon St. You said the vacation was over because noboday wanted to work? Daniels has at least 50lbs of belly fat hanging over his belt...I don't care what he weighs but that is FAT!!! The whole team is out of shape..............I don't care what anyone says
  3. sorry I didn't realize Andy had a HUGE 22 yrd catch in a 30 to 6 beat down
  4. haTo Actual Corn Um I understand you standing beside the Andy Jankovich side playing for the Broncos (although I never saw him on the field last night)(I know he signed a new contract), but John Elway is GM. Look up Nebraska Players (scholarship or not} playing in the NFL right now......Just to be fair lets start in the 2010 draft(Suh)............compare the last 9 drafts to Alabama, Auburn, starting alphabetically, don't have time..............Their are schools we don't even know their hometowns that have more players in the NFL than Nebraska. Guess you don't see that as a problem. '
  5. Ok I wish I could of played for Nebraska So which is it? Do you want kids living out their walkon dreams? or Do you want Nebraska to be nationally revelant again? Only vote for one
  6. otKeep believing that. Riley actually recruited a lot of talent....they all left when Frost got hired...I love coach Frost, but a lot of his asst coaches have no business coaching in the B10. They are all his friends and pressure will be put on him to send them away. I think Scott should keep his mouth shut about how he is gonna dominate the B10. He is so enamored with skill position guys he has forgotten that every football team starts on the OL and DL. Especially in the B10!
  7. So I guess you are ok with the direction we are going? The same direction we have been going since 1999. Lets party like its"1999".
  8. Of people getting excited everytime we get a new WALKON commit. That means we are keeping guys from going to Wyoming, Colorado st, etc. The walkon era is OVER!! We need scholarship guys that can compete with Ohio State, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, etc. They don't have walkon programs. This is NOT the 70's 80's or 90's, This Is college football a fifth into the 2000's!
  9. Just wondering why huskers fans only gave Mike Riley three years but they are willing to give Frost the full seven on his contract? Right now Riley in year 2 would kick the crap out of Frost in year 2, not even close.
  10. Very good post HuskerNation1
  11. Frost's asst coaches are in WAY over their head. Gonna be an ugly ride....we cant block anybody we get pushed around on the d line..last yrs team would crush this yrs team..............Their is NO improvement at all
  12. I'm just a HUGE Husker fan. I apologize to anyone I offended. Go Huskers Always!!!!
  13. nyou guys can hate me all you want...............seen this movie for 20yrs now..................anybody see fraud on gameday where he said everybody will want to be us keep drinking the koolaid
  14. hey JJ you are a dumbass at the highest level of this board STFU!!!!!!!
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