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  1. husker pride im out goodnight..............wish you would of been around for what was really said about frost today with my friends............get thicker skin or get out............goodnight buddy
  2. Hey JJ you think any professor at UNL is making 5 million a year to turn out s#!t students?????
  3. The HELL i'm not paying them something.....I have husker gear, husker jersey's, I travel a hell of a long way to go see a s#!t team. Don't tell me I don't pay to try and enjoy my husker football you prick...Don't ever accuse me of that............anybody that wears a husker hat has helped paid for any upgrades that happen with that team. You are living under a rock.........have you ever bought a ticket? I think you still are just dumb or that turd never got out of you underwear 30 years ago........I am contributing just like every other true husker fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Kurt Warner was sitting somewhere today and thinking (what the hell are you doing scott frost).
  5. I totally agree..........look at the schedule the next two years, not good for us. I'm also tired of the if Frost cant do it nobody can crowd(I admit I was one of them at the start of his hiring). There are probably at least 50 coaches out there that nobody has heard of yet better than frost that would bring real assistant coaches with them that actually know what big time college football is about. I really am wondering if Moose and Frost survive this
  6. How about trying the TE a few times a game............that might help too
  7. SFW wow, that is rational thought..................mmmmmmmmmmmmmm................maybe we would be in better shape..................GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Mills has done a great job in my opinion, I forgot all about Washington, move the ball down field, don't throw to the sideline for 6 yard losses
  9. My favorite is "the big 10 will have to adjust to us", I think they have done a great job at that
  10. We are paying someone 5 million a year to get coaching experience at (what used to be a football powerhouse), doesn't seem right
  11. TO ALIEN Where has Cade Warner been seems to do pretty good when they use him, but Frost only has like 5 or maybe 10 plays in the book on offense and 7 of them go straight to the sideline for huge losses
  12. what happened to the d-lineman green that we were so happy about in july or august? If frost thinks he only needs offense to win in the big 10, it is really gonna be ugly. Really disappointed that he said nothing about bad coaching losing this game.
  13. In his post presser he talked about needing more pieces for his offense....Looks like year 2 has taught him nothing, he needs defense in a bad way...almost the whole d-line graduates, no linebacker depth what so ever and he Is only talking about more pieces on offense? He proved today that he doesn't know how to coach the ones he already has!!!!! Our talent didn't lose this game, the coaches quit on the team.
  14. I got a text at halftime from a friend wondering this..................if this is what we get for another 7 yrs I don't think im all in. you can have Alabama talent and if you call a game like he has for 2yrs now it wont matter.
  15. Just curious why you call what I have posted "crap"? Have we been watching the same program for 2 full yrs now? He better get a lot better quick because 2021 could very easily be an 0-4 start. If making a bowl game is good enough for you, that's were we differ. I think part of the problem is that Frost hasn't done a very good job of adjusting to the B10.
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