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  1. Just two more losses! Big whoop-de-do! ....said no fan ever.
  2. Which of these West Division teams got the worst of the cross-overs? Nebraska: OSU and Penn State Illinois: Rutgers and OSU Iowa: Michigan State and Penn State Minn: Maryland and Michigan Northwestern: Maryland and Michigan State Purdue: Rutgers and Indiana Wisconsin: Michigan and Indiana I will give you a hint....they are the two toughest teams in the East Division.
  3. Ease of use not a top priority for this site. Want people to wade through page after page of posts to find the schedule instead of it being a post all by itself.
  4. I hope your upset bid is for Wisconsin, because with OSU there is literally no chance. We will be lucky to lose by less than 20 points to OSU.
  5. At OSU and Wisconsin right out of the gate is BRUTAL. Another season with the wind sucked out of our sails right out of the gate before we can build any momentum.
  6. Just posted a new thread on this.
  7. What a shocker...at OSU right out of the gate followed up by the toughest team to play in our division. I see they sprinkled Penn State in there as well. I guess no Rutgers then, with Bill Moos saying we will play two of the previously three cross-over teams.
  8. Can start with this guy who is still winning:
  9. The Big Ten has announced the Chief Infection Officer (CInO) for the Nebraska to be....
  10. "Eventually all Big Ten sports will require testing protocols before they can resume competition. Updates regarding fall sports other than football, as well as winter sports that begin in the fall including men’s and women’s basketball, men’s ice hockey, men’s and women’s swimming and diving, and wrestling, will be announced shortly." So it looks like ALL sports are back on the table. Good!
  11. Just like a stoplight....green, orange, and red. With Red/Red or Go/Big/Red meaning a team must stop regular practice and competition for a minimum of seven days and reassess metrics until improved.
  12. Official announcement is official... https://bigten.org/news/2020/9/16/the-big-ten-conference-adopts-stringent-medical-protocols-football-season-to-resume-october-23-24-2020.aspx
  13. Maybe the plan is to make everyone look like fools, and then when the official announcement does finally come, the Big Ten will not look so bad in comparison. Genius!
  14. Something tells me an announcement was coming until the hot mic incident. Green wanted to crash the party and the Big Ten responded with a postponed announcement for spite.
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