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  1. Jesus literal commanded YOU to not judge your brother and here you are judging me.
  2. You honestly believe we stand a chance against the likes of OU, OSU, Mich, Mich St. iowa etc.?? We can't win a B1G away game to save our lives under Frost. We don't have special teams. Our OL is a dumpster fire against BUFFALO. How will that work out against some of the best D lines in the nation?? The coming smack downs are necessary to finally knock off some of these rose glasses worn by some fans.
  3. I learned that most of our remaining opponents are going to eat our lunch and then give us an atomic wedgie and stuff us in a locker.
  4. Yes, I am aware we are not that good all around, but the leader of the team is suppose to be the bright spot. Especially the first ever 4 year team captain at the QB position...
  5. Tell me, how many turnovers does AM have for his career at NE? Where does he rank all-time for QBs at NE in the turnover category?
  6. Show me those numbers (and corresponding win) against ANYONE in the B1G and I will get excited.
  7. Illinois gets blown out 42-14 by Virginia....how on earth are we not 3-0 right now?
  8. A solid move by the Big 12. Add 4 solid football programs and bring the conference back up to 12, which is their name. Also this may keep them from falling from their power conference status. A far bolder move than the "Alliance" that was the B1G, PAC, and ACC move of which nobody really knows what it means. I am starting to feel like the ACC, B1G, and PAC did not want to share their respective pots of gold with incoming new members, but still wanted to 'respond' to the SEC gaining OU and TX so that is what the weak move of the Alliance is all about.
  9. What crap would you be referring to? That a good portion of obama's white house was MARRIED to people who work at the upper echelons of the very news media that is supposed to objectively report on the Executive branch? Or the fact that 6 men control 95% of the news, internet, movie and other media companies in the US? Please be more specific. Keep going...
  10. Go ahead and believe the lies that media spews from their mouth daily. They are all in bed with Big Pharma and DC (this includes "call-Arizona-for-Biden-before-the-votes-are-in-FOX". Everyone is on the same bank roll and anyone who steps out of this goose-step march toward destruction is ostracised, outcast, humiliated, censored, and their lives destroyed. If 95% of the media in the US wanted to call a meeting to 'guide the masses toward a certain goal' it would not have to be a very large conference room: As the ruling elite and oligarchs scramble to push out 'fact check' sites on all of their media outlets to plug the constant leaks of truth springing forth, there is a point where they will not be able to censor and disinformation their way out of people asking the why questions. Like...Why did Obama (deep state insider) get such amazing, raving coverage from the media while Trump (an outsider) was constantly attacked? ...
  11. Who do you think you are? Matthew 7 1:5 “Do not judge, or you will be judged. 2For with the same judgment you pronounce, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye? 4How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? 5You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
  12. You could rush for 10,000 yards and pass for 10,000 more in a season, but if you only win a couple games, very few people will care except the Heisman voters.
  13. Adrian holds a 12-18 record AT NEBRASKA. How on earth have we not moved on to a better alternative at this point? #36 all time for Nebraska QBs? Yea that sounds about right... https://www.ranker.com/list/best-nebraska-cornhuskers-quarterbacks/ranker-college-football Taylor Martinez (29-14) is ranked #16 all time. Also is about right.
  14. Why have the global ruling elite and media censored HCQ and Ivermectin as treatments for the bioweapon SARs virus? Because they want you to take the death vax! They also want you to struggle through tons of lung damage for lack of any other treatment, should you survive. Turns out Trump was right about HCQ (see article below that came out AFTER he left office...for a drug that has been FDA approved an on the market for the treatment of malaria and lupus for the past 60 years (about 50 cents a pill). How many thousands or even millions of lives could of been saved if the media did not turn HCQ into a "fish tank cleaning agent that is toxic!" fake news story? Do you see the agenda yet? Do you get what their goal is yet? You being 6ft under, that is their 1# goal. https://news.yahoo.com/study-shows-hydroxychloroquine-zinc-treatments-210300816.html Trump is a modern day Samson who will bring down the ruling satanic elite while destroying himself in the process.
  15. They are already faking getting the death vax (see video). Most are injected with a harmless saline. BELGIAN HEALTH MINISTER GETS 'VACCINE' - MINUS THE NEEDLE & GLOVES FOR THE 'NURSE' If they have a plan to kill off 95% of the world's populace, then I am sure they have a plan on how to avoid being a part of the culling.
  16. It already has started to kill us by the thousands and soon millions. The global elite and media think they can hide this by saying that it is a "different stronger strain" as the bodies stack up. At some point it will be impossible for them to hide the truth. Trump has more blood on his hands than most dictators at this point. Big Pharma are the direct killers, but anyone and everyone who helped them roll out this death vax will also be held accountable. This includes companies that are dispensing the death vax, the media who are pushing you to get the death vax, politicians who are pushing you to get the death vax, and any organization, club, sect, religious organization, that is pressuring you or including incentives for you to get the death vax. ALL universities, employers, and anyone else who REQUIRED their students or employees to get the death vax will be financially destroyed by the avalanche of legal fall-out that is to come once the world realized that this jab is a death sentence. To say that the world is about to change dramatically, is the understatement of the history of man-kind. Only one other event tops what is about to happen and that was the birth, death, and resurrection of God incarnate as Jesus Christ for the sins of humanity and that all who believe this and proclaim it with their mouth will not die a second death, but will gain eternal life. To say that time is short for most all of us, can not be said enough. Not only is the death vax a near absolute death sentence, but if you get one of the potent strains of the bioweapon SARS virus which affects your lungs and you survive, your life span will also be dramatically reduced. What happens is that the blood capillaries in your lungs become damaged and block the flow of blood. This requires your heart to work over-time to push the blood around the lungs and into the rest of the body. Most people who have this issue die within 3 years due to right-side heart failure. This is a what is called a lose-lose situation. Get the vax and die within a few years or get the virus and also die within a few years. The ruling elite will not allow anyone to side-step the coming culling of the world populace. There is TONS of evidence that mass depopulation has been on the agenda plan of the ruling satanic elite of the world for a very long time. Why is there a massive multi-million dollar monument in a random field in Georgia that has several goals written on them in several different languages that is owned by a firm that has ties to billionaire Ted Turner (buddies with Bill 'Gates of Hell')? One of the goals listed is a world population of 500 million (what happens to the other 7.5 BILLION people?). Their evil plans out in plain sight for everyone to see. The time for being warned has passed. It is too late now. Now all we can do is wait for the inevitable to take place. EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL during the animal trials that took this mRNA death vax died within 5 years time with the majority dying by year 3. Now it is up to those who have essentially euthanized themselves to accept in their hearts and proclaim Jesus and what He did for their sins at the cross if they want more life after their body fails. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6
  17. You know what they say...'seeing is believing'... https://rumble.com/vjw5kq-breaking-discovery-what-covid-injections-do-to-your-blood-doctor-releases-h.html https://rumble.com/vldaex-vaxxed-patients-blood-examined-horrific-findings-revealed-by-german-physici.html https://rumble.com/vlunsc-microscopy-expert-vials-contain-graphene-oxide-parasites-stainless-steel.html I am no doctor, but I am fairly certain that if ALL of your blood in your body is clotting like this, then how long you live will be greatly impacted.
  18. So far there have been several HUNDRED THOUSAND deaths/permanent disabilities world wide caused by the experimental injection. When the swine flu injection came out, it killed 6 people in the US and Big Pharma stopped the roll-out. Right now the CDC is openly admitting via the VAERS reporting system that there have been 2,000+ deaths within DAYS of perfectly healthy people taking the experimental injection (a BIG lie, for a whistle blower from the CDC has come out saying it is closer to 50,000 deaths in the US alone) . Not only does an immune response drug administered during a pandemic cause the virus to mutate and become more deadly (as we are currently seeing with a unprecedented 2nd wave in a pandemic...pandemics have ONE major wave then herd immunity then tapper off into nothing), but we are going to see mass death on a global scale never seen in human history because of the poison that people have willingly injected into themselves. The number of people who will die from the experimental injection will be astronomical. There will be a 'great awakening' to the evil that has been running the world (this includes most all the media!) and their agenda to depopulate the earth because there are 'just too many of us'. Once the mentally slow finally realize they are all frogs in a pot of boiling water, there will finally be justice with world-wide held tribunals for the satanic top oligarchy that rules the earth and their uninformed helpers in the media and the toppling by the people of most every horrifically corrupt government on the planet. You will fully reject what I have just said which is fully expected from someone still plugged into the system. How does God 'wake the whole world up' from the pure satanic evil that controls it? How does God get the attention of the masses who would defend the very system that enslaves them? How does God make people realize that putting their faith in Him is far better than in the world? The Great Harvest of Souls is soon. I pray that all accept Jesus Christ in their hearts and proclaim Him with their mouth before it is too late. Here is the handy work of the "vaccine" you so cherish and put all of your faith into OF WHICH THERE IS NO LONG-TERM STUDIES proving it's long-term safety!!: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9826739/Minnesota-woman-legs-AMPUTATED-contracting-COVID-19-days-receiving-vaccine.html https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210611/evidence-ties-covid-vaccines-to-heart-issue-in-youth https://www.christianitydaily.com/articles/12386/20210625/cdc-whistleblowers-tell-top-doctor-vaccine-injections-already-killed-50-000-americans.htm
  19. I believe a mentally fragile team is a reflection of the coaching staff and the team's confidence in their system they implement more so than anything else. I was watching a post-game interview of the new Alabama QB and what he talked about was his (and his team's) total confidence in their game plan and their preparation for the game and that they knew they would be successful and would be victorious no matter what.
  20. I have now learned that Buffalo will either be a close loss or a close win and that every game we have left this season we will be the dog. Now that we know that Illinois is a terrible team and that our defense was pushed up and down the field by a back-up QB, I can't wait to move on from this turd sandwich that is our current football program. The next HC coming in will have to do a total rebuild of Frost's total rebuild. Why we must move on from Frost you ask? When was the last time we made some noise nationally? When was the last time we were ranked in the top 25? When was the last time we beat someone that was ranked? When was the last time we won a bowl game? When was the last time we did anything to turn heads in this current young generation that has no memory of our glory days? We are no more notable to the current recruits than Illinois or Indiana. This is literally rock bottom and the only way to get the engine started again, is to get a spark and that spark will have to be a big name hire at HC who is going to bring in his top of the line QB and get us back into the positive national news. Frost has brought us nothing but one embarrassing loss and scandal after another. At year four of this routine, he is all but done. I predict that the nationally televised blow-out loss to Oklahoma will be the final straw. No need to keep the train wreck going the rest of the year. Have Matt Lubick take over as interim and give our opposing defenses pause as they have to throw out their 'Frost's go-to plays' they have used with great success the past 3 years and have to guess at what Lubick will do each game.
  21. If we start this sloppy against any of our next opponents this season, they will take advantage and make us pay. Of which we may never recover the rest of the game. So tired of the sloppy ugly play. I do not care if we win or lose at this point. Just play solid quality football and the Ws and Ls will fall where they may.
  22. If only all of our opponents were Fordhams or Bethune Cookmans. Our Coaching staff would look like geniuses.
  23. Would that be the same pandemic that is currently ravaging 80% vaccinated Israel? The vaccine curtain of lies is starting to fade.....quick! Roll out the booster! "Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at John Hopkins School of Medicine, during an appearance on The Vince Coglianese Show, said individuals formerly infected with COVID-19 are seven times more likely then vaccinated people to fight off the virus." https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/dr-makary-says-natural-immunity-is-more-effective-then-vaccine-immunity/ar-AAMX3sM Is the entire earth forgetting that this virus will be making its rounds every year now forever? That it will be another thing to get along with the cold and flu each year? Those who think we can run and hide from it are delusional. Those who think that taking an experimental drug that has NO LONG-TERM STUDIES (seem to be saying this a lot today) is a good idea rather than have natural immunity. Well turns out John Hopkins University Professor says natural immunity is far better. I await your 'debunking' of this one lol. Please enjoy this short interaction that has to do with censorship in the meantime: Communist #1: "Boy! It is getting harder and harder to 'debunk' all of these doctors, whistle-blowers, intellectuals, journals, scientists, and just darned curious people!" Communist #2: "Well, we could just censor them all. That would make this whole thing a lot easier!" Communist #1: "Bingo! That is it! Why did I not think of this before!" Communist #2: "Now we just need to figure out how to stop people from thinking for themselves, then we would be set!" Communist #1: "As a control freak, this is my dream..." End scene.
  24. Did not the whole world laugh and mock the one who proclaimed the earth was round? Was not Noah laughed at and mocked until the day the rains came? Did not the whole medical community think that cocaine was a viable way to treat illness? Did not the whole medical community believe that smoking was actually good for you and doctors smoked? Did not the whole medical community believe that leaches were a viable way to treat illness? Everyone would still be smoking everywhere, and we would still be taking cocaine and using leaches to cure our illnesses but THANK GOD someone spoke up and said "wait a minute, I think this is wrong!". BE that person. BE the one to stand up to those who want you to be caged and controlled. Freedom is amazing and should never be traded in for anything else. Those who want to live their lives with their brain hooked on what it is told to do and their eyes buried in sand, please do us freedom loving American patriots a favor and move to a communist country where you never have to use your brain again and you can just sit back, relax and do as you are told by the state run media. After all, they only have your best interest in mind right?
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