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  1. Have heard some rumors about a Hologram VR type defensive simulator in the new facility. Not sure how true this is but there have been comments made by recruits who have seen plans that what is going on in the new building doesn't seem to be real.
  2. Barry Alvarez? He just retired from Wisconsin... Wonder if his Alma Mater would sway his decision to retire
  3. Zane Flores (Gretna QB) attended camps at Northwestern, Iowa State, Minnesota, and Wisconsin the past few weeks in addition to Nebraska. Wants to attend camps with Iowa, Notre Dame, and Kansas State as well. Interesting to see if NU offers him in the coming months
  4. Are we still in the Market for another transfer RB? Would like to add an older guy maybe grad transfer to help balance out with our young and inexperienced talent
  5. Garth Brooks is bringing his Stadium Tour to Memorial Stadium August 14th. Huge revenue boost for the city of Lincoln. Will be interesting if alcohol sales are allowed in the stadium. https://huskers.com/news/2021/5/12/athletics-garth-brooks-coming-to-memorial-stadium.aspx
  6. 1. Receivers vs DBs... Can we throw a deep ball/ defend the deep ball 2. O line vs D line.... Want to see improved intensity on both sides and see Jurgens actually make some good snaps. 3. Cerni's Punting and some snapshot of special teams would be nice with the younger guys
  7. We have seen less of Nixon than Brown though. Ive heard good things about him but the only film we have of him is from the two practices that allowed media to attend. Im not ready to dub Nixon as a solidified player especially after ACL
  8. I like this other than the Falck and Alante Brown projections. Brown was in the rotation last year and should play a similar role to what Wandale had. Obviously he wont replace what Wandale produced but giving us a shifty wide receiver is always an asset.
  9. Im sure there are! Just my oppinon based on the things I have read. I would be interested in seeing other peoples responses and seeing where the majority of people differ!
  10. I'm just curious to see what everyone on this message board thinks will be our Starting Lineup. I will post mine and I think it would be interesting to see who everyone else sees being on the field come fall. Offense QB - Martinez, Smothers(Backup) RB- Scott, Stepp, Johnson, Thompkins, Morrison, Ervin, Yant WR - Toure, Betts, Houston WR- Martin, Nixon, Hickman WR- Brown, Manning, Falck TE- Vokolek, Allen, Fidone RT- Corcoran, Fritzche RG- Bando, Banks C- Jurgens, Hixon LG- Piper, Nouili, Miller LT- Benhart, Schiterman
  11. Im wondering the same thing. Payne wasn't all that talked about going into last year about making a huge impact and really hasn't been talked about this spring either. He obviously isn't as high profile of a player as Jojo or even Honas yet and isn't talked about nearly as much as them. I could definitely see him making an impact in the rotation or even on special teams this season.
  12. Listening to the player interviews today the players seemed to have high praise for each other giving competition between the Receiver room and the Secondary. Iron Sharpens Iron... Really hoping this year we can hit better on those downfield passes and defend the deep ball better as a Secondary
  13. So I saw the hire of Jonathan Germano from Bergan Catholic (NJ) do we know what type of role he will be in at NU? Grad Assistant? Analyst? Assistant QB Coach?
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