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  1. Bigcat (barstool sports employee and co-host of the wildy popular sports/pop culture podcast "Pardon my Take") has started a career mode on the xbox 360 video game NCAA football 2014 (the last year it was made) and is streaming the coaching journey on twitch.tv/pardonmytake. Over 125,000 people tuned in to watch his National Title game Sunday night. The coach is named Gus Duggerton and is now head ball coach at University of Tennessee. He just lost the National title to Virginia Tech and there were rumors that he was going to accept another job if available and he was interested. A LOT of NCAA programs are having fun with the thought of "Coach Duggs" coming to their fictional 2014~ team. Coach Duggs has decided to stay at UT for now. hope this helps.
  2. University is facing ~$50 million shortfall. rumors of furloughs and hiring freezes. it is a very bad look to continue on a massive building project.
  3. depends on time of the year, but roughly 40-70%
  4. There are 1,000 icu beds in Lincoln. Those beds are currently at 70% capacity. before any known cases in Lancaster county. This is not going to end well people.
  5. got it started last night boys/girls!!!!!
  6. this is hoiball. 2 feet from the basket or a 3. its rough if you have a bad shooting night
  7. ok. reload for tomorrow. southern utah is 209 in kenpom. 39 spots above uc-riverside. there is no way unl shoots as bad as they did tuesday. huskers 75- southern utah 50
  8. good day gents: i come 2 you from the future. the huskers just won the big10 tourney and are a solid 5 seed in the ncaa tourney. i will not divulge the year but just trust me and watch this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blxNPHEO51Y
  9. if we want to play big boy bball, you have to make big boy decisions. players are told to move on all the time. *see the increase in transfers per year*
  10. now this is a busted heiman i can get behind.
  11. how do you think the other words that don't get caps feel? i'm not gonna subject them to that anguish.
  12. isu grad and current unl grad student reporting for duty. hoiberg is a within 10 feet of the basket or a 3 pointer. he will bench a kid for shooting a long 2.
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