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  1. people acting like the big10 west is the sec west. holy crap. mn? illinois? purdue? lol
  2. its gonna be year 10. frost is going to have 35 career wins here and people will still be saying he needs more time.
  3. this is the most undisciplined team i've ever seen
  4. Iowa +4.5 against ISU seems like the easiest money in the world????
  5. I have no doubt that Trev did this. if moos was still "in-charge"... Trev already paying for himself
  6. well hilltop it never stopped... some people decided they didn't need to follow the rules and everyone is back to square one again. think people will learn this time? im doubtful
  7. isn't it about getting equal money on both sides??? not about respect or whatever
  8. Some people act like nothing has changed..... You can literally get a ticket 10 mins before the game for $10. Could you do that in the 80's, 90's or 00's? This is an honest question. I was not here then
  9. anyone thinking Trev leaked this? seems like a nice way to get out of a $20 million+ contract.....
  10. lol brother idk. im just hoping to beat iowa and maybe a bowl game.
  11. ok so when the moderna vax is fully approved within a month.... what will be the excuse?
  12. Agree. On the wrong discussion thread. It came from me seeing and reading Matt Campbell. The dude says and does the right thing every single time. and I see Frost at big10 media days. Looks like he’s seen a ghost, doesn’t know his teams vax status?! WTF are they doing the last year and a half?? it’s just disappointing.
  13. Literally no one is bringing politics into this conversation . If you think vac status of a football team is political. That’s on you
  14. So is this what Nebraska expects from the head coach now? “He’s just paid to be a football coach”? No moral responsibility to take kids and turn them into good citizens and family men? when did we decide this was a better route? Was it to win games? Guess we are still waiting on that part. are we playing a coach to relive his college days in some downtown apt? If a man can’t lead his family and keep his personal life in good order, can we expect him to be able to lead and help 100 men on a football team? Frost not knowing the bad status of his team after all we’ve been through this last 1.5 years is sickening. you can see the lack of a leader in every aspect of this program and it’s sad.
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