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  1. you can't hate it now just because its happening to nebraska. look up the scores from 80s, 90s. it comes around. its been 20 years of this now. why complain.
  2. at least when frost wears his mask properly we cant see him smiling while getting smoked.
  3. i love seeing frost on the sidelines smiling, down 21 pts. what a joke
  4. lol. yes. classic chiefs during a moment of silence for equality. perfect explainer
  5. dude. you might need to take a break from the internet for a bit. its going to be ok.
  6. im ready for the frost needs at least 5 more years take...... .500 record is not his fault. its the covid. thats gonna be the ticket.
  7. This is actually a great video on the front of cool internet. literally nothing to do with national perception of nebraska. Are you sure you're not thinking of the videos of larry the cable guy and frost driving around? take a look at his twitter and tell me its not embarrassing
  8. They will "vote" if they think they enough support. if they don't there will not be another vote. no way they can have ANOTHER vote where football is not allowed.
  9. dude, you're quoting a website that sells "corona bros" t shirts. come on
  10. The whole "big 10 is blah blah blah" could have been avoided if they would have just shared this information with the public to begin with. I hope that they shared this information with the other conferences...
  11. the dude is losing his mind (larry) up all night retweeting russian bots and other WILD internet accounts. kinda sad, all that money and just wasting life online arguing with people and pushing fake stories.
  12. that would not surprise me at all. lets everyone blame the big10. donors will still donate.
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