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  1. So by your math, we’ve beaten the bad teams we should, lost to every team with a pulse and that’s where we are. We are paying too much for those kind of results. And talking too much.
  2. The “half game suspension” has a nebulous meaning. It could be a felony, it could be skipping a weight session. The fun is guessing!
  3. Nate Gerry betrayed his team. He should have been. I mean Mo has felony charges, a weed pinch and now an undisclosed infraction in one season. The safe bet is he screws up again.
  4. He may, but it will be at guard. The guy is making mistakes that high school centers don’t make and it’s becoming unfair to him he’s even being asked to do it
  5. Or we can do what should have been done and cut our losses because we have a trend forming
  6. If that’s true, fine but the hubris coming from the staff about how jurgens is the next rimington needs to be turned down by at least half.
  7. With the exception of our center, which I agree shouldn’t see the field. Our starting line has people in the program for three years
  8. Sipple saying it proves something differently than what you think it proves
  9. Let's look at who we've beaten during this hot streak. '18 Minnesota - finished 7-6 '18 Bethune Cookman - FCS team that finished 7-5 '18 Illinois - finished 4-8 '18 Michigan State - finished 7-6 '19 South Alabama - currently 1-5 '19 Northern Illinois - currently 1-4 '19 Illinois - currently 2-3 '19 Northwestern - currently 1-4 Combined records of the last 8 victims of Nebraska football: 30-41. Baby steps and all but that’s not exactly a squad of juggernauts
  10. I accept your apology and look forward to the warning being removed
  11. I agree. I’m talking about what I see from this team and where they are. I wouldnt say i dislike what you say, but I would say you do so with an amount of snark I’ve been cautioned about and frankly I think it’s a little unfair
  12. I suppose it all depends on your perception on how things actually are. Some would agree with me, some, including you, wouldn’t. Did you make a post how we weren’t shut out when Riley got obliterated by Ohio st in 2016? It was still a neat stat.
  13. You thought it was an interesting historical footnote after an utter embarrassment of a game. Maybe lets just agree it was incredibly convenient. And that Martinez is better than Vedral.
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