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  1. We just go to the Zoo Bar a few hours before kickoff. Nice folks in there, if you can put up with the overly cranked up amps when there's live music. I stop at Abe's and get some food for us, as my wife and daughter go in and get our usual table. We've been doing that for quite a while. Her mom and sister and friends to the tailgate thing and tell us "it's gotten quieter lately." Well, one factor is that we're all getting older. I'm coming up on 74, my wife's (mumble) years old, and her mom's (mumble mumble) years old. We can't drink or party like we used to.
  2. Interesting. I have seen Frost say that "if the starters are not on board, then we'll replace them with guys who are," to paraphrase. I would not doubt that several frosh stepped forward or at least put more into their practices etc to be noticed. Speculating because, like you, I have no stats on that particular thing either.
  3. I was in Eureka then Arcata last year during several big fires not far from there. We were told to get micro particle masks and not exercise or breathe deeply or we'd end up thinking about Minnesota football in the years 1904, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1940, 1941, and 1960. Are you okay?
  4. Hey, it really is great to see someone in here who is older than I am.
  5. Point taken, but there is a large percentage of UNL college kids who have parents and grandparents from here or surrounding states, and know what's up with the program's demise since about the time the college kids were born.
  6. I think that, in the 20s, "posting a topic" meant screaming on your front porch.
  7. Yeah we fans are wonderful, etc. GBR. Meanwhile, I think Callahan "stole the Huskers" as we know the Huskers. He came in here so arrogant as to say, "I'm changing the culture here." It was taken as to mean away from a mostly running (option/triple option, etc) game to (drum roll, trumpets: The West Coast Offense). We see what has happened. I'll get laughed out of here, but I still believe we were fine with our ways before him. Yes we could have gradually added more spread out offensive plays with four receivers running around down field, fine. But we could have done without that character. God bless him for finding a home back in the NFL. I wish him all the best, but he messed with a good thing and we have not recovered.
  8. But he was in over his head here. I think we're talking about Nebraska's uniqueness when we talk about coaches failing here. There has to be an understanding, one that is deep. Somehow Bob Devaney tapped into that and T.O. segued nicely (after a bit of angst and him even thinking about coaching at Colorado). Next stop: Solich. He left too soon, I guess. I'm still confused about that episode.
  9. High Time We Went. Joe c$%ker. Edit: Well looky at how the software censored Joe's lasts name. Couldn't even keep the capital C?
  10. There are other takes on his being on the staff of some teams who have done well. But he has no longevity anywhere, and although it's speculative (and that's why I am not 100% sure he can't do it here), many good coaches rise where they are, not by quitting repeatedly and moving here and there. I am of the opinion (it's an opinion that I want to shake but haven't been able to) that Scott Frost is riding his name after being one of the better QBs in college football for a few years. And now we see his first few years here: nothing much at all has happened beyond the dynamic brought out in the first post: his players are increasingly on board with his stated desires for effort and dedication.
  11. Well, some of us have looked back at Scott Frost's career; the whole thing. All of it, from the little high school all the way to now. Some of us see all that and lose confidence in him and feel that perhaps The Peter Principle applies here (he may have done well here and there, but he might be proving that he's been promoted beyond his competence). Time will tell. I had my hopes for a bit, then just started thinking back to his history. I still hope he begins to surround himself with people he can learn from and perhaps at some point bring Nebraska around to being at least relevant.
  12. Local sports hack Steve Sipple received a query from a UNL professor the other day: "How is Nebraska now better than in 2017 under Riley?" The question made Sipple very mad. "Do people seriously forget what happened in Mike Riley's final season here? Do people forget Nebraska dropped six of it's last seven games in 2017, the losses by an average of 26.2 points? That team flat-out quit. Players have admitted it. If you don't see progress in Frost's program compared to the end of Riley's tenure, you're actively trying to avoid seeing it." There's nothing untrue about Sipple's take on the changes he sees, but I see it differently and I can't bring myself to try to do anything other than see something better now. I think he's talking about something we all saw back then and discussed it ad infinitum; Riley truly lost the team. But I can think back to those discussions being about Pelini, and I even recall on-air remarks by game callers on network TV during one game that Callahan "has seemed to have lost them." Frost talks about wanting everyone on board. Good basic coaching principle. Sipple seems to see a vast difference in that regard. I see it too, but what I'm wondering is if that one particular fact, having the team with you and on board, is really enough to succeed if the coach himself is deficient, limited, not up to Big Ten football. I keep accusing Frost of not being good enough himself. He keeps accusing (some) players of not being "with us," "on board," etc, after the (many) losses.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^This is my take.^^^^^^^^^^^ This thread has been pointing out Tommie's failures. Okay. But does that mean he can't see what we can see as to Frost's (lack of) effectiveness here? I fail every week at bowling, but I can still see and talk about other bad bowlers; they're right there in front of me. That's all he's doing; telling it like it is. Perhaps if we ask him about his own coaching failures he'll elaborate on that as I do about my rather comedic bowling.
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