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  1. I don't think of this thread, and its title, as being "off base," but it did strike me as irresponsible when I saw it. Free speech, yes, but nice meme to pass around the internet? "Huskers benefit from the coronavirus." ??
  2. I just don't see it. I've been around husker football for a long long time, and what we're seeing for the past twenty-odd years is a new culture altogether different and the opposite of what B.D. and T.O. sowed, raked, and cultivated. It's now like a blighted acreage that once yielded the best of the best. Many problems yes, each could have been correctable, but new problems began to be layered on top of the old ones instead of rooting out the old ones. Simplistic attitudes prevailed while the disease set in. Frost is just more of the same, and I dare say that was predictable. Now he's seen as something he is not, just the same as the other coaches were seen. We should have spent big bux on a proven Big Ten coach, plain and simple. Mr. Frost might give us a season or three here and there of 8 wins, but it'll mostly be 5,6, and 7 until his contract looks buyable. I rooted for him.. then I saw the rain later on, the hugely poor decision-making.. so I had to face the reality of watching a boxer with small hands getting his a$$ kicked by lower rated fighters. I feel badly for him.
  3. They've been doing the same nit-picky, third rate b.s. to husker football for twenty years.. with steady decline as the result. It needs to be gutted by a proven Big Ten coaching staff and put forward, plain and simple.
  4. You may have missed that third column. I understand the need to get stats improved, of course. But there is a deep, HUGE problem in the Nebraska football program and tweaking this or that position is NOT going to solve that problem. The entire thing has to be revamped to Big Ten standards, and Frost/Chinander et al are NOT to this conference's standards. Fine and even good/great in another conference, we've seen.
  5. What about the two illegal blocks ("clips") in Johnny Rodgers' punt return in the "game of the century" against Oklahoma? Those non-calls resulted in an erroneous TD. lmao .. just kidding .. sort of.
  6. Rather famous (in Nebraska) non-call by the official who was looking straight at that face mask grab.
  7. You guys are knowledgeable about each player and their perceived impact on the games.. games that we won and lost. Having said that I do believe some of this discussion is nitpicking while overlooking the big picture: Nebraska football has been in decline through several coaching regimes here and dozens of players at each position. And a couple of interesting Athletic Directors. Please think about that. What is wrong is not about how good the QB is or hopes to be. Or the wide receiver. Or the next great recruit. This has been going on for too long to micro-manage our sensibilities by arguing about what could have been if only this or that player were healthy or this or that backup quarterback had seen more action.
  8. This. ^^^ He did come around to clock management at some point last year. I was surprised he had that particular issue.. but we don't know if perhaps he had problems with an assistant or what.. he did get better. As to "..miss a key moment," that is my pet peeve about the guy. He honestly seems overwhelmed. Will he get over that? Can he get over that? Some do and some don't. And those who don't end up heading back to where ever that was not a problem for them, if they're smart. I feel that he is in over his head irrespective of his resume.
  9. We've noticed that off and on for 21 years now. Fan and media expectations... then reality. Please.
  10. *whew* Well.. could be more of that (program trashed). But here at Nebraska even a slight upswing in wins will be appreciated. Thing is, national news media would show little to no interest until Nebraska football is "back." Then the agents for these players will have something to chew on.
  11. As long as they tweak it so abuses are minimized and so that the pay is not affected by performance, as in point shaving, I'm for it. But... watch out what you wish for.
  12. Then give up, because his performance and losses speak for themselves. All American is not what it used to be, and even in the old days was an exercise in popularity and guessing games as opposed to on-field performance as much as it should have been. In Nebraska's case a true great captain of the offense out there would never do the things Martinez has done to lose games. He's good at times but not a great quarterback, and he's being coached by a man who exhibits The Peter Principle; Frost belongs in the AAC where he can excel.
  13. I've noticed that Frost puts out a coach-speak meme about not being affected by criticism or praise. He urges his team to be the same. His words have been so strong on that matter that it makes me think that perhaps he is being sincere in that regard. It's just that he's nowhere near the end of his contract, and also that Moos seems to be all in even after the -15 two season record. A 6 win season this year would look good to everyone but Frost, and he'll continue on to 7 or 8 next year, if he can produce that. And we don't even know that at this point.
  14. You're answering your own question if you fancy Iowa and Wisconsin as formidable as Nebraska was during the Mr. D and Dr. O days (and for that length of time).
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