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  1. You're answering your own question if you fancy Iowa and Wisconsin as formidable as Nebraska was during the Mr. D and Dr. O days (and for that length of time).
  2. Ain't gonna happen. Those years it was happening were different times, not just in football, but in what could be called something like, "Nebraska special uniqueness," for want of a better phrase. That's watered down now to the point of Scott Frost basically representing a reminder of the football portion of it, but that's all. He wants so badly to resurrect it, we can see that. My heart goes out to him.
  3. L.M.A.O. at number 6. Number 4 is right on. So is 7. Number 10 says part of it, should have mentioned 10-3 Solich's last season, though. All that, and I still come away not seeing much in the way of national relevance, and of course Big Ten relevance, for a sustained time at all. We'll have a few good years here and there, but no more long term 9+ wins per seasons, for those numbered reasons and several more, not the least of which is times have changed.
  4. I grieve over those, as we see students and other innocents scatter in fear of some twisted up person. What wrecks my efforts to focus on that as the major violence with guns problem in our country, though, are the numbers: Thousands are dying and being severely injured in our mostly African American inner cities, by the dozens every single day. Yes, we can't ignore those mostly white grinning freaks with assault rifles firing at our children and concert goers, etc. We probably need to find out what they have in common as to many things other than mostly being white males. Perhaps they've felt left out, bullied, etc. I don't know. But there's a holocaust going on in East St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore. Sometimes it's 40 or 50 people shot on one weekend. None of it can be ignored by thinking and caring people, but all of it seems to be ignored by the gun industry; they're into sales. Can we go to them for help? Hell no, they begin the "mental illness" mantra instantly. We can't do analogies about drugs being controlled, because they then just turn the conversation to people like me and you: law abiding citizens who should not be "punished" by new gun laws.
  5. My early life and work has carried me to areas of high crime, most of those crimes being gun violence. I've known quite well many offenders. I still visit two of them in state pens here in the midwest. Trying to count all that I have known who have used guns illegally it looks to be about 78 or 79 over a period of the fifty some years of my 74 years being alive. I carry a gun everywhere I go that is legal to do so. No. Not because I fear those people. The reasons I carry have a lot less to do with those people than with the ordinary people who drink and lose it, smoke and lose it, see a tailgater in their mirror and lose it, etc ad infinitum. I'm a calm person by nature, and even more calm when I carry as I adhere to principles brought out in my MP military training and much more recently in my Concealed Carry Permit class here in Nebraska. I, like almost all responsible gun carriers, react kindly to perceived slights or traffic potential hassles; it would take a true life and death situation by another person for me to even think of my gun out there. "Mental illness" is a HUGE net that covers almost every human on Earth at some point in their lives, and some for most of their lives. It's not a perfect indicator of who should have access to firearms (or sharp objects, or hammers, or eye drops). Background checks help a bit with those who have already drawn attention to themselves by committing domestic violence or other violet crimes. Those checks can fail, of course, due to overlload and time requirements on the FBI and other involved agencies. Is there any course of action that could stem gun violence in the U.S.? In some countries it's about disallowing firearms to various degrees, some even not allowed at all. And some countries with little to no restrictions have very low gun crime, such as some Scandinavian countries. For us it has to be education. I feel that the NRA has it right when it comes to that. I part company with them, though, on their scorched Earth approach to fending off all gun laws, that's just crazy. We obviously need gun laws. But we have to be clever. I think it's very much about culture and how the country was born. Here in the U.S. it was about violent revolution, and several violent domestic wars over the past two and a half centuries (think it has been just the Revolutionary War and then the Civil War? Nope: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_conflicts_in_the_United_States).Guns are a big part of what shaped us and it has been often and it has been engrained in our being as Americans. I like the approach of permitted concealed carry, with classes, but I feel those classes should be longer and with more teaching on the responsibilities and mindset of a gun carrier. I also think that those same classes should be required for the purchase of guns, not just for carry.
  6. The flat earthers are from the past, in mind, as are other "this is what I experience" thinkers. As are the ones who can't wrap their mind around the simple fact that decades begin with a 1 and end with a 0.
  7. I don't see any of that. Fedora Linux. Firefox.
  8. Once the players have a majority who are mission oriented as to the season as a whole, and feel that way for each play of each game, the Huskers will resemble those of the T.O. era. It is psychological in nature, yes. Whether or not some psyche doc brought that about then is subject to question. Whether or not he allowed for it as he did his job of watching for other things that can creep into the minds of kids that age is more likely, in my opinion. I feel it was about the staff and a certain immeasurable quality therein.
  9. I'm old. My workouts reflect that, even though they're pretty close to the same routine I've been doing for decades. Injuries are nearly always ready to happen much more than when younger; but I'm hyper aware of that now so I am careful to warm up each muscle group for a long time at low weight for high reps while full range of motion slowly for several reps then normally. Dreadmill .. er, treadmill every other day then leg lifts and leg curls. On off days for that there's an arm day, a shoulder and back day, a chest and belly day. The weight amounts max at 212 for bench, 45 for dumbell curls, etc. Not much, but feels great, especially when done.
  10. Alabama, Baylor, Oregon, and Florida could be in there with the four now set up and it'd be hard to be sure they'd all be kicked out in an eight team set up.. LSU already beating Alabama as the caveat.
  11. I agree about it being more like it. I still wish we could have eight teams.. I looked at Mavric's proposed set-up for that and it looked good to me. But yes, this one looks interesting and I feel that OSU is the team that adds to that.
  12. You and my kid, who worked in Loosianna for a while.. Geauwvphx Tigers (they pronounce it taggers down there), etc. I picked Ohio State. Go tuba-i-dot-guy.
  13. Like my grampa used to say, "Ahma thankin' ye."
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