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  1. I have great disagreement about "Chins." And the possible outcome of the game because of/in spite of him.
  2. I feel that they successfully cut way down on fumbles, turnovers, penalties, and ill-conceived play-calling. It was all there, but far less than previous games this year and in previous years. I also feel that the blackshirts looked better, but still are not of a caliber we'd expect and sorely need. Improvement, yes. Enough? No.
  3. That's the best game we've played in quite some time. Same mistakes killed us, but fewer of them. Still killed us.
  4. Dodged a bullet. Be great and win the game on a nice slow drive.
  5. No broken plays; no "accidental" yardage. No dipsy doodle. Just a nice drive. Yes!
  6. Huskers keeping things honest on the Iowa run plays. Good job! Penalties down. Turnovers? What are those? Oh man.. keep it up, boys.
  7. I love big Husker second half games and I double love huge 4th quarter games for the win. May today's game proceed as such. I'm not in the contest for yardage and scores, but I'd like to see 31-28 Huskers (or better of course), with a good 225 passing yards and over 200 rushing.
  8. We've sure been saying this about staff changes for a long time, over the course of four head coaching hires. We've also been saying a lot about this or that quarterback not being up to the job, this or that defense not being right for the Big Ten, this or that O-line not being able to protect our quarterback, this or that special team not being able to secure the ball, this or that head coach not being able to control the game clock and/or time-outs, etc. Etc. Twenty years. Several good coaches (one former good one probably past his prime, our dear Mr. Riley). So,
  9. Illinois - What Did We Learn? Not to get our hopes up?
  10. lmao .. ugh... sorry fellow Husker fans. What a poo show all the way around. Congrats to Lovie.
  11. Excuse me? 35 million for one of the coaches is quite the investment.. right?
  12. We've been through the coaching changes many times since Solich. We've ended up calling for the heads of the Nebraska football coaching staff over and over again. The result? This. This game today says what Husker football has become since those first Big Hope coaching changes. Who should we have kept longer? Who would have done it like Dr. Tom and Bob before him. Who would have at least caused Nebraska to be relevant in the Big Ten?
  13. Those Husker fans who like this coaching staff, sorry, I cannot warm up to any of them. D or O. Over paid, out of their league.
  14. S. Sipple gets to blow off some steam for tomorrow's paper. Huskers earning it for him.
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